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Have been into gut punching for as long as I can remember (even as a little kid), with a primary focus on doing the punching. I get especially turned on by guys who let me carefully use them as punching bags. I do like restraining guys (e.g., tying them up, etc.), so long as they're comfortable with me doing so. I like it when the receiver remains completely relaxed, allowing me to poke, punch and massage his soft belly. I also like variations on this theme, including stomping, standing on, and kicking (carefully!) into a guy’s guts. I don't necessarily like really thin or very large bellies, but I find everything in-between to be hugely erotic. Normal frames with a soft pot belly are my all-time favorites.

One strategy I enjoy involves the receiver staying relaxed and absorbing any punches or kicks I land. I start off really slow with easy, cautious punches, allowing the receiver to grow accustomed to the light blows. I then gradually increase the strength I'm using, allowing my fists or feet to sink in a little deeper into his body. I continue building momentum and force until my punches or kicks repeatedly dig deep into the receiver’s mushy guts. I don't punch too hard during these kinds of scenes, both to avoid injuring the receiver and to prolong the fun (punching hard would wear out the receiver much too quickly). When receivers enjoy pain or want me to push their limits, I can punch harder. When I'm honest about it, I find guys with masochistic streaks to be hugely appealing. Still, there are limits, as I don't want to overdo it. Let me stress that, despite the fact that I like playing rough, being careful and controlled is key for me.



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Age: 46-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 220 lbs (100 kg)

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