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Not really experienced at all, just find wrestling very interesting and want to see what there is out there.

Love the competitive aspect, and am a sucker for a good sleeper hold or bearhug... Not bothered much about styles, can try out anything from competitive submission to pro, and will give it my all whatever style!

Build isn't much of an issue either, though if I was to state a preference, I'd like my opponents to be somewhat fit, and in terms of gear, speedo, singlet, shorts, whatever makes you comfortable! Just a heads up: I do find wrestling super erotic, so if you're only looking for a fight, of course I'll respect that, but I hope you don't take offence if I get a little aroused!!



  1. Austria, Graz
    (I'm here between 2/19/2019 and 6/28/2019)
  2. United Kingdom, Glasgow
    Place of residence
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I am willing to travel 100 kilometers


Age: 26-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 146 lbs (66 kg)

Languages spoken: English, German

Gear: Any

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
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fracono is recommended by FitScot

Had a great roll with this guy as his energy and enthusiasm made for a challenging bout. Warm and polite, Fracono is friendly and a pleasant fighter to meet. Go hit him up!



FitScot is recommended by fracono

Managed to sort out a good spontaneous grapple with this guy today! He's as tough as he looks, if not tougher, and has technique to back up his muscle! He taught me a few new tricks that I cant wait to try out, and as a whole he was incredibly friendly and easy to talk to. Recommend FitScot to anyone who gets the chance and wants to challenge themselves



fracono is recommended by funfight

Vorgestern hatte ich das große Vergnügen, Fracono kennenzulernen und mit ihm kämpfen zu dürfen. Wir haben uns vor unserem Kampf sehr gut unterhalten, er ist ein sehr höflicher, lockerer und sympathischer Gesprächspartner und wir haben sofort einen Draht zueinander gefunden.
Als es dann zur Sache ging, war ich doch sehr überrascht: obwohl Fracono eher ein "slim guy" ist, konnte er mir einen super Kampf liefern und meinen kräftemässigen Vorteil gut kompensieren. Seine Beinscheren sind nicht von schlechten Eltern, er kann sich auf dem Boden gut bewegen und hat einen starken Willen und Kampfgeist!
Es hat mir sehr viel Spass gemacht, mit ihm zu kämpfen und aufgrund seiner Leistung und seines überaus freundlichen und sympathischen Charakters kann ich fracono uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen! Ich hoffe sehr, dass wir uns wiedersehen und ein re- match haben werden!



funfight is recommended by fracono

Ich hatte eine tolle Zeit mit diesem starken, entschlossenen und unglaublich höflichen Gegner! Trotz seiner unglaublichen körperlichen Verfassung freute ich mich, dass ich ihm etwas Konkurrenz gemacht hatte, und er war sehr geduldig und hatte Verständnis für meine weniger als perfekte Deutschkenntnisse
Insgesamt ein starker, freundlicher und schöner Kämpfer und eine großartige Erfahrung, die ich jedem empfehlen könnte, der die Chance hat, ihn zu treffen. Hoffentlich können wir in naher Zukunft einen Rückkampf haben!!



fracono is recommended by HardfightFfm

Fracono is at the first sight slim and I thought I would have big chances to win against him. But big mistake he knows a lot holds and get with them every time when I thought now you have him into a subm. Hold! Beside the mat you can speak with him about a lot of stuff. He also speaks several languages so we could speak together on German. To everybody who meets this guy: Be careful if his sleepers and grapevine!!! He's also a good buddy for some gutpunching during wrestling and is an excellent guy for "play wrestling".
Can recommend him highly. Here you find a good fighter with some good techniques.



HardfightFfm is recommended by fracono

It was a pleasure to meet Hardfight for a match and he was willing to host as well which was greatly appreciated. He was a lovely guy to talk to during the breaks in our match.
Despite his slim figure, he still made me work hard to get him to tap, and he was energetic and intuitive throughout our match.
What started with hard fought competitive wrestling led to some light playwrestling, which he took on head on despite it being new to him, and he was a great opponent who I wouldn't hesitate to recommend!



fracono is recommended by ffmjobber

Unser Fight fand bei Hardfight statt. Wir starteten mit sportlichen One on One-Kämpfen. Ich bin zwar etwas kleiner als die beiden aber auch schwerer. Hier konnte ich Gewicht und Kraft gut einsetzen und war beiden überlegen. Fracono hatte ein paar fiese Beinmoves drauf, die man nicht unterschätzen sollte. Er ist wendig und gibt nicht so schnell auf. Es folgte ein 2 vs 1 statt: Fracono und Hardfight gegen mich. Zunächst sah es gut für mich aus. Ich konnte die beiden vor mir in Schacht halten. Dann schafften sie es aber von zwei Seiten anzugreifen. Da bekamen sie mich in den Griff und ich musste abklopfen. Es folgte eine Gutpunchsession für jeden. Zum Abschluss machten wir noch ein wenig Playwrestling und hatten viel Spaß dabei.
Fracono lernte ich als sehr sympathischen und offenen Menschen kennen, den ich absolut empfehlen kann und auch sehr gerne wieder treffen möchte.



ffmjobber is recommended by fracono

Ich habe mich mit ffmjobber getroffen, um an einem Dreier-Match mit Hardfight teilzunehmen, und ich war sofort von seiner Freundlichkeit und seinem guten Wesen beeindruckt. Er war leicht zu sprechen mit, obwohl Deutsch absolut nicht meine Muttersprache ist.
  Wir begannen mit einem Wettkampf; eins gegen eins, und während ich dachte, dass ich vielleicht etwas Geschick und Muskelkraft gewonnen hatte, während ich mit Hardfight kämpfte, erinnerte mich ffmjobber mit seiner Intuition und Gewichtsvorteil, dass ich kein Profi bin.
  Danach hatten wir ein 2vs1 kämpf, in dem es schön war, endlich zu sehen er klopfte, und dann gab es einige gutpunching und playwrestling, was für mich mehr als erfreulich war!
  Ich habe keine Beschwerden über ffmjobber. Freundlich, stark, wir teilten ähnliche Interessen und er war geduldig mit meinen Sprachbarrieren. Ich empfehle ihn voll, und hoffe wirklich, dass wir uns wieder treffen!



fracono is recommended by davey123

Was great fun meeting this guy on the mats. Straightforward and easy in making arrangements. Reliable in communicating efficiently and turned up punctually. More importantly he was really prepared to have a good solid few hours of wrestling. He is fit, strong and flexible. Put up a good determined defence to my attacks and was toughly resistant to tap out quickly. His strong long legs are gonna be serious weapons when he catches your neck in them! Of course I am somewhat bigger and more experienced so in the end I did rather put him through a series of punishing submissions. But was he put off? Not a bit. Just soaked it all up with hardly a moan! Very impressive stamina! We also worked on a few holds and moves so that he could use them in future matches.Bent impressively well in all my lovely back-breakers, including a very long rack, and seemed very reluctant to submit in my full Boston. Quick to learn.
Charming guy with good sense of humour and very easy to chat to. Trustworthy. Looks good in his speedos too! Definitely looking forward to more meets in the future. Highly recommended.



davey123 is recommended by fracono

I finally met with Davey for a last minute meet before I head off to Germany, and I'm more than glad that I made the time to do so!
Off the mats, he was polite, hospitable and incredibly easy and interesting to talk to, but when we hit the mats, he was fast in showing me that all that muscle he has isn't just for show!
He used his strength and experience to tangle me up and bend me any which way he wanted in a variety of holds, and even took some time out to teach me a few holds and techniques of his own, including introducing me to KO holds and sleepers (applying and receiving!)
I had a brilliant time wrestling this tough man, and won't hesitate to recommend him to anyone willing to take him on, I certainly cant wait for round two!



fracono is recommended by looney45

Met with with F and can only repeat what has already been said. A very strong tough opponent who knows how to keep control of an opponent. We both got subs off each other through the meet and i will say he has one strong grip when he gets you in a headlock!
Great to chat with off the mat as well!



looney45 is recommended by fracono

After months of chatting, finally managed to meet with looney in Glasgow and it was a great match! We managed to get a few taps out of each other. He managed to lock on some really effective holds, but was also very resilient when he was in mine. A pleasure to talk to afterwards, as well. He has my highest recommendations!



fracono is recommended by French wrestler

Fracono is a promising wrestler

He is technical and inventive when wrestling :) and he has stamina

We had interesting and fun discussions in the aftermath

Do not miss him +++



French wrestler is recommended by fracono

I met French wrestler when he was visiting Glasgow in what has to be the smallest hotel room I have ever seen! Despite the size of the room, we still managed to have an enjoyable semi-competitive wrestle in which we were both able to get a few taps out of the other.
He was a strong, humorous, and good natured opponent, and I recommend him to all who have the chance to meet him!



fracono is recommended by freestyle

I was lucky enough to have met Fracono on Sunday while I was in Edinburgh , was a bit short notice but he managed to get the time to meet up.
He is a very pleasant guy off the mats and both on them .
He may be light and have a nice smile but don't let that fool you into thinking he will be an easy opponent . His legs thighs are very strong and once he gets them around you then you got a battle on to try and escape . His grapevine is very powerful and his stretch with it very over powering combine that with the way he wraps your head up too in his grapevine then you are very much locked up good and quite immobilised . His arms are stronger too than they look . He has also got a very good scissors using them to full effect .
He might be a bit new but you will be surprised by the holds he already knows and can do .
We wrestled for just under 2 hours a very back and forth match and a lot of fun as well .

A 100 % safe and sane if you get the chance to hook up with him then you should you wont be disappointed .

Highly recommended and hope we get the chance to rematch in the future an AA++ opponent and guy



freestyle is recommended by fracono

Travelled through to meet with freestyle in Edinburgh on short notice for a competitive match. He was laid back and easy to talk to when not wrestling, but turned up the intensity when we started grappling! Really impressive stamina and strong legs, good luck if he manages to trap you in his grapevine! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone who gets the chance, and hope to meet again!



fracono is recommended by Scissorvictim

Whilst in Glasgow, I met Fracono for a wrestle. He's a very friendly and chatty young man. He's new to the wrestling scene but he's already got the makings of a very good wrestler. Don't be fooled by his tall and thin frame as there's hidden strength in there. His legs are very strong also and he knows how to use them. He's reliable, safe and sane. I have no hesitation in highly recommending him and definitely want to wrestle him again.



Scissorvictim is recommended by fracono

I met with Scissorvictim when he was visiting Glasgow for a scissors match! As you can already see from his other recommendations, he has incredibly strong legs that had me tapping in a number of different scissor holds! He was safe and sane and a pleasure to wrestle with. Would definitely do so again if I get the chance. A high recommendation, if you have the opportunity to meet this guy!



fracono is recommended by Wrestlertoo

It was really cool to have a visit from fracono, with whom I had been chatting for a few weeks.
He has a good wrestling technique, with long arms and legs which give him lots of my cost!
He was however, very careful to respect my injured neck and I was not made to beg for mercy with headlocks, (just with body scissors, grapevines, armbars and splashes!)
He is absolutly genuine and reliable, great with making meeting arrangements, and even arrived early..........Fully recommended.



Wrestlertoo is recommended by fracono

Visited Jon for a meet after a few weeks of chatting, and incredibly glad I did so.
Wrestling wise, he was fiesty, tough to get a submission out of, and a strong opponent. He took punishment as well as he gave!
Off the mat, he was one of the kindest guys I have met, an incredibly considerate host with an abundance of experience, both in wrestling and life in general, making him easy to talk to and get along with!
High recommendations, and hope to meet again!



fracono is recommended by Glasgow

A friendly and polite guy. Tall, very flexible and does not give in. He is resilient and can take a lot! Meet him if you get the opportunity. Strong legs!



Glasgow is recommended by fracono

A strong and proficient wrestler, he was hard to get a hold on and even harder to make tap! He was a pleasure to be around both during the match and afterwards. Look forward to meeting again and would highly recommend to anyone looking to try an oil match!



fracono is recommended by ScotLaird1

Don't be misled by this handsome lad's 'preppy' look and gentle charm. F has a strong, slim physique, and uses it. efficiently whilst grappling F.surprised me with his strength, focused aggression and suppleness on the mats and made me work hard to get a win, catching me out a couple of times during our bout with some well executed holds which had me tapping. With a little more experience and coaching this lad will be difficult to beat. Really hope that we can rematch soon.



ScotLaird1 is recommended by fracono

Met with Rob at his place for a submission match after a few setbacks and couldn't have asked for a better opponent. He was strong, determined and intense while still being good natured and willing to share some of his knowledge. Add all of that to his great physique and stamina made it an honour to wrestle him. Cant recommend him enough, and hope this won't be the last time I get to grapple... hopefully next time I'll get more than a couple taps out of him!



fracono is recommended by pshawfocus

Met the charming and handsome Fracono in Edinburgh for an introductory GP session. We did a mix of things, all of which he enjoyed / endured with aplomb. Don’t let his slim physique fool you, it’s pretty resilient and he’s comfortable having it sensibly worked hard. Off the game he’s fun, amusing (I certainly got the sense there are hidden depths to his sense of humour) and despite trekking to meet, he turned up as promised. Besides the GP, hopefully he’s now updated his profile with another interest we unearthed. I’d happily meet him again for another GP session the next time I’m visiting Edinburgh.

26/4 - another very enjoyable meet with Francono on a visit to Edinburgh. A brighter and more spacious venue showed off his slim physique and again, he was up for a mix of gut work, including punches, some fairly hefty jumps and a few knee drops. He was also keen to return the favour which was fun :-) Here’s to the next one.



pshawfocus is recommended by fracono

Met with this guy in Edinburgh after just over two weeks of chatting, and though I was a little nervous about my first gut punch meet, I was not disappointed.
An incredibly polite guy throughout, took everything at a steady pace, and he taught me a lot of things that I'll hopefully be able to use in the future! He made sure I was comfortable both when giving and receiving, and he also showed me that I'm into things I didn't realise I was into, which is great!
Overall he is strong, handsome, reliable, has rock hard abs, and a strong recommendation from me if you ever get the chance to meet with him!

26/4 Another great meet with pshawfocus in which I was able to put his solid abs to the test again using a lot of different methods. I was once again impressed by the ease at which he took my punishment, and look forward to possibly meeting again!



fracono is recommended by ovid17

Fracono comes with the highest recommendation. He proved to be polite, considerate and a source of intelligent conversation off the mat. In terms of wrestling, he is a feisty and impressive opponent who gives as good as he gets ! Roll on round two !



ovid17 is recommended by fracono

Ovid was a pleasure to wrestle, with a great sized mat and an amazing attitude, I can't think of anything that I didn't enjoy about our meet. As a wrestler, he was a tough opponent and put up a great fight, and off the mat, a true gentleman. Strongly recommend, and looking forward to another meet



fracono is recommended by Mattyboy

Attractive & punctual, Fraser is stronger than his slim body would suggest. If you get the chance for a match I certainly recommend him.



Mattyboy is recommended by fracono

An incredibly charming and handsome guy, Matty made me feel at ease in no time.
It was apparent from the start that neither of us are technical fighters (yet!) but that didn't stop us from having a tough back and forth match. He knows how to use his tall body to advantage and make it difficult to lock on a hold!
Overall, a very enjoyable meet, and I wouldn't hesitate to meet again when the opportunity arises!