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Straight guy looking for other dudes for some wrestling

Not too knowledgeable but can also do submission wrestling ; jobber heel wrestling.
Also can do gutpunching or just to practise wrestling holds.

Mostly a jobber but can and will fight back to make things more interesting.
Not into sex nor nudity but open to nipple and balls play. Not looking to get hurt or hurt other guys but looking to have some mutual fun!

I have several newer pics which I will send upon request.



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Two on one, Workout partner, Online chatting, Phone chatting, Like cyber wrestling, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Going to matches, Pool wrestling
Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship, Photo swapping, I'm a jobber
Fetishes: Don't want sex, Wrestling gear, Gut punching, Nipple play, Trampling, Muscle worship


  1. Canada - Quebec, Montreal
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I am willing to travel 200 kilometers


Age: 39-year-old Straight Male, looking for Male or Female

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 154 lbs (70 kg)

Languages spoken: Chinese, English, French, Tagalog

Gear: Shorts ; Boxers; Shirtless or not

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
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eman170 is recommended by wrestleluttemontreal

It was fun and hot to roll with ewan and get him in some holds.



wrestleluttemontreal is recommended by eman170

Met up with Wrestleluttemontreal after multiple tries!

Had a great time with a great guy!

Looking forward to more meetings!



Headscissorsguy is recommended by eman170

A real friendly guy! A real great guy!

Love the way he used his legs to scissor me!

Totally recommend for lovers of scissors!



eman170 is recommended by MTLwrestler1967

Had opportunity to meet Eman for first time today, after a lot of years of contacts through here or else... FINALLY, we've met... Great guy to hang around with & to wrestle with... Looking forward to meet him again.



MTLwrestler1967 is recommended by eman170

Finally met up with Sylvain after years of trying!

The funny things is I didn't planned on meeting up with Sylvain but glad to have met and wrestle with him!

Looking forward to meeting and wrestling with him again!



eman170 is recommended by Darkhan

Met up with Eman170. And although our match was very one-sided, had a good time. Very nice guy off the mat. Our meet was half wrestling and half coaching.

Eman170 is definitely more of a roleplay type of wrestler than competitive, and he pulls it off quite well.



Darkhan is recommended by eman170

Met up with Darkhan and boy it was fun!

A really strong and tough guy on the mat but off the mat a real nice guy to chat with!

Looking forward to more meetings!



eman170 is recommended by frankyboythelegend

I met Eman last week and we had a good gutpunching session. As he was not use to it (a bit of experience), I gave him a few tips and he did catch it really quick. That made a real good long session. Can't wait for our next session.



frankyboythelegend is recommended by eman170

Met up with Franky for an hour of gutpunching!

He is hot and muscular plus he has a nice strong set of abs! Highly recommend him! If you're looking for a hot dude to gutpunch with look no further!

Can't wait to meet up again!



fightdan is recommended by eman170

Had a great match with Fightdan!

A great guy outside and inside the ring!

He squash me real good! Totally great heel!

Looking forward to more meetings!



eman170 is recommended by lb200

After countless tries, we finally met and wrestled :)

Eman170 is a jobber with an affinity for gut punching and ball grabs/claws. He has a good amount of resistance and can take a good load of punishment.

If you're a pure heel and enjoy destroying jobbers, then Eman170 will fulfill your desires.



lb200 is recommended by eman170

Met up with LB after numerous tries and I am glad that I went!

He worked over me over really good! Loved the way he punished me plus the way he worked over my balls and my gut!

Can't wait for more wrestling with LB!



eman170 is recommended by Australian Wrestler

Caught up on my trip to Canada-We had a busy time setting up our schedules but eventually did.What he lacks in skill is made up with personality.A jobber maybe at heart but genuine fella-made the effort to come and meet after work which was appreciated-enjoys gutpunching



Australian Wrestler is recommended by eman170

Took a lot work but finally got to meet and wrestle together!Had a great time!

Great wrestler but more importantly a great person!I would consider him a friend!



davy is recommended by eman170

Met up with Davy again after a few years!

He punished me really good!

Had a great time! Looking forward to more meetings!



letswrestleyvr is recommended by eman170

A real tough guy when wrestling but a really cool guy outside wrestling!

Can't wait for more meetings!