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  1. United Kingdom, Edinburgh
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 54-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 187 lbs (85 kg)

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Judo Judo

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grappler2112 is recommended by eastcheshireguy

I've chatted with John for a while as we have some common locations. He was local for the weekend and suggested a 'light grapple with a few tips' session. A sweaty 90 minutes later, for me at least, with so many tips I'll be pleased to remember a fraction of them, we had to finish but a great meet with such an experienced bloke! John's a great guy off the mats too - looking forward to next time.



eastcheshireguy is recommended by grappler2112

Fit, lean and strong with a natural wrestling ability. ECGuy is keen and determined on the mats and is steadily building up a collection of techniques to add to his 'armoury'. Friendly, intelligent and safe. Catch up with him on the mats when you get the chance!



grappler2112 is recommended by ukgrappler

Met Grappler2112 a number of years ago now. Very good wrestler - the judo helped! and very good with pressure points as I recall :-) Thoroughly nice and decent bloke who is worth meeting if you get the opportunity



ukgrappler is recommended by grappler2112

Brain is a keen and capable wrestler. Especially loves Pro-style with plenty of verbal and banter. Intelligent, thoughtful and good company. Defintely worth taking the time to meet up.



grappler2112 is recommended by Judomonkey

Strong lad, knows what he's doing on the mat, doesn't submit easily. Good neck...



Judomonkey is recommended by grappler2112

Really enjoyed meeting up with this. Judo Monkey recently. Safe, skilled, strong and highly recommended. Enjoy the rugby and northern hospitality!



grappler2112 is recommended by uk wrestler slam

a dammed fine wrestler and a great guy



grappler2112 is recommended by MEGRAPPLE

Met this Skilled grappler last year. He's skilled, knows how to wrestle and can use his experience in the art of Judo on the mats. Had a good long session with him and would definitely meet again if distance wasn't such a problem.



MEGRAPPLE is recommended by grappler2112

I met Phil some time back. A keen, skilled & friendly wrestler.
Strong & safe and definitely worth a match!



grappler2112 is recommended by judoka33

i met john today together with armybob in emmeloord
we had a great fight together
john is strong and fit
i highly reccomend him
great guy on and of the matts
thnx big guy hope to meet you again



judoka33 is recommended by grappler2112

Met up with Judoka33 today in the Netherlands. It was great to finally meet this strong and skilled judoka. He might not have trained for a while, but all his skills and techniques are still in place. It was a great day. Thank you for travelling and taking the time to meet up.



grappler2112 is recommended by legflexxxer

A fanstic meet, shame I had to keep it quick. Strong as a bull and easily takes some stick to take him down and stay down. Only wrestle if you're strong and can take it, otherwise you'll get ya ass kicked! A serious grappler that will fight and fight, very well matched to myself and a great guy to chat to off the mats too.

Thanks for the meet and you understanding of my busy and random schedules!



legflexxxer is recommended by grappler2112

A solid, strong opponent and keen grappler. He has a busy schedule, but if you can, well worth meeting up for a match. Great bloke on and off the mats.



grappler2112 is recommended by Celticmuscle

John is a beast of a man on the mats....big, powerful and skilled.....2 big guys and one small space made for some tight mats match is def required for this judoka to show his full skills....great attitude on and off mats. Was a real pleasure meeting him and would do so again without hesitation!



Celticmuscle is recommended by grappler2112

Met Gerry sometime ago in his 'own back yard''. Strong, tough fella. Had a great time but we both needed more space (without radiators) .... Lol.
Next time it's on my patch! Friendly, fair and reliable and definitely worth meeting.



grappler2112 is recommended by Jedi

John is one of those men that we all hope to meet and wrestle! Strong, skilled, safe, honest, and worthy of trust. A good friend.



Jedi is recommended by grappler2112

Just one of the best fellas you could wish to meet on the mats. I've met this guy twice and always had a great time. Strong, skilled, keen, competent wrestler. Friendly, reliable, honest & just a great guy to spend time with!



grappler2112 is recommended by Physical

John's a really decent bloke both on and off the mats, a great technical submission grappler, skilled in judo and one of those guys that can teach you something new every time you meet. We met through grappling years back and he's become a good personal friend.



Physical is recommended by grappler2112

A completely genuine bloke with a background in Tae Kwon Do. Nick is increasingly becoming more proficient in grappling as he learns to harness his considerable strength and power with technique. Completely safe and sane - Nick has a great attitude to this sport!



grappler2112 is recommended by Leanmachineuk

I have had the good fortune to wrestle John a couple of times now at his meets in Manchester and I can say he is well worth meeting if you like your grappling hard and competitive, but sane. He will give you a run for your money and show you some good moves in the process. Good man and sincere off the mat's too. Highly recommended to all of you thinking about meeting up with him-you won't be disappointed. Looking forward to locking up with him again.



Leanmachineuk is recommended by grappler2112

Fit, lean, strong. Enthusiastic wrestler ...... growing and gaining in skill and technique.

Honest, reliable, fit and keen. Does exactly what (he says) on the tin !!!



grappler2112 is recommended by UK Alex

John is a safe and sane skilled grappler who knows how to handle himself. He's 100% respectful of limits and ability of opponent, also patient and kind as a talented coach. Genuine nice guy who is great to know off the mats as well as on! Was a complete pleasure to meet and I look forward to many more.



UK Alex is recommended by grappler2112

A very keen, enthusiastic wrestler who is steadily growing in skill and confidence. I thoroughily enjoyed meeting up with Alex recently. Interesting and intelligent guy off the mats and great company over a beer! He's strong, energetic and getting fitter ...... watch out!!



grappler2112 is recommended by nwukcub

He's s good guy, patient and understanding. Was due to meet him today and full of cold. Very understanding and hope to meet him soon.



grappler2112 is recommended by bigbear

Great guy strong patient with me as am novice willing teach Strong guy to had lot fun wrestling and will meet again



grappler2112 is recommended by Pitbull

Met john twice now both times were great matches. John is a strong technical wrestler/grappler who knows his stuff. Puts you at ease if you are a rookie and teaches as good as he wrestles.