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Like watching wrestling now. Good even bouts pins & submission wrestling



  1. United Kingdom, Glenrothes
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Age: 66-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 200 lbs (91 kg)

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glenscot01 is recommended by Jotakle

It was really great wrestling with David this afternoon, whilst he had a weight advantage and both of us lack experience, we were a very good match for each other. We both managed to get in some submission holds during the wrestling and we practiced others holds which were new to us.
We had the gloves on as well which was a blast, and David was able to teach me a lesson, that once the heavy guy gets on top and starts pummeling me with punches, there was very little I am able to do about it!
David he is a gentle guy, so easy to get on with, he is a strong fit bloke and I truly recommend him
I look forward to meeting him again,



Jotakle is recommended by glenscot01

I wrestled Jotackle and though he was lighter than me he is very strong. We had a good workout wrestling to submissions, then got the gloves on got some body punching and finally practising some holds, though diffilcult to know if we were doing them properly as both are new to it.
I was a bit nervous but he made me feel at ease right away. He is easy to talk to and strong. If you can arrange a match with him you will have a good match.
I hope we will meet up again.



glenscot01 is recommended by WeeJimmie

Glenscot is stronger than he thinks he is. He got the better of me in a get-to-know-you arm wrestle and then made me tap several times when we took it to the floor. He's good company too. Hoping for a rematch.