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[Important: before asking me when we can fight, please check the distance between us. I don't travel, I only accomodate!]


THE PERFECT MATCH lasts the entire weekend: hours and hours of painful holds, exciting claustrophobic and continuous body to body contact, multiple orgasms. I can be very sadistic and full of imaginative ideas ... Once the door is locked, you are my jobber. Hopefully you can take all the pain and nasty tricks to make you cum during the match ... like a real man!
I do respect your preferences and limits, I won't do anything you don't like.
I am looking for EROTIC wrestling ONLY, so if you are not interested in any sexual contact or you consider me totally unattractive, please skip to the next profile, thanx.


#experienced, arrogant and selfish heel
#had over 150 matches under belt
#had met about 60-70 people from meetfighter [check the note at the end]
#destroyed and made cum most of my opponents
#can accomodate as long as you want
#have professional mats 4x3 meters
#looking for clean & friendly guys
#like to discuss our match on Skype, WhatsApp, Viber
#not into cyber, looking for real matches with real people
#off the mat I'm a down-to-earth chap, we can talk and cuddle after the match if you like

#pro match
#mask vs mask
#workout and practicing holds
#safe and sane
#real pain and sweat but no injuries
#trash talk
#villain vs superhero
#first–to–cum loses
#cum control
#prolonged erotic body contact day & night
#no drugs

#camel clutch
#boston crab
#figure–four leglock
#indian death–lock
#figure–four headlock
#abdominal–stretch & swastika
#other variations on the theme

#wrist bands

#have pro studio equipment to take photos and record videos
#have trillions of wrestling videos if you like to watch and jerk together


Now drop me a line to arrange a match if you think we fit together. And don't forget to say:
I give up!
I give up!
I give up!
I give up!
I give up!

I am not fond very much of that recommendations & past opponents sections: they are vehicle for hypocrisy and gossip. Had many funtastic matches with gorgeous wrestlers and I don't need to advertise them all on my profile. Still if you don't have any of them linked, people think you are fake, no matter what you say or do. So from time to time I add some past opponent to my list, it's a necessary evil to access to some function on the site. Don't be angry if I don't mention you all, nothing personal.



  1. Italy, Trieste
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I am willing to travel 50 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 35-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 198 lbs (90 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Italian

Gear: brief, trunks, mask, boots, singlet, kneepads, cape, belt, jacket ...

Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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B2Bomber KindaJobber pdboxer ruffcurious

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evilfighter is recommended by KindaJobber

This evil and experienced fighter will literally leave you breathless with his camel clutches, bearhugs and scissorholds. Strong and methodical heel with the right amount of aggressivity, he is a true competitor capable of making you tap out every way he wants. Not for the faint of heart!
Also a very respectful individual, of sound mind and extreme intelligence. One way or another he is going to teach you a lesson...
Can't wait to face against him again.



KindaJobber is recommended by evilfighter

Outwardly he looks like a well-behaved and shy young man ... But just wait for him to put on his trunks, mask and boots ... He is going to metamorphose into a terrific jobber every heel dreams to meet. This guy is a superb mixture of erotism and masculinity at its finest level. Once and for all: never judge a book from its cover!
P. S.
Mate, I want to destroy you badly again and again. Be ready for more punishment I'm saving for you!



evilfighter is recommended by B2Bomber

Evilfighter is fantastic wrestler. This powerful and dominating heel will have you begging for mercy after a series of torturous boston crabs, an endless array of back-braking camel clutches, and lethal bear hugs that leave you gasping for breath as you scream "I submit" repeatedly. I highly recommend him for any jobbers out there looking for a good squash match!



B2Bomber is recommended by evilfighter

Watch this terrific wrestler because he's going to make you sweat a lot!


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evilfighter 4/06/2018

Jobber trapped in fig4leglock and almost unmasked

Watched 697 times.