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my nane is Gerald and I am a gay pro wrestler. I enjoy wrestling for the man 2 man body contact. Also I enjoy touching and being touched on all parts of the male body. I will wrestle any body type or age.I am always looking for a good wrestling match in Spokane, and Seattle from time to time.. Really enjoy all types of erotic wrestling and fun. My big dream is to wrestle nude with a man of color.



  1. USA - Washington, Spokane
    (I'm here from 10/09/2018)
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


Age: 61-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 250 lbs (113 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: nude, jockstrap, thongs, trunks, singlets, tights, shoes, Pro boots, Masks

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Steven Higgins is recommended by g-man

Had a good match with Steven.He is a very strong and powerful Wrestler. A real nice guy off and on the mats..For a good match look him up. I had a great time meeting and Wrestling with him.



g-man is recommended by wanttowrestle

G-man and I had a couple of fun matches which were some what limited by my hip injury. Nevertheless, we had a good roll around with him dominating me. He loves wrestling so look him up for a fun match.



wanttowrestle is recommended by g-man

Wanttowrestle is a fun guy to meet and wrestle, He knows his way around the mats.he enjoys Wrestling and a good one to wrestle. So look him up for a great match



mickels is recommended by g-man

Mike is a very hard and prowerful wrestler. Had a great time meeting him and getting on the mats. He is a nice person to meet on and off the mats.I recommend you to meet and wrestle him. would love to wrestle him again and more offten



robertstephen is recommended by g-man

Robert is a sweet and lovable person when you get to kinow him. He knows his wrestling moves and is strong and powerful wrestler.He is fun to be with and restle, I will wrestle hem eery chance I get. I recommd you meet and wrestle him..



g-man is recommended by WAjobber

G-man was awesome. He really got into wrestling with punches, CBT, paimful holds, and he's very strong. Nice guy and respectful of limits. He's well worth meeting. Hope we wrestle again soon. I had a great time.



WAjobber is recommended by g-man

WAjobber is a nice guy to meet and wrestle and box with who knows his stuff and mores in the rings and on the mats. He is very strong and powerful wrestler and boxer. he is a fun and Loving guy to get to know, we had a long nice talk before and after the match. I Recommend meeting and wrestling or boxing this guy if you can. want to wrestle hem again real soon.



g-man is recommended by Slater Jackson

Slater Vs. G-Man: Winner Gets Loser's Trunks was EPIC. Finally got to meet up with this fella and had a blast in a pro match with him. Tough heel who worked me over and put me in punishing move after punishing move. Ended up sleepered and had my favorite baby blue trunks yanked off me as his trophy.
Good attitude and Fun guy!



Slater Jackson is recommended by g-man

slater is a hot and powerful wrestler. I enjoyed meeting him , he is a strong wrestler and know his way around the ring and on the mats. he will take on anybody and at all of t levels of the sport. He is a very friendly person and easy to get along with I enjoyed my match's with him and want to wrestle hem again and often. and I you will too. so meet him and wrestle. but be awear he is good at it.



g-man is recommended by Fight Boston

I Enjoyed meeting and wrestling G-man. He is strong and quick. I am looking forward to visiting and wrestling him again. He is a great challenge for the smaller wrestlers and I'm sure he can handle the heavy wresters as well. He is a great guy you all should meet and wrestle him. I'm looking forward to visiting him and wrestling him again!



Fight Boston is recommended by g-man

Enjoyed meeting and wrestling with him. he may be small, but don't let that stop you. he is strong and fast and can kick your ass, He enjoys taking on the bigger wrestlers then he is so don't let your size stop you wrestling him. he is a sweet, and likeable person.Would like to meet and Wrestle him again, and as many times as I can.