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hi, ich spreche deutsch, aber ich schreibe den text auf englisch, da das vielleicht für viele hier einfacher ist.
i am not interested in competitive wrestling due to some severe injuries, i am more into taking each other in long holds, enjoying the body contact, i like pro style wrestling holds like headscissores, headlocks, dragon sleepers, bearhugs, chinlocks, face sits and face pins. i am a muscled guy but i am not a bodybuilder or belong to the big boys, i
am over 50 and i just try to keep in shape! i like hairy guys thick beards, strong big thighs and buns but also totally smooth guys, is not really important!! i am not interested in sex but grabbing at bulges, crotch to face smothers etc are fine with me! you can whatsapp me, if you you are interested: +4915123283171 fee free to contact me! :-) thanks for reading, Christian if you like, send me an email at



  1. Germany, Berlin
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Age: 54-year-old Male

Stats: 6'2" (188 cm), 212 lbs (96 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, German

Gear: tight lycra gear

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germanwerewolf is recommended by DenverWrestler

I have waited many years to meet this incredibly muscular man, and it was definitely worth the wait. Even the tem 'muscle bear' is inadequate to describe him – he is much more ripped, with bulging muscles, than any bear I've ever seen. His pecs are like huge slabs of granite, with a very deep divide in between, his back is massive, his shoulders are wide and thick, and his biceps pop out at you like baseballs. His muscles are not just for looks, however – he IS as strong as the proverbial ox. Fortunately for me, he can be very gentle applying holds. We mostly traded holds and I showed him some of my BJJ techniques. He is relatively new to submission wrestling and is actually somewhat shy about using his amazing muscles and strength to dominate, but as he develops more submission skills he will be able to replace strength with technique – not that that will help many opponents.
You might think that such a stud would be full of himself, but quite the opposite – he is shy and self-deprecating and doesn't appreciate how magnificent his body is or that he is a tough wrestler.
I highly recommend him to everyone on this site and encourage any one in Berlin or traveling to Berlin to contact him. He's something of a 'gentle giant' so one should not fear injury from him, and if you admire a very muscular guy with lots of manly body hair, this is probably the best guy you could meet on this site.



DenverWrestler is recommended by germanwerewolf

hey everybody, i know, this guy really doesn´t need another comment but I need to say something: i was quite afraid to meet an experienced wrestler like Allen cause he met the biggest and hottest and most terrific guys in Gay Wrestling and i was so afraid he might be disappointed, also because of my lack of experience. there are not really lots of guys who are interested in me and i was overwhelmed that a guy like Allen was interested in me!! when i came to his hotel room, he was so charming and warm-hearted and made me feel comfortable very quickly and he took away my insecureness. it was wonderful how he adapted to my non-experience and made me feel like a genuine wrestler... wrestling with him was the ultimate experience! wow! and he got such a hot body, such mega hard and ripped muscles, he is incredibly sexy and hairy and virile, if i may say so... i really enjoyed every minute with him and now i understand why he has such a huge amount of fans and former opponents, which is pretty much the same! i would be so so happy if he would like to see me again... a wonderful MAN, in any respect!! thanks!!