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Fit and friendly 44 year old man getting into wrestling. Seasoned gym goer, currently aiming to put some more muscle on. Am open minded, with no real agenda just out for a safe and out for a good, sweaty time! :-)



  1. United Kingdom, London
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Age: 44-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 187 lbs (85 kg)

Gear: speedos, trunks, squarecuts, jocks, nothing

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fingers 2011 is recommended by calad100

I really enjoyed the grapple which fingers and I had, a combination of give and take with some long held holds. Hes a really nice guy who easy to get along with, he's also very strong and was very respectful of my limits too. I would definitely meet again and highly recommend meeting him if you can.



calad100 is recommended by fingers 2011

I had a great afternoon with calad100 - we had a good give and take session with a few punches thrown in and got nice and sweaty! I found him a really easy guy to make arrangements with, a great host with lots of good conversation and to top it off he looks great in his gear with that toned physique. Definitely recommended :)



fingers 2011 is recommended by speedowrestle

It was a pleasure to welcome this newcomer to submission wrestling. A natural level of apprehension was allayed with a couple of weeks of chat before we met. On the day, a normal level of nervousness on both sides was allayed with alcohol (quite a bit) and a good bit of gossip.

Once we hit the mats, it was clear that Fingers had no cause for nerves, as he took to wrestling like he was born to do it. Very impressive strength and enthusiasm made for a pretty even match. I was grateful to have caught this sportsman early in his career, as I think he will get the upper hand with many opponents once he perfects his moves.

A real pleasure to meet and wrestle. Highly recommended.



speedowrestle is recommended by fingers 2011

Having chatted for about a month or so, the day finally came for us to meet - and everything about it exceeded my expectations. 

We had a couple of drinks to break the ice before getting into our gear and having a roll around to get things moving.  Speedowrestle had agreed to show me a few moves and talk me through some of the basics - he has way more experience and technique than me.  It was really great getting sweaty and involved and after a while, we really got to grips with each other!   I'm beginning to learn how to effectively use my own my own strength and stamina and I have this guy to thank for that - he's a generous sportsman, a great wrestler and an all round lovely chap.   I'm really looking forward to our next meet but in the meantime if you get the chance to grapple this fella, take it - I can't recommend him highly enough.



sublondonsw4 is recommended by fingers 2011

Enjoyable ice-breaking session with Richie. He's a tough little jobber, and a great guy for someone like me, who's still very much learning. He's got a fit body which I managed to get sweaty in no time, hehe :) Good attitude and friendly, I'll definitely be back for a longer session soon if possible.


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