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Training with p trainer got down 25% body fat would like to do more looking for training mate.Like being heeler so always look out jobber.



  1. United Kingdom, London
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Age: 50-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 209 lbs (95 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Italian

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fitman321 is recommended by Jobber29

Fitman321 is a real heel! Safe, knows his staff, friendly and welcoming. He let me have a go at him in the beginning. I think I defended my self pretty good but in the end I had to submit. My abs were red and itchy! Really enjoyed the bash. I would recommend him to anybody how want a good Sane match. He threw me on in the Mat several times. The body Slam was fantastic. I had to submit again when he places all his weight on my chest. Cheers mate I had an amazing experience. Hope to meet you again soon!!!



Jobber29 is recommended by fitman321

This little jobber can take a lot and he was a lot fun,Please meet him if get chance I would.he is friend now.Nice man on and off mats.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by fitman321

He was so much fun yes nice man and fighter please meet him for match .i would as shoot.



fitman321 is recommended by Yan

Great guy. Very Friendly off the mats and very proficient heel on the mats. Very strong and solid Man - naturally much recomended



fitman321 is recommended by Ben skull stephens

we met a couple of years ago and it was time to have a second shot at this cracking guy today 14th October 2017 hes strong , feisty ,a good afternoon contest
A great host to look after you .



Ben skull stephens is recommended by fitman321

I meet him in shot he made it fun and he done that two time.So if come to you go for it.He,s now friend mate.



fitman321 is recommended by fitguy2

There was a big build up to this tag match in advance. Fitman321 came out charging and tried to use his size to his advantage, but slowly but surely he was worn down. Then we had more fun making him and his partner Readyforit pay for all their thrash talk. All in all a very enjoyable session



fitguy2 is recommended by fitman321

Had so much fun and was lot better than think it was going be I would meet him any time he is London.



fitman321 is recommended by Celticmuscle

A tag team match against Fitman321 and his tag partner Readyforit was a blast. Two great guys bringing the best attitudes that could be hoped for in what was planned to be a competitive yet fun encounter. To say that myself and my tag partner Fitguy2 enjoyed the encounter would be a major understatement. Fitman321 was the bigger half of the "opposing" team and his physical size lets u know he will be strong. really enjoyed the big vs big and big vs small rounds in this match. All full on but good humoured. Fitman321 is an extremely warm and friendly man (off the, and uses his size and power very responsibly when on the mats with a smaller lighter guy. Would def recommend him.

With all four participants adorned in country colours a lot of pride was on the line here so the pre-match banter & threats from readyforit and Fitman321 had to be met head on....and the resultant pleas for clemency fell on deaf ears for quite a Once the international team ran up the white flag and Irish pride was fully satisfied we treated our foes to some very decent Irish hospitality & fare on which they seemed eager to feast.



fitman321 is recommended by looney45

Arranged a match with this heel and although it was more a gentle roll around due to the weight different he showed that his reputation was deserved. Very strong legs for scissors and such an accommodating host.



fitman321 is recommended by i love muscle

this guy is fantastic .we have met a few times always very nice friendly we always have a great time .he is very stong a great heel. he has very powerful legs.



fitman321 is recommended by firemanslift

Had a great match i gave everything but to no avail. he had me tied up over his shoulders helpless most of the match beggin to be let go. Definitely meet if u get the chance.



firemanslift is recommended by fitman321

This man was so much fun and if heeler he your man hope have round 2 soon any time mate.



E1fightsub is recommended by fitman321

He was so much fun if like jobber match this is man.



fitman321 is recommended by davyboy1964

great guy.looking forrward to next round.had a fun time.



davyboy1964 is recommended by fitman321

Was good fun hope see him for round 2.



fitman321 is recommended by Sam London

He was a great host, considerate, staying within boundaries, but loads of energy. Good company both on and off the mat. Cheers, mate !



Sam London is recommended by fitman321

This man was bests and would meet him at drop hat you should do same thank you mate.



uk indianboi is recommended by fitman321

He is great guy and can take good beating and he did not give up ever if think should have would meet again.



sfizio is recommended by fitman321

He is nice men and strong with it and he, fun man would meet him again and you should meet him as well if on table.



fitman321 is recommended by DenverWrestler

A good guy and very convincing heel. I don't job very often, and when I do, I want an opponent who can work me over well but do so safely and sanely. Fitman is definitely big and strong and knows his holds. He's also a very warm friendly, and reliable guy – had a great time meeting him.



DenverWrestler is recommended by fitman321

H I this man was jobber and like him and he is nice man and roll played well I nope meet him in ring hope feel more full life.



fitman321 is recommended by mateusjudo

This man is a great heel, good at dominating, strong legs and a good kicker too. He is a very nice man off the mat, very kind also offered me coffee after the match.



mateusjudo is recommended by fitman321

This man is jobber and he work with me yes would see him for rematch as you should if your heeler.



fitman321 is recommended by ukscisors

always enjoyed my match-ups with franco and would like to again



ukscisors is recommended by fitman321

We had good match and know him years and had lots wrestling fun and always won which made me mad as not in losing.



fitman321 is recommended by ImtiazAli

I met fitman321 at Johns Manchester Meet 11 X. My first wrestle after a long time and he was great. He is a sociable man and good fun on the mats.

I had no problems, safe and sane - recommended by me



ImtiazAli is recommended by fitman321

Had good wrestles with this man and was very good at what he done and yes he won.Would wrestles again.hope he could show me how do better.



fitman321 is recommended by Squashlad

29/09/2014: Had a good sweaty squashing from this big solid bloke and thoroughly enjoyed it. A friendly hospitable guy who respects your limits and plays safe but puts jobbers like me through it. Really tough when he's sitting on your diaphragm and toying with you or barring your face. Some nice pec punching too. Looking forward to more!
01/01/2016: fitman321 was the first guy I wrestled upon joining MeetFighters so to finally catch up with him on the mats after 15 months was a real nostalgia trip---and I mean that in a good way! He's been hitting the gym since 2014 and the extra 25 lbs of muscle meant that I still got pretty roughed up, even if I have perhaps now graduated from my jobber phase! But all good fun and safely done. And a much shorter period to come before the rematch this time round!



Squashlad is recommended by fitman321

This man is one of bests man and call him friend he very nice men and would have match with him at drop of hat and you should be doing same.



fitman321 is recommended by andy

Met Franco today at the group event at pippas on 12.12.15 we had a couple of matches,hope that we get too have another match in the future,and he also a great friend both on and off the mats aswell.



andy is recommended by fitman321

I came down Manchester for weekend and went to group my fight with Andy was lot fun thank you will be friend now give him go you find it fun as well.



fitman321 is recommended by smirny340

He is an excellent heel, who visually and in practice looks and plays the part well, I enjoyed the work over. He was also a very good host providing a meal and wine at a very late time of the evening. Thank you.



smirny340 is recommended by fitman321

We both had good time and he is good jobber man and can take a lot if like jobber this is man and he travel over 4 hours to London to come meet will meet to work him over any time.



fitman321 is recommended by southlondonwrestler

Big tough feisty guy with own mats.
Enjoyed a good submission match and he did well with the weight difference but I enjoyed getting all the submissions out of him. Recommended.



southlondonwrestler is recommended by fitman321

I like this man and fun thing is l do like bigger men then me,He told me that find hard to get people fight him.The funny thing was he nice man and fight him more sad that stonger then me but have live with that hope other feel same but it miss out more for me.Hope be frend one day.