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  1. Israel, tel aviv
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Age: 38-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (177 cm), 174 lbs (79 kg)

Gear: shorts

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Start of membership: 12/31/2010 10:15 AM

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galmuscle is recommended by nogen

It was a great experience meeting with galmuscle for a match . A very strong and experienced guy who seems to be resilient to body punches :) Off the mat he is also a friendly and unassuming guy who is fun to chat with. Looking forward to a re-match.



nogen is recommended by galmuscle

Excellent meeting a strong muscular guy and very nice
Was an excellent wrestling match
Hope to meet again



galmuscle is recommended by markweis

This guy is solid muscles all over! We had a gutpunching match and he took some strong punches. After that he showed me some wrestling moves but i was helpless because of his power and my lack of experience. Super nice guy off the mats, totaly recommended!



galmuscle is recommended by musclechris80

What can I say for this musclegod? His body is amazing!!! Those abs, biceps, solid pecs, carved back!!!!!!!!!!!
This guy gave me one of my best wrestling experiences ever. Mostly in pro style we got back and forth countless times.
I wish we lived closer and were wrestling and gym partners. This man inspires me to keep training hard in the gym every day.
Highly reccomended to anyone!!!



musclechris80 is recommended by galmuscle

I visited Athens and I met with a great wrestler. He has an amazing body. He is very muscular and strong. It was very fun to wrestle with him. He is one of the best wrestlers I hope to wrestle with him more and more.



galmuscle is recommended by Jobberboy0115

I had the pleasure of wrestling Gal whilst in Tel Aviv with business. After speaking for a few weeks before my arrival it was clear we both had similar interests and we decided to arrange a match.
Gal is an incredibly friendly guy but as soon as I opened the door and saw the size of him I knew I was in trouble. His bicep was pretty much the same size as my head and his abs and pecs are like steel. We wrestled for about 2 hours and I was thrown around the room non stop. I was hurled onto his shoulders in racks, bent in spine snapping camels and bostons and pretty much totally choked out on numerous occasions.
Whilst I stood no chance during the match we had an absolute blast and it couldn't have gone better in my opinion. I look forward to a rematch with Gal in the near future and I recommend anyone who has the opportunity to wrestle him to go for it, you won't be disappointed.



Jobberboy0115 is recommended by galmuscle

I had a lot of fun meeting up with a very nice guy jobberboy and we wrestled. he is very flexible guy and could hold lots of pain and not give up easily ..
Recommend everyone to wrestle with him



galmuscle is recommended by MuscChamp

Galmuscle and I had been skyping and texting for years. So it was great to finally meet this fit, muscular young man with a great bodybuilder's physique. We enjoyed a morning of mutual flexing, muscle comparison, arm wrestling and submission wrestling. Although I thought I would beat him easily, I was pleasantly surprised by his fine wrestling skills and his aggressive warrior attitude – a real fighting stud! He made me work very hard to gain submissions, and he got his share too! I invited him to come to NYC or Honolulu, where I could host him on my large mat space. I'm sure that we will be wrestling often in the future! :-)



MuscChamp is recommended by galmuscle

muscchamp he is Very muscular and strong.. body has a very impressive age. very nice guy fought hour and a half was very good
I was very surprised to see a man of his age with a body like that is very impressive and strong
i hope to meet him again...



galmuscle is recommended by Eitanr

Gal is absolutly is (and i am sure that will be also in the future) one of the best opponent i face.
Gal is a very skilled wrestler with a very build and muscled body. Maybe he looks strong in his in his photo but u cant imagine how much power and srength he have in his body.

Another qualty that gal have is to be an amazing and very simpatic person.
Gal always help me and give me tips to improve my self and i am really grateful for all.
I learn for from alot and if u come to tel aviv u cant misse this amazing person.

Highly recomended!!



Eitanr is recommended by galmuscle

I was very happy to meet with eitanr an amazing guy and very strong guy incredible muscular endurance
We had a good wrestling experience I Cbrmhch the next meeting of the powders is improved from battle to battle recommend to everyone to try to wrestle with him



galmuscle is recommended by wrestlron

I have wrestled Gal dozens of times during the last 15 years.
He is my wrestling buddy and the guy thats "responsible" for most of my wrestling training.
The guy is tough, incredibly strong, with beautiful muscled body and lots of stamina. Its very difficult to oppose his powerful holds, but he is so nice that he can adjust the level of strength fighting.
Every match with Gal is an intense workout with lots of fun and sweating. He is very versatiule in wrestling styles and we wrestled different kinds of matches with different rules each time.Each and every match was a real pleasure.
Off the mats Gal is friendly, kind and open minded.
I heartly recommend meeting and wrestling him. You will surely enjoy the battle :-)



wrestlron is recommended by galmuscle

I have met him many times.
He is a very nice guy, with a great wrestling location . he is a superior wrestler, and very strong. Familiar to all linds of wrestling styles, and the most fun to wrestle with.
Most recommended.



galmuscle is recommended by FighterGuyy

If you like a guy who has three magazine cover look and enjoys being worked over, galmuscle is your guy. Our match was less competitive than my usual but it was fun nonetheless.

Thanks know you for the friendly match!



FighterGuyy is recommended by galmuscle

A great guy and very strong muscles a great wrestler was a lot of fun to wrestle with hope to meet him again



galmuscle is recommended by paulwhite

We had a very nice match in TLV. Gal has a perfect muscular body, enjoys the exhaustion of the fight and is a very nice and polite guy of the mats, too.



paulwhite is recommended by galmuscle

A very nice guy we had an excellent wrestler great match I'd like to wrestle him again



strong abs2 is recommended by galmuscle

very musculer and strong man great abs
nice man



galmuscle is recommended by newstravel

Cool strong wrestler with amazing body that makes the wrestling very hot. Gal is as you can see from the pictures someone in a great shape that doesn't give up until last minute. He can take punches and holds like very few people, in addition he makes the encounter very easily from the start. See you again soon for second round



newstravel is recommended by galmuscle

Very nice guy great wrestler hoping to fight him again



galmuscle is recommended by Noby

galmuscle is very muscular guy like a bodybuilder we had very much fun by wrestling and gutpunching. By wrestling sometimes he likes it to be dominated ;-)
Off the mats he is a very polite guy too. He has my best recommendations.



Noby is recommended by galmuscle

A great figther, an amazing guy, muscles athlete, a wrestler with and I hope to wrestle with it again
the best abs



galmuscle is recommended by gutpunching

Galmuscle is like his profile says, really muscled guy, who can take lot of abs punches, very fit and friendly. Till next time buddy.



gutpunching is recommended by galmuscle

very nice guy
he have very very strong abs we do it gut punching
i hope we meet again



galmuscle is recommended by imper

A good wrestler with strong muscles, keeps hitting well. With him a great fight with punches , advise.



imper is recommended by galmuscle

Very good strong wrestler really nice was fun to wrestle with him



galmuscle is recommended by fghter

galmuscle is incredibly strong, a very good fighter, and in fantastic shape. He's also a great guy! We had a fantastic match together when he came to NYC and I'm looking forward to the next time we can work up a sweat, muscle to muscle.



fghter is recommended by galmuscle

Great wrestler good technique very nice guy has a remarkable place I really enjoyed wrestling with hope to meet him again



speedos wrestler is recommended by galmuscle

very nuce guy
hot muscle and strong legs
we wrestle and thats was very good
i hope to wrestle with him again



galmuscle is recommended by abs2000

had a great meet with Galemuscle, for long weekend of great Gut Punching, we both took quite a lot of punches, he has great muscle tone, and great abs off course to. great guy on and off the mates, look forward to are next meet :)



abs2000 is recommended by galmuscle

very nice guy he have hot muscle very very strong man
i want to meet him again :)



athens123 is recommended by galmuscle

he is the best good figther and perfecy body



galmuscle is recommended by Celticmuscle

Had the pleasure of meeting and fighting this great guy in Israel recently. Incredible physique with just unbelievable ab developement and definition. Had a very good wrestle and GP session! Wud def recommend to any visitors to his wonderful country!


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