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Novice, new to the site but i know what I like, and what I want. Def enjoy play wrestling, fighting for top, bitta light punching. All gets my juices goin.



  1. United Kingdom, Glasgow
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


Age: 53-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 165 lbs (75 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, German, Spanish

Gear: Speedos, jocks, shorts

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Past Opponents

dabbler1973 Glasgow Crusher scotpal wrestled



fit-enough is recommended by Glasgow Crusher

Met this strong, fiesty opponent & had a tough, sweaty wrestling bout in hot wrestling gear. Although a novice, he had good moves & holds but was also willing to learn new holds & moves. We exchanged lots of fighting verbal, stand offs & good submissions. He has great potential with good grappling technique.
A friendly easy going guy & good host, I was impressed by his mat savy & safety awareness. Definitely recommend this guy as a good wrestling opponent.



Glasgow Crusher is recommended by fit-enough

Crusher came to visit and i was impressed from the off as he struck me as being a really nice bloke. But once we changed into our singlets any notion of him being an easy fight kinda disappeared.. good verbal, good bit of stand off and then we went at it for a long hard sweaty fight. I learned some good moves off this guy but also learned to have a bit more confidence in my own strength ... we had a cracken bout, and im looking forward to the next time.



fit-enough is recommended by dabbler1973

First time having any kind of wrestle for a long time... Fit Enough may just be starting out but he is strong and tough... good for trading punches with.. nothing too heavy but good safe fun.
Very nice guy ..sane and genuine!



scotpal is recommended by fit-enough

We met up when Scotpal hosted and we had a cracken scrap. He's a bit shorter than me so I thought I was in for an easy time. Far from it but it ended up a great fight. His moves were good, not that I was any quicker but only cos I managed to get out of a couple of locks and brought a few of my own did I eventually get a few more subs outta him and he knew it. Return bout will be on the cards . Great stuff.



fit-enough is recommended by wrestled

Met Al for an afternoon wrestle after a few months of online chat and trash talk. For a newbie he was confident and he wasn't shy about getting stuck in.
I felt duty bound to point him towards meetfighters and I see that he's been hooked on it since , so it maybe sometime before round 2.
With a bit practise, Al will be around for a while.
He gets a full recommendation from me.



wrestled is recommended by fit-enough

Met Jonny when he hosted recently and we had a cracken session. New boy that I am; learning the ropes and so he went easy enough on me. I pinned him a couple of times but his better experience showed at the end of the day and I left sore but not too battered. Was a good ruck that I'd be happy to repeat.