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Looking for exiting give and take wrestling in submission or semi-competitive style. Like the ground wrestling.



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Not interested in cyber, Looking for coach, Competing (tournaments)
Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Going to matches
Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting
Fetishes: Not interested in fetishes, Wrestle for top, Naked wrestling, Nipple play


  1. Netherlands, Utrecht
    Place of residence
  2. Netherlands, regio Maastricht (I'm here between 2/02/2018 and 2/24/2018)
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I am willing to travel 150 kilometers


Age: 61-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 176 lbs (80 kg)

Languages spoken: Dutch, English, French, German

Gear: trickot, shorts, nude, boots, judo-gi

Submission Submission
Sumo Sumo
Judo Judo

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frits is recommended by Spanish Wrestler

Geweldige worstelaar deze Frits, hij geeft niet op en als hij ontsnapt is uit je greep ben je verloren.
Snap nog niet helemaal hoe hij dit doet maar hij lijkt wel een rots die er niet af te krijgen is. Grootste fout die je kan maken is hem onderschatten. Volgende keer pak ik hem !



Spanish Wrestler is recommended by frits

Na enkele weken toch een afspaak kunnen maken met deze getrainde sporter. Niet zozeer worstelervaring, maar wel vechtsporter. Erg aardige, sympathieke en open gast. Gespierde vent, sterk en snel in het gevecht. Gezellig voor en na het gevecht op de mat. Ik kijk uit naar de rematch.
Van harte aanbevolen.



frits is recommended by muscletowin

Had a great match with Frits and worked up quite a sweat when we went at it. He is stronger than he looks and has good skills. I need to give thanks to some of the guys who wrote previous recommendations as I knew to avoid his strong legs and didn't give him a chance to get them around me. We went for a beer together after as he's an extremely personable and pleasant guy off the mats. Looking forward to future battles!!!



muscletowin is recommended by frits

It was easy to make an appointment with Muscletowin. I had a tough wrestle with this experienced, muscular and strong guy. His holds were difficult to tackle. On the mat he has a relaxed style of grappling. Off the mat a smart man, easy to talk to.
Look forward to a new match.



frits is recommended by fsmeets60

Strong, agile-and sympathetic.
Recommendable !L!!!



frits is recommended by Samuel

I just fought Frits - a good fighter and a good person. I definitely want to fight him again!



Samuel is recommended by frits

After several months we finally got the possibility to meet and wrestle. It was a pleasure to fight Samuel. An eager and tough opponent. Looking forward to fight him again in the near future.



EdinGuy is recommended by frits

We finally found the opportunity to meet and wrestle, which was a most pleasant but tough experience. Graham is a strong man, eager to grapple, with quite an experience, and nice host. He has a perfect mat and enough space to roll around.
Hope to meet him again soon on the mat.

We met and wrestled again . A tough but most pleasant experience. A pity that I we had too short time available.
Looking forward to the next roll on the mat.




frits is recommended by Kerel 58

Frits is a nice and strong Guy.
I welcome him back again.



Kerel 58 is recommended by frits

Kerel_58 is a nice and strong man who has some experience in wrestling and is eager to learn. Pleasant to grapple and talk with.



frits is recommended by superling

Frits is a very nice guy. We wrestled at my place and we had some sweaty rounds and afterwards a very relaxing and nice time. I recommend Frits!



superling is recommended by frits

Superling is a reliable and smart person on and off the mat. Strong with some experience. A nice host who has a spacious room for wrestling. He is longing for grappling and takes it easy.



frits is recommended by baerhd

Frits knows how to fight ,he is strong but gentle. I enjoyed our meeting today very much. Hoping for some rematches in the future. High recommadation



baerhd is recommended by frits

It was a great pleasure to wrestle this strong and solid wrestler. A friendly, nice guy to meet and wrestle with. He is eager to grappling. Do not hesitate to meet him if you are looking for a reliable opponent. Highly recommended.



frits is recommended by Superfly

A well rounded wrestler who is technical and experienced. Safe and sane who made me sweat in a bout where we both was fighting for dominance. A great host and very easy to get along with this intelligent guy. Looks good in gear too. Well recommend and I hope to have many more bouts with him.



Superfly is recommended by frits

A fit, strong and reliable guy who appeared to be a tough tiger on the mat and a pleasant charming person off the mat. He has a lot of experience and is an easy going but determined opponent to hit the mat with. Not easy to handle him on the mat. A pleasure to host and wrestle him. A nice, sexy and powerful guy; we certainly will have many more bouts.
30 september 2016. Every time I am in London meeting and wrestling him is an extra joy to be there. He is far more experienced than the novice, he presents himself on this site. He has a superb physique and is an easygoing guy to meet on and off the mat. Looking forward to our next bout.



frits is recommended by davyboy1964

met with frits today and found him to be a lovely gentleman.he took it quiet easy on me at first.but then we got going and it was great.he also taught me a couple of judo moves.i highly recommend this nice dutch guy



dundun is recommended by frits

It was a great joy to meet and wrestle this skilled and charming wrestler. He has a long experience and training in wrestling which makes him a most flexible grappler. Together with his smart, attractive and easy-going style and his superb physical condition make him a top fighter not to be missed. He was unbeatable for me but nevertheless a pleasure to be his opponent.
After the bouts in a hotel room we had a most pleasant discussion and exchange of past experiences of our eagerness to wrestle.
I cannot wait to meet and wrestle him again. Highly recommended.



frits is recommended by jako

very strong and skill wrestler !!!!
beware with his legs !!!
Splendid match with him
Thanks, Frits



jako is recommended by frits

enthousiastic wrestler.
eager to learn.
we had a nice grapple in Madrid



frits is recommended by AD idf

Frits come at my homr. We pass good time on my mat. Pretty strong, know some move.
Very friendly guy outside the mat. Easy to discuss.



AD idf is recommended by frits

Alain possesses power, technique and weight and knows how to combine them. He is also prepared to teach them. We spend a sweaty time on his mat. He is a perfect host and nice to talk to off the mat. Thanks for your kind hospitality.



frits is recommended by robertvogt

Sehe emphehlenswert.Hat spass gemacht mit ihm.Jeder Zeit wieder



robertvogt is recommended by frits

It was fun to meet and wrestle him. A strong and relaxed guy and pleasant to meet on the big matted floor.



frits is recommended by Cem hakan

Great guy, great time :)



Cem hakan is recommended by frits

A strong guy and becoming an expert in Turkish wrestling. Showed his skills in Amsterdam as a tough guy to wrestle him into submission.



frits is recommended by itsaslave

frits was prompt, fit, strong and charming when we met between my reaching Manchester by train and his leaving by air; delighted that we seized the opportunity and each other for a good grapple and fun; thanks frits



frits is recommended by ATONMAN

06-06-2015 - I struggled with FRITS in a very hot day and the meeting saw us sweat and work hard to prevail. FRITS is a tough and dangerous fighter with a good footwork in which you have to be careful. Likeable and pleasant even out of the mat. RECOMMENDED



ATONMAN is recommended by frits

It was tough but a great pleasure to have a grappling bout with this experienced wrestler. A strong, talented and sympathetic man with a lot of stamina and technique. Looking forward to meet and wrestle again.



frits is recommended by Hairyfight

Frits is a very strong guy with technics......
Was great to meet him for a match and i hope we can have a new match when i´m back in Amsterdam.
Very high recomended



frits is recommended by ScotLaird1

Enjoyed wrestling this in shape and very skilled ground wrestler. Off the mats, Frits impressed me as an intelligent and interesting guy, who is considerate and potentially good company (ie our session was kept short due to my work commitments the following day).



ScotLaird1 is recommended by frits

An eager to learn and dedicated wrestler, with a good stamina. We had a tough wrestle. Nice guy on and off the mat.



frits is recommended by Joe Ma

I met Frits in Frankfurt early in the Morning. We fought some sweaty subfights and wrestled for top on the mat. Frits is a good teacher, practised and knows good technical holds. He is a sympathic and friendly host. I can recommend him.



frits is recommended by btler

Met Frits tonight and had a great back and forth match. Glad I read previous recommendations and stayed away from his good cyclist's legs. Never to be underestimated, strategic and tough. He has good endurance, strong with decent skills, safe, sane and competent on the mat. Definitely recommend and look forward to a rematch on my mats next time. Friendly, sociable, reliable and knows his scotch. What else could you ask for?



btler is recommended by frits

We had a tough session on the mat. A well trained and skilled grappler and boxer, with a good stamina. He is fit, in perfect condition and a strong and fun opponent. Very much recommended for sane and safe bouts. If you like to meet a wrestler who knows what he is doing meet him. Easygoing and nice guy off the mat. I look forward to a rematch with him.



frits is recommended by marsupi

I met Frits while he was staying in the area. He managed to have a large mat room available and I couln't have thought of any better place for tumbling around. We had a long sweaty session, during which I could appreciate (and endure!) his tactical skills, rapid moves, and extremely strong legs. Outside the mat, he is a pleasant and peaceful gentleman whom I would warmly recommend.



marsupi is recommended by frits

I very much enjoyed our tough encounter on the mat. A sweaty and energetic experience; Mark is eager and passionate to learn and at times difficult to handle. On and off the mat a nice and relaxed kind of person. I hope to meet again in the near future.



frits is recommended by g6fighter

I've had with frits a amazing tough fight - it was a real test of power and skill.
You have to be quick to not be submitted in one of his judo holds. Needed all my strength to get out of his judo handles.
Hope for a rematch! Highly reliable and recommended!



g6fighter is recommended by frits

It was nice meeting this guy on and off the mat. He is a strong and sympathetic man, with a lot of experience, friendly and a perfect host. I am looking forward to meet again.



frits is recommended by benhard63

Frits is a nice guy who did judo. He is skill and have strong legs.
We had a nice match!



benhard63 is recommended by frits

Bernard is a strong and muscled man. Fun and pleasant to meet and grapple with him.