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Hey guys! I like wrestling for fun, so it should fun for all involved. I'm open to most styles, but I'm not looking for an all out brawl. Don't want to seriously hurt anyone. I don't have any space to wrestle, so hopefully you do, or else we'll have to find a hotel.



  1. USA - New Jersey, Paramus
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Age: 31-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 185 lbs (84 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: speedos

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fantasyfeak is recommended by Nycjobberboy

I've been a fan of Fantasyfeak for a very long time, and we've chatted for a very long time. The planets alined and somehow we managed to throw down and had a blast. He's a genuine guy who knows how to make a jobber suffer. Loads of fun and great company off the mat as well. Highly recommend!



Nycjobberboy is recommended by fantasyfeak

Finally met up with this hot jobber, and I must say, I was NOT disappointed. Had a blast putting him in all kinds of different holds. Also a really great guy off the mats. Very easy to talk to. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.



fantasyfeak is recommended by Subduded Dude

Despite having inadequate space, I had a great match with this dirty heel. He showed me a bunch of new holds and demonstrated his skill and strength repeatedly. Smart, reliable, handsome and with a huge gear selection - what's not to like?



Subduded Dude is recommended by fantasyfeak

This guy is everything that I expected. A handsome jobber with a killer bod, he looked hot as hell getting knocked out over and over again. Very kind off the mats as well. I'd definitely be up for wrecking him again, and would recommend him to anyone who wants a pro fantasy jobber.



fantasyfeak is recommended by shawty333

Tim is pretty skilled and tough for sure. I thought I would've been able to shut his cocky mouth but I didn't stand a chance. It still was a hot battle!

I saw Tim again- he was my 1st match in NJ during the Mega Trip. I wasn't in the best of moods but I still managed to keep my eye on the prize. His heel flavor is different than most of the rest but hey it was hot. Great seeing this punk again



fantasyfeak is recommended by sleepermuscle

This guy knows alot of fun pro holds and can really dish it out. I had a blast wrestling him and being his jobber!



sleepermuscle is recommended by fantasyfeak

Sleepermuscle is everything that I look for in a jobber. He's handsome, has a hot body, is easy to get along with, and certainly knows how to take a beating. I'm definitely looking forward to whenever our next match is, and I'd HIGHLY recommend him for any pro fantasy heel.



TakeDown000 is recommended by fantasyfeak

I had a really fun time with him. He definitely can take a lot of punishment and looks so good while doing so. I'd definitely recommend him for a match.



fantasyfeak is recommended by Prince Lightskin

He is a really strong wrestler and a good person too. He has a lot of experience and is great coach. He will be a great opponent for anyone.



Prince Lightskin is recommended by fantasyfeak

Had a good time with him. He's still a brand new rookie, so he has a lot of learning to do, but he has a lot of potential. He's also a nice guy, but can be a bit cocky on the mats. I'd recommend giving him a shot. He might surprise you.



fantasyfeak is recommended by matslam

After talking for a long time I finally met this ace heel.I was over the moon being at his mercy when he put me in a series of holds and his smirk on his face made me work harder to test his limits;powerful and handsome guy at their best.Thanks for the great experience!
Totally recommended..



matslam is recommended by fantasyfeak

Finally met up with this wonderful jobber, and he did not disappoint in the slightest. He was an absolute delight to dominate, humiliate, and violate. He is also very eager to please, so any heels looking for someone to destroy should definitely hit him up. You will NOT regret it. I guarantee it.



fantasyfeak is recommended by minebuster

I've been waiting to meet up with Tim since....gau-d it's been 76 years. I figured someone that small would be an easy winston but when he gets a good grip on you it's lights out ana you're done. He was super chill despite me going full fanboy on him. I reverted back to awkward high school mei there for a while.
The only thing more scary than his puns are his legs. I might have mocked them but when he lockes them on you a-banon all Hope of getting out. Everytime it was like Zarya kidding me. Sorta wish I had got to experience his figaro four headscissor but maybe another time.
If you can get your hanzon him I'd highly recommend a match - even if his taste in Final Fantasy games are questionable. :)




minebuster is recommended by fantasyfeak

*slow claps*

Didn't think he would actually go with the pun recommendation...

Anyway, he was fun. Had a hard time getting submissions out of him due to him being bigger than me, but I got in a few. He's good for a submission match or two.

(This recommendation will remain pun free, since he included more than enough of them in his)



fantasyfeak is recommended by Spenser Locke

It's so nice to find guys around my age who are into wrestling, and Sheridan is amazing. Great communicator and all around nice guy.



Spenser Locke is recommended by fantasyfeak

Spenser was just starting out when we met, but I still had a blast wrestling him. He's cute as hell and easy to get along with. I'd definitely recommend having a match with him. You won't regret it.



fantasyfeak is recommended by Super Jobber Guy

There is only ONE Fantasyfreak aka BG East's Star Tim Sheridan.
And, just HOW HOT and HOW SKILLED is he, you may ask?
I flew from the West Coast to New York to wrestle him.
Let me repeat the ONLY reason I flew to NYC was to wrestle Mr. Sheridan.
Was it worth traveling 3,000 miles and renting a nice hotel room, just to have the chance to Wrestle him?
Would I do this trip over again?
I have NEVER went to the trouble of flying across the USA to wrestle anybody, and I would never UNLESS IT IS TO WRESTLE TIM SHERIDAN!
i WAS IN EXTASY! Tim has increadible endurance, and seems to NEVER tire out, never slows down, and seems to have an endless knowledge of different grueling submission holds.
He is very strong and fast.
His LEGS are his strongest weapons, His legs are shaped and sexy, and his scissors are like steel traps. And he has the sexiest gluteus maximus.
Strikingly handsome, it was easily the most amazing experience suffering for this Adonis.
I cannot say enough great things about this man.
I highly recommend you wrestle him, if you have a chance.
I cannot wait to go back to NYC.
Who cares about a Broadway show when NYC has Tim?
On a scale of 1-10, he ranks multi digits!!
Great dude!!!!



JohnnyKing is recommended by fantasyfeak

INCREDIBLY hot jobber and a nice guy too. I definitely had a lot of fun with him and would wrestle him again at the drop of a hat. Would recommend him to anyone who wants a good pro jobber to beat on.



fantasyfeak is recommended by phoenix

Awesome guy off the mat, complete jerk on it! No matter how much you beat him he keeps running that mouth. Really fun time with this guy.



fantasyfeak is recommended by Mark uk

Aug 2011. Match number 8 of the week and another old friend and BGeast star with the great ass for those that has seen the global profile shot. This was your 3rd encounter and as i expected, a total blast. Tim is a good wrestler and fun to be with. A definite recommendation from me still. mark



Mark uk is recommended by fantasyfeak

Mark is nice guy and is always fun to wrestle. He has some good skills and is a strong, so if you're looking for a challenge, look no further.



fantasyfeak is recommended by Wrestlg

I've found this Guy to be A lot of FUN & He can Take a Pounding!
Highly Recommend him, But It Ain't Easy to get him to Tap out!