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I love wrestling!
Just swapping holds, tryingin to control is a major turn on.



  1. Switzerland, Genève
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Age: 44-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 159 lbs (72 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Judo Judo

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dundun is recommended by sagittaron2

I had the privilege, during my short stay to Geneva, to wrestle with Dundun. This guy is uncomplicated and easy going: the meeting has been organized very easily and he even woke up early on a Sunday morning to come to our hotel to fight with Lutte95 and me! Thanks a lot for this my friend, really appreciated 👍.
He is a real athlete: fit, perfectly trained, highly skilled in many techniques, and so hot in a red speedo! 😉. There was obviously a huge gap between us in our wrestling skills and experience. He is powerful, from his fingers to his toes (crazy strong arms and legs!), and very quick and flexible. But I had such a great experience wrestling with him because he is totally safe, and he adapts himself to your level, by giving you some opportunities to try holds and attacks, so that you don't spend 2h totally immobilized, and enjoy the match a lot in a funny and friendly way. On top of this, he takes some time to give you vluable advices, by explaining your mistakes and training holds on him. Many thanks for this.
Of course I recommend Dundun at 200%, and look forward to meet him again for a next round 😜!



dundun is recommended by mililutte

J’ai enfin pu rencontrer dudun depuis de nombreux échanges et c’était un match génial plein de puissance et de force. D'homme à homme.

Nous avons eu de bons échanges et pendant le combat, ses ciseaux sont puissants et sa technique parfaite

C'est un gars sympa gentil sociable et tellement serviable je le recommande beaucoup et souhaite le revoir plus longtemps sur le tapis à bientôt



mililutte is recommended by dundun

J'ai eu la grande chance de pouvoir rencontrer mililutte finalement. Un vrai plaisir. Un lutteur classique avec une énergie supérieure et une technique
de luxe. Une vrai force de la nature. Meme en regardant ses fotos... on n'arrive pas a imaginer la puissance qu'il a...
Et en plus un gar très sympa et sociable, toujours avec un sourire, qui a mis toutes les facilités pour qu'on puisse se rencontrer et qui vous mettra a l'aise depuis le premier moment.
Je recommande vivement a tous les amateurs de la lutte de rencontrer mililutte: garantie de plaisir.
Moi en tout cas, j'aimerai bien répéter l'expérience!



dundun is recommended by resl4top

That was a really memorable evening. You can read the many positive recommendations for yourself. I can only endorse them and say that every single one understates. Truly memorable and I’m very grateful.



resl4top is recommended by dundun

I enjoyed every second with resl4top. You say it: a memorable evening. A fantastic body, mind and soul. We had a great, intense wrestling action on the mats during 2 hours before he could confirme what a fantastic human being he is while having a drink and a beautiful conversation afterwards.
Rather than a recommendation... this man is a must.



dundun is recommended by judoka12

sehr starker Gegner und sehr kamperfahren hatte spezielle gemeine Griffe aber sehr freundlich gerne wieder mal



dundun is recommended by Wrestswim2

2ème rencontre avec Dundun, superbe lutteur maîtrisant totalement les mouvements de lutte.
Tout est fluide, efficace et sans risque. Je n'ai pu que lui résister, mes connaissances semblant se dissoudre à son contact. Je l'ai mis en difficulté à plusieurs reprises mais il a toujours su reprendre le dessus. Attaques et défenses il possède tout dans un corps ciselé pour la lutte.
Et en plus d'une sympathie contagieuse et souriante alliée à des échanges intéressants.
Toute une après midi ensemble et ça aurait pu durer encore.
Merci Dundun d'être venu à Lyon et j'attends déjà avec impatience notre prochaine rencontre.



Wrestswim2 is recommended by dundun

Une excellente rencontre de lutte avec un gar extraordinaire. Il a un sourire pérenne et contagieux mais sûr le tapis c'est fini la rigolade. On a lutté pendant quelques heures, intensément. Wrestswim n'est jamais fatigué. Force, technique, endurance, stratégie, intelligence, il a tous les qualités pour être un grand lutteur. Et voilà qu'il l'est. Son corps d'athlète et l'esprit d'un gamin qui s'amuse complètent un profil parfait pour faire bien profiter de ce jeu de la lutte a tous ses adversaires. Un grand merci et naturellement la meilleure de mes recommandations.



dundun is recommended by RingerBRB

Leg Dich nie mit ECHTEN Ringern an!!

So könnte die Gesamtzusammenfassung unseres Treffens lauten.
Nein- ich kann jedem hier Dundun nur wärmstens empfehlen. Ein irre sympathischer, gut gebauter Typ- Ob auf, oder neben der Matte, es war ein tolles Treffen.
Na ja und der Kampf- sicher habe ich hier schon ein paar Runden abklopfen müssen, aber noch nie einen Gesamtkampf verloren.
Heute habe ich das erste mal erleben dürfen/müssen wie es ist, wenn der Gegner mit Dir macht was er will.
Dennoch hoffe dass wir uns wiedersehen und vielleicht, nur vielleicht schaffe ich da wenigstens einen Punkt :-)



RingerBRB is recommended by dundun

Einfach wunderbar, wäre das Fazit zum beschreiben, die Begegnung mit Ringerbrb. Er zeigt echte Leidenschaft fürs Ringen, mit viel Kraft, Energie, den richtigen Instinkt, gute Griffe, wendig. Insgesamt ein sehr dynamisches Ringen. Es hat wiklich Spaß gemacht.
Dazu war er sehr entgegenkommend für die Organisation unseres Treffen, ein perfekter Gastgeber, tolle Gespräche... Nur zu empfehlen!



dundun is recommended by SPORTINPARIS

He is solid. He is so strong. He is in good shape. He is also looking the victory confident on his abilities and experience. Not chance wrestling him. Having said that just to add that Dundun is so nice and friendly, and open minded. We share a lot of ideas and thinkings. Lookong forward for a soon as posible.-



SPORTINPARIS is recommended by dundun

Sportinparis is one of the nicest guys you can meet. He is enthusiastic about wrestling, he organized our wrestling meeting in viena spontaneously. Very accommodating and superb host. When it comes to wrestling he's very strong and has a safe competitive fighting spirit. Just the way I like it.
For me, it has been a great pleasure to meet him and I hope we can have a rematch very soon. Of course, my highest recommendation!



dundun is recommended by unax65

Hoy hemos tenido varias peleas, luchas Dundun y yo, tengo que reconocer que su forma física es bastante mejor que la mía por lo que no he podido ponérselo tan difícil como me hubiera gustado, incluso aunque me ha dejado partir con alguna ventaja.. No obstante creo que mi resistencia e intentos por escapar de sus llaves han hecho que sean unos combates muy trabajados y divertidos. Es muy educado y amable pero fuerte y potente en la lucha. Sin lugar a dudas un oponente digno de tenerlo como rival



dundun is recommended by ROULE44

Dundun, l'incarnation de la main de fer dans un gant de velours!!
J'adore rouler sur les tapis , là j'ai été servi, tjrs là où s'y attends pas.
L'art de retourner toutes situations à son avantage, en alliant technique et souplesse.
Belle leçon de lutte dans le partage.
A refaire
Rencontrer Dundun est presque incontournable ??



dundun is recommended by mec590208

Les échanges avec Jacobo ont toujours été agréables et chaleureux , ça donnait vraiment envie de le rencontrer. J'ai vu un homme fin mais musclé sec qui ne fait aucune concession sur le tapis, il se contorsionne tel un serpent pour trouver une façon de soumettre et cela avec le sourire....Il y parvient toujours avec moi ..
Cependant il m'a invité à le revoir, ce que je souhaite vivement.Si vous décidez de faire de la randonnée en montagne vers Annecy ou Genève , n' hésitez pas à lutter avec ce serpent si vous le rencontrez. ...Vous serez satisfaits car il aime aussi discuter. ...



dundun is recommended by Tanker

Dundun spent 5 years in a freestyle wrestling club and is one of the most skilled, strong agile wrestlers I have met. Very lean, his bones dig into you making his submissions (which are applied with lightening speed and textbook efficiency) a very painful and vivid experience indeed! Uses all parts of his body in attack, watch out especially for his long powerful legs
Off the mats Dundun is a lovely kind hearted guy, lot of fun, we spent several hours together and the time just flew, chatting like old friends although its is the first time we have actually met
He is very safe on the mats and generous about sharing his knowledge. Our meeting was quickly & easily arranged. Highest recommendation as fighter and as a man



Tanker is recommended by dundun

Tanker arranged everything and made a two hours trip to London to meet for wrestling. This says everything about his passion for the sport and his kindness. And I am so thankful that he did so. We had a wonderful wrestling afternoon.
This guy is very big and strong as hell. If you want to make him move you better be prepared to spend all your energy. But even if he was a much bigger opponent, he kept it always absolutely safe for me. Beside the mats Tanker is a charming person. We shared a funny lunch after all the sweating on the mats.
Reliable, passionated about wrestling, safe and such a friendly person... I can only recommend you to meet Tanker.



dundun is recommended by roy65

Wow, was für ein ist sportlicher und feinfühliger Kämpfer. Dazu ist dundun sehr flink, fit und fair. Er beherrscht hervorragende Techniken.
Neben der Matte konnten wir über alle möglichen Themen super unterhalten.
Er ist ein warmherziger, sympathischer und liebvoller Mensch, und ein weiterer neuer Freund in meinem Leben.
Ich sage ganz liebevoll und herzlich: DANKE!!!



roy65 is recommended by dundun

Roy65 ist ein wunderbarer Kaempfer, der alles auf der Matte gibt. Er hat alles perfekt organisiert. So koennten wir ein Paar Stunden auf seinen Matten beim besten Bedingungen ringen. Roy65 hat echte Leidenschaft fuers Ringen und lernt sehr schnell.
Neben der Matte ist Roy65 ganz ein lieber und ein perfekter Gastgeber. Das ringen und die Zeit mit Roy65 hat mir viel Spass gemacht. Ich hoffe ihm bald wieder treffen zu duerfen und Ich kann allen Ringen-liebhaber ihn nur wärmstens empfehlen!



dundun is recommended by Torrnado

Fit, lean, agile, strong and a superb freestyle wrestler are just some of the plaudits I would use for Dundun. That he made the effort to travel a long way from his accommodation in central London to my hotel in Southend during his short UK visit on a Saturday evening to wrestle me says a lot about this lovely guy.
Throughout our match Dundun took me apart, methodically, carefully and with a wicked combination of expertly applied holds that left me feeling like a bendy toy! And yet, I enjoyed every minute he looked down at me with his puppy eyes and wicked smile as I tapped out once again! His years of sport and freestyle wrestling show through in his superb fitness and inner core strength. He also took the time to patiently explain and show me some of his holds and moves.
After our match we had a meal together where I discovered a warm, humorous, intelligent and very engaging chap. If he is ever in your neck of the woods I thoroughly recommend you meet him.



Torrnado is recommended by dundun

His Nickname, Torrnado, is absolutely well deserved. He is absolutely fit, well trained, technical, has the good wrestling instinct and full of energy. Great personality, absolutely reliable when setting up the meeting and very friendly, with great sense of humor.
After the wrestling session we shared a nice dinner and a glass of wine. Great wrestling, great person, great experience.
He is a wrestling institution, one of the pioneers but his enthusiasm for wrestling is like it was his very first meeting. Of course... my best recommendation!



dundun is recommended by Green

This is guy who was born to wrestle. He has a sense of his body and instincts that cannot be taught. His athletic ability and strategic brain garuntee you will have a real challenge on your hands. It is all done without any apparent effort and with a huge smile. The only way you really know he is working hard too is his sweat. Superb sportsman who understands body mechanics and leverage and uses both skills well.
This was one of the best grapples I ever had. Dundun is a charming man, impossible to resist no matter how hard you try. He is polite intelligent on time and the very definition of a good sport. I did not see a picture of Dundun before we met and it was hard to believe how good looking he is in person, fair warning. Really a great guy whom I recommend with the highest praise. One of the best wrestling matches I have ever had



Green is recommended by dundun

I was lucky enough to meet Green during my stay in SF. He made it happen. He found time even if he was quite in stress and he took care of finding an incredible wrestling location. Green has a very good wrestling technique, an impresive physic (probably the strongest legs on the site) and great endurance. He definitely gave me one of the best wrestling sessions I ever had. A real pleasure.
100% reliable, strong, technical, killing smile, privileged brain...
For all this reasons and because he is a really cool guy, I absolutely recommend everybody to wrestle Green if you ever have the occasion to!



dundun is recommended by HardfightFfm

Ich traf dundun und nikgeneva in Genf bzw das Hotel in dem wir kämpften lag dann doch in Frankreich.
Als ich in Genf ankam verlor ich beim Aussteigen meine Brille und dundun half mir sofort mit der Verlustanzeige da mein Schulfranzösisch nicht gereicht hätte. Netter, hilfsbereiter Mensch mit dem man über alles reden kann.
Auf der Matte zeigte sich dann ein super muskulöser und definierter Body. Dundun ist sehr stark und hat die Routine und Technik von mehreren Jahren Ringertraining in Deutschland. Da hatte ich weder kraft noch technisch eine Chance gegen ihn. Wir hatten trotzdem unseren Spaß und er zeigte mir noch einen Griff jemand zu Boden zu bekommen. Danke für das geile Ende.
Wer sich auspowern will eine Herausforderung sucht dem empfehle ich dundun wärmstens.
Hoffe das es bald zum nächsten Treffen kommt.



dundun is recommended by Hairywrestler midwest

Great guy to meet. Extremely skilled and strong. He dominated me the whole time and we had a very fun match. A blast. Highly recommend



Hairywrestler midwest is recommended by dundun

It is always a pleasure to meet somebody as passionate about wrestling as Hairywrestler is. A stocky mass of muscle that will keep on asking for more. Very sympathetic and nice guy beside the mats. Would meet him anytime again. Definitely not to miss.



dundun is recommended by LutadorBerlin

Ein echter Höhepunkt. Wir haben 3 Stunden auf der Matte gerungen aber gegen einen so durchtrainierten muskelbepackten Ringer konnte ich mich dann doch nicht durchsetzen.Es hat aber super viel Spaß gemacht. Dundun ist ein sehr netter einfühlsamer Mensch - es macht richtig Spaß sich mit ihm zu unterhalten. Ich freue mich schon sehr auf unsere nächste Begegnung, die hoffentlich bald stattfinden wird.



dundun is recommended by PJ Boston

Great guy, very accommodating to me as a traveler from the US. He has an amazing body, he is very strong and very skilled. Awesome match.



dundun is recommended by NJWoodbridge

I wrestled this guy today as he was visiting the NYC area. I have read most of his previous recommendations, and I am at a lost to say anything better. So read the recommendations from Green, Zurich, and FTLAUDFLWRESTLER and multiply by 10. That's how great he is, how much fun he is, how handsome and charming he is, and everything else. I will add just that this guy can take punishment, too. Totally splendid time. Not only do I recommended him highly, but I recommend that you go out of your way - a lot out of your way - if the opportunity arises to meet up with him. I assure you, it will be worth it.



dundun is recommended by Zürich

Smart as Einstein
Smooth as my good night pillow
Body as rock hard as granite
Fighting skills that Conor McGregor could be jealous of
And I am not sure if I should be grateful or mad for teaching me a lesson.
But thanks a lot for having taken the route for this unforgettable experience



Zürich is recommended by dundun

This is rather a recommendation for everyone going to meet Zürich. You are not going to wrestle him, you are going to "experience" a natural force. And what a fantastic experience! This guy is incredibly strong, has good tactics (the little boy is rather smart...), he learns really quickly and he's always safe and careful of his wrestling partner. A superb host, with great conversation and a deadly smile.Intense wrestling mixed with good conversation. A pleasure I hope to enjoy soon again.



dundun is recommended by chokeTLV

This is literally the nicest guy you will meet ever. In the world. Ever.
Aside from his charming personality, the words written in the recommendations can not even start to describe how good and strong he is. For everyone who registered in this site, this guy is the seventh heaven.
I wanted to be the first guy here to submit Dundun, but I can not write that I was successful . It was impossible. But I can write I am the first one to drink whisky with him after the amazing match.
Cheers Dundun for the amazing match and the others that will happen in the future.



dundun is recommended by Stefandelutte

Il a bien résisté le bougre, mais cela n'a pas suffit !!
Le combat fut rude, acharné même (eh oui!), à l'issue incertaine jusqu'à la fin de l'empoignade et puis... Non on est des gentlemen mon pote pas de divulgation !
Super lutteur sur les matelas de Lutte Sympa et excellent ami en dehors.
Bamos a bibere?



dundun is recommended by luttesympa

Dundun est un personnage exceptionnel, et il n'a pas hésité à faire des centaines de kilomètres pour venir à un tournoi de lutte en Auvergne. C'est un pro de la lutte, tout en finesse et en tactique. Et très fort également. Son caractère jovial, sa grande gentillesse, son humour m'ont également beaucoup plu, et pas seulement à moi ! A bientôt pour une nouvelle rencontre !



dundun is recommended by Ricardo50

Jacobo is a real tough dude, knows how to put
the bigger guys in their place. Looking forward
to a rematch in 2017!



dundun is recommended by manunderstorm

Un corps ciselé à la perfection....une maîtrise technique étourdissante... Un concentré de puissance... En résumé un cocktail détonant qui fait de dundun, l'un des meilleurs lutteurs de ce site ! Merci pour ce combat et à bientôt l'ami



manunderstorm is recommended by dundun

Mec puissant, fort et aguerri. On a finalement réussi a se rencontrer grace a sa bonne disposition désormais que nôtres respectives agendas étaient déjà très remplies. Super sympa. Il se rend jamais. Et il lutte comme j'adore, toujours essaient de gagner mais respectueux de l'adversaire.
Je le recommande sans hésitation!



dundun is recommended by wrestler122001

une superbe rencontre avec un lutteur expérimenté qui lutte toute en finesse qui met son savoir faire a la disposition de son partenaire .
Doté d un physique exceptionnel qu il utilise pour amener son adversaire a devenir accroc au combat
dundun est un plus un garçon tres sympathique ,intéressant .a l écoute de son son adversaire avec un superbe sourire
recommandation sans limite .++++++++++++



wrestler122001 is recommended by dundun

J'ai eu la grand chance de pouvoir rencontrer wrestler122001 pendant mon séjour a Paris. Il a fait tout le possible pour faire le rencontre possible.
Grand lutteur et personne d'une gentillesse et sympathie exceptionnelle.
Un corps d'athlète, une sourire pérenne et un grand conversation feront le reste pour vous mettre complètement a l'aise. Génial rencontre que j'espère bien pouvoir répéter bientôt.
Un grand merci et mes meilleures recommandations!



dundun is recommended by Guysmiley

This wonderfully sculpted man made a trip from his home in Geneva to Copenhagen to meet with me. Now that's commitment to come beat up on someone. We had a wonderful couple of hours together on makeshift mats in my apartment and his reputation did not fail to be true. After, we enjoyed a meal together while walking him back to his hosts abode. A great experience overall and I look forward to our next meet, wherever that may be. Highly recommend you meet with him to if you get the chance. He won't disappoint.



dundun is recommended by frits

It was a great joy to meet and wrestle this skilled and charming wrestler. He has a long experience and training in wrestling which makes him a most flexible grappler. Together with his smart, attractive and easy-going style and his superb physical condition make him a top fighter not to be missed. He was unbeatable for me but nevertheless a pleasure to be his opponent.
After the bouts in a hotel room we had a most pleasant discussion and exchange of past experiences of our eagerness to wrestle.
I cannot wait to meet and wrestle him again. Highly recommended.



dundun is recommended by petitfit

De toute évidence Dundun n’a aucun besoin de mes recommandations. Cependant, reconnaissant du temps passé avec lui, j’ai envie de faire remarquer qu’il mérite amplement les compliments qui lui sont fait ici.
Très technique, très fort, souple et combatif il se présente avec assurance et simplicité. Il engage le combat pour gagner mais en prenant grand soin de son adversaire, son savoir-faire pour manager ces deux aspects fait de lui un partenaire de lutte absolument idéal.
A cela s’ajoute que l’homme est à la hauteur du lutteur (intéressant, intelligent, intéressé, ouvert, sympa, plein d’humour et foutrement bien foutu).
Par contre faites gaffe, il va vous rendre addict, une seule prise suffit.



petitfit is recommended by dundun

Petitfit est un partenaire de lutte excellent. Il a une force extraordinaire et très bonne technique après quelques années de judo. C'est un vrai plaisir lutter avec lui parce qu'il est très attentif de son adversaire.
Il a un gabarit d'athlète. Une combinaison explosive de force, puissance et technique hautement recommandable.
Et tout le reste est aussi a l`hauteur. Le plan parfait pour un lutte intense suivi par un verre et un bon conversation.
Ne le ratez pas!



dundun is recommended by ukfighter

Had a few matches in Barcelona and Berlin with him
Nice guy and very strong wrestler.
Looking forward to the next time
Highly recommended!!



ukfighter is recommended by dundun

Big, strong, reliable and nice. We have wrestled many times over the last years. And it was always a great pleasure. Highly recommended.



dundun is recommended by SpeedoFun

I am kind of ashamed not to have been able to recommend Dundun beforehand! The main reason is that I did not know where to start from as there are so many things to say about him.

First, I would like to thank Dundun for his perseverance and patience: although we live in the same city, it took us quite some time of chatting before we could actually meet on the mat as I was kind of stubborn on the type of wrestler I was looking for.

Dundun changed a lot of my ill-perceptions (I was mainly interested in smooth(er) and clean-shaved guys, not so much into competitive encounters, etc). In few words, I have to say that I am honored to be one of this gentleman's past opponents; He is a rare combination of a wonderful wrestler, a great host with a perfect muscular body and incredibly strong (it does not really show on his picture). Plus, he is very intelligent (great conversations before - during the match, my only way to distract him, and after) and has a terrific sense of humour (and very open to my sarcastic one :)

I don't recall how many times with met, but each (long) session was a pure delight. Although he was kind enough to adapt himself to my capability, I never got the chance to beat him and his way of technically and methodically working on you and finally trap you was a gratifying excitement. More dominant by nature, I discovered, thanks to him, a more submissive side of me and I really enjoy it (despite - or thanks to - my "pleasant" body aches here and there :)

I wish I could see him more often or even take him with me when traveling for business purposes. I am always happy to see him on and off the mat and I am proud to know him.

If your purpose in wrestling is to absolutely win, then I suggest that you avoid Dundun. For all the others, you will have an exceptionally good time (he is a great coach too) but be aware: Dundun can be very addictive!

Happy New Year to all of you.



SpeedoFun is recommended by dundun

It is almost a sin that I had not written a recommendation for SpeedoFun yet.
I´ve had the pleasure to met him many times. The wrestling and hanging around between and after the rounds are always high quality experiences.
He is 100 % reliable and well educated, On the mats he gives everything he has and he always (desperately) tries to win till exhaustion... ;) But he is also a fantastic discussion partner with a fine ironic sense of humor. Watch out! If he ever gets as good at wrestling as with irony he´s gonna have no opponent...
Summing up, if you like to wrestle somebody who is strong, reliable, educated, fun and nice and never giving up, he is your jackpot.
I declare myself the president of his club of fans and I can only recommend you to meet him and join the club!



dundun is recommended by wrestling game

Smiling, Friendly, Attractive, Muscular...
and very very strong wrestler...
What else ?

Oh ! Yes, i spent a wonderfull time with dundun,
still dreaming about his 6 pack and... bulge.

Don't miss him,
can't wait to visit Geneva again :-)



dundun is recommended by French wrestler

Great match!

Excellent wrestler, skilled and highy powerful

Wonderdul host off the mats

Highly recommended



dundun is recommended by olivier3721

Dundun alias jacobo est un lutteur combatif, motivé et sérieux. C'est avant tout un excellent technicien (après des années de club de lutte) et un vrai taureau de combat, il réussit à retourner toutes les situations à son avantage et à de nombreuses techniques pour vous faire abandonner dont ses ciseaux. C'est aussi un hôte fort sympathique et très recommandable en
dehors du tapis (en l’occurrence un matelas



dundun is recommended by DenverWrestler

I've had the distinct pleasure of wrestling this incredible guy a number of times over the past few years. He is one of the most skilled guys I have wrestled, and he is much much much stronger than you would expect from his size. He has a hard, ripped body with a real 6-pack, and he's just about the nicest guy you would want to meet – friendly, caring, articulate, and a warm and kind personality. You can expect to get submitted over and over by him, but he's safe, sane, and sexy when he does so. Of my nearly 400 past opponents on this site, he is, in terms of skill and personality, easily in the top 1%.



dundun is recommended by MisterNoGi

Dundun est un gars a recommander sans hésitation. Très sympa, ouvert et intéressant hors du tapis, il domine le combat simplement, avec une totale maîtrise technique, sans donner l'impression de forcer et avec de l'humour.
En prime, il donne quelques conseils techniques très utiles.
A rencontrer sans faute !



dundun is recommended by Ereignis 27. Juli bekam ich einen ganz netten Besuch. dundun ist für einige Tage gekommen. Wir raufen jeden Tag bis zur Bewegungsunfähigkeit. Alles stimmt und läuft gut ;-) dundun ist ein vorausschauender top-kämpfer und ein sehr gebildeter Mensch. Absolute Empfehlung von mir.

... on July 27-th I got a very nice visit.
dundun has come for some days.
We wrestle nearly up to the movement inability every day.
Everything is correct and is going very well ;-) dundun is a foresighted top-fighter and a very educated person. Absolute recommendation from me.

Update, 2nd day:
We crawled to over 3 hours with reduced mobility from the mat. After this we did a bike tour. Downhill it went very well :-) ... however, we had to go also back ...?!?!

Day 4; 30-th July
After fights the three days before we had now two possibilities on the last day:
1. visitation of the city of Wittenberg (Luther-Stadt) or
2. ... the mat !!!
...we cavorted,...but without human collateral damage. Then we had to catch the train.
dundun thanks you for your visit, with pleasure again.



Ereignis is recommended by dundun

Anfänger, ja... aber Ereignis hat die richtige Einstellung.
Er weiss sehr gut was er tut und hat eine unvergleichbare Kraft. Wer glaubt, dass ältere Herren nicht mehr zum ringen geeignet sind, wird sich mit ihm die Finger richtig verbrennen.
Dazu ein kluger Kopf und wunderbarer Gesprächpartner.
Ein ganz toller Mensch. Nur zu empfehlen.

Ereignis is a beginner but just on the paper... He is strong as hell and knows instinctively what to do in every situation. Don't let his age fool you or he will make you pay for it!
On top of it, he is a great guy to hang around off the mats too. Catch him if you can.



dundun is recommended by AD idf

Ne vous fiez pas à son gabarit dundun est un gars très costaud physiquement et techniquement. Très gentiment mais très efficacement dundun vous coince dans d'excellentes prises dont il est impossible de sortir. Et quand bien même il vous laisse prendre le dessus il trouve toujours le moyen de retourner la situation. Merci pour cette séance dans un excellent esprit et très très sympa.

En dehors dundun est très sympa, d'un contact et discussions très agréable

Si vous êtes dans le coin de Genève n'hésitez surtout pas à le rencontrer. Fortement recommandé bien sûr.

A refaire sur Genève ou paris au plus vite.



AD idf is recommended by dundun

Le rencontre avec AD idf a été très facile, sans complications. On a discuté pas longtemps, on a fixe une rendez vous et on s'a rencontré, c'est tout. Il faut le dire parce que c' est n' est pas evident.
Il est fort et corageux, un vrai gourmet de la lutte et c' est un plaisir lutter avec lui parce que on peut lutter techniquement et ne pas avec la force brute.
En plus il est un mec tres interessant pour converser entre et apres le match.
Sans doute, je vous recommend AD idf à 100 %.



dundun is recommended by Muskelbody

NACHTRAG vom 15.Juni 2015, das grosse ÖLFESTIVAL
ölringen mit dundun ist ein ganz besonderes erlebnis, dies schon wegen dem üppigen einsatz von über 1/2 liter olivenöl. jeder türkische ringer hätte seine helle freude daran gehabt, das einölen war dann auch schon ein höhepunkt für sich.
dann ging es zur sache, alles war viel schwieriger und kräfteraubend aber das beeindruckte dundun kaum. er fixierte wann und wie auch immer, drehte sich beliebig aus jeder heiklen situation heraus und flutsche einem förmlich aus händen, armen und beinen. summa summarum, eine tolle begegnung die viel freude bereitete und nach mehr verlangt. so macht ringen wirklich spass.

ich habe das treffen mit dundun kurz zusammengefasst. nach 7 (sieben) jahren intensiver vorbereitung haben wir uns endlich zum ringen getroffen.

1. die hard facts:

die ringerischen fähigkeiten von dundun sind erdrückend, eindrücklich. hat man den eindruck er sei hinter einem, dann ist er aber bereits wieder in einer anderen position - wieselflink. der body ist traumhaft straff, muskulös, drahtig und obschon ich keine behaarten männer mag sieht man gerne über die vereinzelten haare hinweg. grösse und gewicht fast deckungsgleich, genial also, aber eben .... ;-)

2. die soft facts:

menschlich und kommunikativ eine ganz lieber, positiver mensch mit viel herz und sensibilität . einfach zum gerne haben. ein liebenswerter und zudem schöner mensch mit dem herz am rechten fleck.

3. der kampf:

der kampf entwickelte sich wie es zu erwarten war, schweissnassen waren wir beide. mit purer kraft kann man dundun nicht besiegen. dundun ist ein erfahrener ringer der auch schon viele kämpfe im verein absolviert hat. dann die überraschung, das unmögliche! NEIN! dundun liegt letzendlich auf dem rücken, vermutlich mehr aus mitleid oder um einer demotivation des gegners vorzubeugen oder warum auch immer.

4. fazit:

es hat unheimlich spass gemacht zu spüren und zu realisieren wie sich dundun in den gegner hineinschraubt, den körper umschlingt und fixiert. der puls ging hoch! emotionen pur.

dundun ist in jeder beziehung ein gewinn, auf der matte und als freund. eine seltene kombination. wir werden demnächstes bestimmt mit öl ringen . man kann gespannt sein! ich freue mich!

mit dundun kann man sich auch bestens über vieles unterhalten und vielerlei aktivitäten pflegen, er ist sehr gebildet und bringt die nötige lebenserfahrung mit um sich auch austauschen zu können.

einen kampf "verloren" aber einen freund gewonnen!



Muskelbody is recommended by dundun

"Mens sana in corpore sano"
Die Redewendung scheint für Muskelbody geschrieben worden zu sein.
Körperliche und geistige Exzellenz. Und dazu noch viel Herz und Humor. Toller Cocktail!
Der ringt immer mit vollem Einsatz und mag nicht aufgeben. Mit ihm auf die Matte zu gehen ist pur Genuss.
In den Pausen kann man mit Muskelbody Pferde stellen und sich über Gott und die Welt unterhalten. Das Wort Langeweile kennt der kleiner nicht. :)

Dazu hat er viele Ähnlichkeiten mit einem Gourmet Restaurant: erstmal wird man lange Zeit abgelehnt bis man ein paar Jahre/Jahrzehten später einen Termin bekommt. Aber das Genuss ist die ewige Wartezeit Wert. Und man kann in der ganzen Schweiz kein besseren Schokoladeneiss finden als bei ihm... ;)

Jeder der ringen mag sollte gleich bei ihm einen Tisch reservieren...



dundun is recommended by Lutteur-PA

Totally spontaneous, this wrestling session is one of the most fantastic battle i have ever had.
Dundun is really a great fighter who makes me upset during the fight!! I didn't know what to do and how to escape :) He is a mix between à snake and a panther!! Fast, strong and technical: all that i like for a long sweaty fight. Thanks a lot for this intensive wrestling session!!



Lutteur-PA is recommended by dundun

It has been a very spontaneous meeting. I just came back home late on a Saturday. I was actually about to go to sleep and I found this message in meetfighters saying that he was in geneva, leaving tomorrow and it was a pitty that we didn´t meet... Then we exchanged a couple of messages and it happened to be that he was staying in a hotel in 5 minutes walk distance from my place... So... there we go. We met 5 minutes later. No problems, no complications, just as easy as it can be.
Lutteur-Pa is really a tuff guy. Strong as hell, very technical, someone who knows his stuff on the mats... On top of it he has endless stamina and endurance. So, you better watch out if you can take it before you meet him. It was so intense and sweaty that getting a grip was almost impossible...
He is definitely in my toplist. Catch him if you can!



dundun is recommended by sportmuscumili

une superbe rencontre, un combat mêlant force et subtilité. un corps à corps qui fut long comme je les aime, avec un dundun qui sait doser l'effort pour le bonheur de tous. Allez le voir, vous ne le regretterez pas



dundun is recommended by j2047

La foruna non é in stata quella d'incontrare dundun ma di sopravvivere alle sue prese. :-)
Lottatore molto veloce ed esperto, la sua grande qualità e quella di adeguarsi al suo avversario senza mai farlo sentire una nullità;inoltre si prende pure il tempo per spiegare le prese ed il know-how base ai suoi avversari.
Ma questo non é tutto: é un ragazzo molto educato e divertente abbiamo passato un sabato veramente eccezzionale sia sulle materassine che al di fuori di esse, mi auguro di incontrarlo nuovamente!

The luck was not to meet dundun but survive his grips!!

Very fast and experienced Wrestler great quality and to adapt to his opponent without ever make him feel a nullity; moreover it also takes the time to explain the different grips and the know-how according to his opponents.
But that's not all: is very polite and funny as hell, we spent an exceptional Saturday on the mats and outside of them.

If you wanna make sense of your life you must meet him
(this is just to write something different than "Highly recommended").



j2047 is recommended by dundun

Meeting j2047 has been a great experience.
He is big and extremely strong (you should see him in this red singlet... impressive...) and he is willing to learn and has the right instincts and the "wrestling intelligence".
I am sure that it is just a matter of time and he will become a real wrestling animal ;)
Hanging around in the pauses and after the wrestling was fantastic too. He has a fine and nice sense of humor.
I hope this one the first of lots of matches!
Meet him if you enjoy pleasure... ;)



dundun is recommended by wrstlarturo

Very nice guy to meet, cool and reliable out of the mats
Tough wrestler with skills and technique, very hard to attack and hard to resist on the mats!
It was a top meeting, very pleasant and safe! I'm looking forward to learn a bit form him :-)
hope to meet you soon, my friend!
Highly recommandable



wrstlarturo is recommended by dundun

Arturo is a very nice and reliable guy who knows his moves and is always tuff but safe and sane.
It was real fun to meet him.
Meet him if you have the opportunity!



dundun is recommended by hookandroll

Met up with dundun and three other fighters the other day for a wrestle. He is a champion on the mats, adapts perfectly to the skills of his oponent. Dundun could have locked me completetly in one second if he wanted.
Plus, he is a very nice person: smart, very humourous and easy going. We had a great time together. I'd be glad if we could repeat/continue a meeting like this in the not too distant future.



hookandroll is recommended by dundun

I just became religious for a second when I saw double_pack entering the room in this red singlet... That´s probably why this name came to my mind: Je... sus... xst...
He is a strong guy who is eager to learn some techniques and I am sure he will quickly learn if the gets the opportunity to wrestle regularly.
Out of the mats, extremely nice, reliable and well educated.
Highly recommended.
That was a great meeting. I hope we can organize such a meeting soon again!



dundun is recommended by wrestlewanted

Excellent wrestler. Totally kicked my ass. But was fun. Really nice guy too.



Hairyfight is recommended by dundun

Ein starker engagierter Ringer, noch am Anfang seiner "ringerkarriere" Aber der wird Sehr schnell lernen. Er hat Sehr gute Qualitäten. Es hat richtig Spaß gemacht mit ihm zu ringen. Jederzeit wieder! Und natürlich, Sehr empfehlenswert!



dundun is recommended by u-max

Ein kraftvoller, schneller, harter und technisch hervoragender Ringer. Dazu noch viel humor und sympathie. Wenn man die Möglichkeit hat ihm zu begegnen sollte man sie nicht verpassen. Auch wenn man keine Chance gegen ihn hat macht es riesig spass. Auch vor und nach dem Fight ein super netter Kerl mit dem man keine Langeweile hat. Sehr empfehlenswert!!!



dundun is recommended by Wrestlertoo

I had the privilage of meeting with dundun earlier this week and I am able to confirm eveything thats been said about his great shape and his stamina.....we were together for almost six hours. I slept well for the next two nights.......the guy is very skilled and completely inhexhaustable!
Thanks again for the great meet and the kind hospitality....hope you make it over for round two in the Scottish Borders soon. J.



Wrestlertoo is recommended by dundun

Pleasure is the word to define a wrestling meeting with Wrestlertoo. It's a pleasure to wrestle him and pleasure to hang around with him having conversations about any(/every)thing...
Don't miss him!!!!



dundun is recommended by matt nbg

This man does not need any further recommendation. Super friendly, reliable, sporty and experienced. I had a really great time meeting and fighting him or better said trying to defend myself ;-)



dundun is recommended by leicswrestle

Wow what can I say a fantastic body and powerfully. Knows his stuff def worth a meet



dundun is recommended by drahtman

Ja was soll ich über den Hund sagen (Achtung Insider)? :-)).
Eigentlich steht da schon alles.

Ein klasse Typ. Wenn man ihn zuerst trifft fragt man sich, wo die kraft herkommen soll.
Dann zieht er seinen Pulli aus und ein Sixpack sieht einen an. Aber beim Anspannen wird da ein knallhartes Eightpack draus. Wahnsinn.

Er hat es geschafft mich zu meinem ersten Versuch im Ringen oder so zu überreden.
Ich hatte natürlich Null Chance. Konnte nur eine Weile mit purer Kraft gegenhalten.

Dafür hab ich ihm dann beim Armdrücken mal meine Bizeps gezeigt :-).
Schade das du soweit weg bist von Hamburg.



drahtman is recommended by dundun

Tja... und was kann man über so ein Tier sagen... ;)
Bei ihm muss man sich nicht fragen, woher die Kraft kommt... das sieht man sofort. Unglaublich durchtrainiert und stark. Armdrücken mit ihm ist so als möchte man eine Wand bewegen wollen. Keine Chance. :) Dazu ist er ein lustiger lieber Kerl und er wird sicher ein sehr guter Ringer jetzt, dass er Blut geleckt hat. ;)
Nur zu empfehlen!! :)



dundun is recommended by greekwrestler

I cant believe I havent written a recommendation for dundun yet
One of the best, if not the best, wrestlers I fought so far
Wrestled him many times, kicked my ass but he knows his time is coming soon!!
A great guy
I have traveled many miles (thousands!!) just to meet him



dundun is recommended by fighterberty

Is a great opponent . He gives you a hard time , but stays safe and sound on the mat . If you match up with that guy , you can expect to have a good competiton and yeah keep attention to his flexibility . Off the mat he's a cool relaxed guy . His skills and friendly behaviour will give you a good time .



dundun is recommended by fighter42

dieser mann ist wohl der beste ringer von ganz deutschland!
einen body den man nur aus der sportzeitschrift
men's health kennt.
beim ringen kann er sich gut seinem partner anpassen und ist auch ein sehr fairer ringerpartner.

danke das ich dich kennenlernen durfte
und hoffe auf ein erneutes treffen.

sehr empfehlenswert!!!



fighter42 is recommended by dundun

Fighter42 ist ein guter starker Ringer, unglaublich durchtrainiert und vor allem ist ein ganz ganz lieber Kerl. Sicher nur zu empfehlen! ;)



dundun is recommended by wrestlerdu

Es hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht mit Dundun zu Ringen, Dundun ist ein starker Ringer auf der Matte, ein Symphatischer Kämpfer, auch außerhalb der Matte ein guter Geist. Freue mich schon auf unser nächstes Treffen. Ich kann nur sagen Daumen Hoch...



dundun is recommended by Norcalfur

This guy is very skilled, super strong for his size (much stronger than he appears, that's a compliment), hard muscled, has lots of stamina, and is a lot of fun, to wrestle! Very sexy, too! Don't miss the chance to wrestle him, if you have the opportunity!



dundun is recommended by g6fighter

Dundun ist der pure Ringerwahnsinn: Charisma, kampfstark, Muskeln und ein harter Sixpack - eine gefährliche Kombination, der man(n) nur chancenlos gegenüberstehen kann. Nur Dank Deiner wahrhaftigen Fairness konnte ich die schweißtreibenden Fights mit Dir ohne Knochenbrüche überstehen :-) Warnungen gab es ja genug, aber auch die Aussagen, dass Du echt ein netter und fairer Kämpfer bist.
Bist übrigens auch ein guter Trainer, nur die Griffe, die Du mit extremer Geduld mir beibringen wolltest, habe ich schon wieder vergessen ... hoffe trotzdem auf ein erneutes Treffen. Sehr empfehlenswert.

Dundun is the pure madness wrestling: charisma, strong, muscle body and a real hard six pack - a dangerous combination, no chance to win versus him. Thanks to your only true fairness I could sweaty survive all fights with you without fractures :-) - yes there were warnings enough, but also the statements that you're a nice and fair real fighter too.
By the way you are also a good coach, just the handles, which you wanted with extreme patience to teach me, I've already forgotten ... hope to meet you again soon. Very reliable! Highly recommended!



dundun is recommended by GrapplingHB

Wahrscheinlich einer der besten und zugleich sympathíschten Figter hier. Ich bin sellten so charmant zerlegt worden - aber immer wieder gerne



dundun is recommended by calwrestler

Wrestled Dundun in nyc last year and it was fantastic....Stronger than he watch out. Incredibly sexy! Also had a blast hanging out. He is funny, smart, athletic, handsome...speaks perfect English. Why does he live so far away? =(



calwrestler is recommended by dundun

We met in NY last year. This guy rocks... ;) He is incredibly strong and funny. Basically, he cannot stop his sharp irony a single second. Recommended to all those, who love wrestling and a good and sane sense of humor.



dundun is recommended by boxermad

One of the best fighters you can find in this page, skillful, very strong and the most important thing, an excellent human being. Do not lose the opportunity of have an encounter with him.



boxermad is recommended by dundun

Boxermad is a kind of Mary Poppins… practically perfect in every way ;) I can tell you that he is strong and has an amazing body but… look yourself at his profile pictures and you will find it out yourself. His wrestling skills are out of any doubt but he will adapt to any level and skill. Simply a wonderful person… and I am lucky to know him now for many years. If you ever have the chance to meet him, don´t miss it!!!



dundun is recommended by Eomer98

Met him 2011 already: Highly recommended.. Very skilled and strong wrestler.. one of the best fighters I ever met!
Besides the mat a very nice guy to be with.. reliable, enjoyable and really a hot guy! Don´t hesitate if you get the chance to meet him!



Eomer98 is recommended by dundun

We met in 2011 and had a great match. He is reliable before the meeting, strong and challenging on the mat and an intelligent and a very nice mate to have a drink after wrestling. I hope we have the chance to wrestle soon again. I can only recommend him!



dundun is recommended by Nelson

ein absoluter Profi,
mit viel Kraft, Witz und Hirn.

Der ideale Gegner für alle die denken, dass sie gute Ringer sind.



Nelson is recommended by dundun

Das Wort Aufgeben kennt der „Junge“ nicht… aber wir arbeiten daran. ;) Nelson ist ein wunderbarer Gastgeber, ein guter Ringer und noch besser Mensch. Man sollte den Kleinen nicht unterschätzen! Wann ringen wir wieder? :)



dundun is recommended by Joe Ma

Unser Fight stand unter dem Motto "Sixpack" gegen "Airback". Wow, der Kampf war wohl eine lehrreiche Erfahrung fuer mich und ich haette vorher weniger freche Sprueche machen sollen. Aber das Kraeftemessen und immerhin zweistuendige Herumbalgen mit dem netten und sympathischen jungen Mann hat voll viel Spass gemacht. Das war nicht das letzte Mal das wir gekaempft haben. Schoen war das wir neben und bei dem Ringen auch einiges zu Lachen hatten :-)



Joe Ma is recommended by dundun

Joe Ma ist zuverlässig, stark, ein ganz lieber und gibt immer alles… Es hat einfach Spaß gemacht, mit ihm zu ringen und dabei etwas rumzualbern… Sehr zu empfehlen!!!