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hi 51 yr old looking for fun wrestling ie pro, pro-fantasy, sub, give and take, erotic, and more ... pro gear is cool I don"t own much yet but working on it.. I am into most styles of wrestling and gear.. not looking to get injured or injure anyone either...

Also love tag matches, 2 on 1, groups.. plus I am into feet fighting, frottage fights, cockfights, and more..



  1. USA - New York, franklin square
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I am willing to travel 30 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 51-year-old Male

Stats: 5'6" (168 cm), 195 lbs (88 kg)

Gear: shorts, jocks or less

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ed516 is recommended by wolfjobber

Friendly, tough, dedicated, and a great erotic roll! Hoping to plan another match sometime~



wolfjobber is recommended by ed516

Great guy on and off the mats ... a VERY good jobber and apparently a pretty good submission wrestler as well... looking forward to many more meetings "jobber"



ed516 is recommended by shawty333

I had a blast with him and nywrestlerman... but this guy in particular was like a caged beast that was just released from his chains! He took me and nywrestlerman by storm with his speed and uh, "tool" grabs that was impossible to defend from. He was pretty much the life of this party! I thought he'd tire out fast but, nope! He was probably the 1st guy during this trip to really give me a huge workout! Phew! Someday we'll have our rematch, you can count on it!



shawty333 is recommended by ed516

Waiting patiently to finally meet with shawty, I have to say it was worth the wait. We had a great time wrestling. Wish we had more time to roll around. He is very friendly and fun to wrestle with. I am looking forward to meeting him again soon. I would highly recommend to meet him. He is a hot, friendly, and fun to be with and our next match, well lets just say, will be interesting for us both. LOL



ed516 is recommended by matslam

I regret I was unable to meet him again but had a great time wrestling this reliable,tough man in NY wrestlefest in 2014.He put me through my paces,always in a safe and sane way. A real gentleman off the mats.Eager for a rematch!
I can recommend him as a really sound guy, who is genuinely welcoming.



matslam is recommended by ed516

great guy wish i met him this year but time was limited



ed516 is recommended by Stompmenow

This bear really knows how to please a jobber. I had fun wrestling this guy. I will definitely wrestle him again anytime, anywhere. He is on top of my list. Always look him up if you're in NYC. You will not only meet a wrestling buddy but you also win a friend. Recommend him highly.



Stompmenow is recommended by ed516

Rolly is an exceptional stomping jobber, believe me he can take it and more.. he never gives up.... great at wrestling as well.. He is very friendly, and good spirit kinda guy... don't pass up on meeting him ... and I have to say a he is very HOT ... looking forward to many more meetings with him ...



ed516 is recommended by Yngrasslr00

He is a tough guy to take on and hard to make submit, if ur lookin for a challenge, don't pass him up, will take some work, and a really nice guy too.



Yngrasslr00 is recommended by ed516

Awesome guy, great wrestler,
looking forward to many more matches with him



ed516 is recommended by NYwrestlerman

Ed is a great wrestler. I've met him plenty of times and we had some great matches. Don't let his size fool you. If you let him, he'll take you down. Looking forward to a rematch with him.



NYwrestlerman is recommended by ed516

very nice young man met him many times looking for more great matches with him – 3/11/14 we met again .. he is one of my favorite guys to wrestle with.. many matches prior and more to come..



ed516 is recommended by Brown Bomber

Ed is a great fun wrestler total New Yorker accent and all. We had a few matches even a two in one and we both worked each other pretty good. Plus on top of that I now have a wrestling buddy in NYC



Brown Bomber is recommended by ed516

Rick is awsome .. great guy wrestling and when not wrestling.. looking forward to many more matches ...



lb200 is recommended by ed516

awsome guy love meeting him very polite and very good look him up when he is in town great guy