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Mostly into submission, test of strength... pro holds a huge plus. jobber-heel, even match all great, as long as the better fighter dominates at the end

*Interested in rough sub/pro/promission style fights. Test of strength and skill. Until the better fighter dominates at the end and finishes his opponent with a final submission. Can do dom or sub depending on fight and opponent, as long as its competitive. Bring it on!*



  1. USA - New York, New York
    Place of residence
  2. USA - Louisiana, New Orleans
    (I'm here between 9/01/2018 and 9/03/2018)
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I am willing to travel 50 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 36-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 172 lbs (78 kg)

Languages spoken: English, German

Gear: singlets, briefs, speedos

Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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dster is recommended by Pitt

A really good wrestler and good heel. He is safe and very friendly. Recommended !



dster is recommended by ocmuscle

I had a great time with this guy. We were very evenly matched, kept going competitive and neither of us ever had full control. I think we both got one submission on each other. He was a lot stronger than I thought. It was great to have an even match, and after this I am motivated to train harder for our next match! Great guy and very friendly too.



ocmuscle is recommended by dster

Ocmuscle is a great guy. Very friendly and great host. On the mats he's a tough and strong opponent! I had a great time wrestling him. He's highly recommended!



dster is recommended by CTWrstlr

I had a really fun match with this guy. He's tough, strong, very handsome and sexy. He got the best of me and dominated our match using his strength, skill and speed. Dster is a great guy and I really enjoyed talking to him during and after wrestling. I hope to get the chance to meet up with him again. I highly recommend!



CTWrstlr is recommended by dster

Very handsome and friendly man. I enjoyed our match a lot. He's pretty strong and keeps coming back for more! A lot of fun on the mats and a very pleasent fella off the mats. Highly recommended!



Wrestleme3 is recommended by dster

Great guy! Strong and built... a very attractive man. With a bit more training he'll be hard to beat. Also very friendly off the mats!



dster is recommended by Antton64

Well-built, sexy and strong wrestler. Don t be fooled by his cute face, this guy like competitive and agressive submission wrestling. He wont let you beat him easily and always fight back. Had a real fun 3-way match. Totally recommanded



Antton64 is recommended by dster

Update: what can I say that hasn't been said. Had another great match with him. He's just a really attractive fighting machine ;) Very nice and handsome guy otherwise.

Great guy! Very handsome and friendly. A fierce opponent on the mats. Definitely meet him if you can, but beware he's a tough one!



dster is recommended by polyethylene33

Great match with dster in Madrid, he's tough and agressive, Jeeps on fihhting No Matter what and quite sexier than his pics suggested, def worths the meet!



polyethylene33 is recommended by dster

Update: had a great match (again) with this tough and great wrestler! He's definitely one of the best! And in addition very handsome and a very friendly guy off the mats. If he's around wrestle him! But watch out, he'll easily squash you! ;)

Well, like the previous comments suggest: a great guy off the mats, nice and very handsome, but he'll destroy you on the mats. If you like a challenge, take him on, but be ready to fight!



dster is recommended by Jorgefighter

What a man... I dont know how to begin this recommendation. He is so handsome that when I saw him my jaw dropped. Later he dressed on his gear and my jaw was already on the floor.

But best thing came later, as we speak a very similar language in the mats. He is strong as a bull, he has stamina, and he keeps coming back for more.. or for dishing some pain on you when you think he is already done!! Even if he is injured, he fights like a champion.

I just wish we could have had a longer match. Other than that, I had an excelent with this VERY recommendable, intelligent and sexy guy. All of you who go to NYC should meet him.



Jorgefighter is recommended by dster

What a great guy! Super friendly and accommodating. Strong as a bull and quite versed in submission and pro. I had a lot of fun with him. But be warned, don't take him lightly. He fights to win! Highly recommended if you're in Barcelona. Don't miss him!



dster is recommended by axxo007

Had a good sub match with this guy. Very strong and really nice to hang out with. Looking forward to the rematch!



axxo007 is recommended by dster

Great guy; Nice and friendly off the mats, a good challenge on the mats. He's pretty strong and has a good defense. Looking forward to our next match.. And yes, he loves racks ;)



dster is recommended by subguy21

Great guy, and great match. Very tough and strong for his size. Definitely look him up if you are in the area.



subguy21 is recommended by dster

Great guy, very strong and skilled, very competitive.. Definitely a good challenge. We had a lot of fun. If you want a real match take him on. There will definitely be a rematch!



wrestlestud is recommended by dster

Strong and aggressive wrestler. Also fun and friendly off the mats. Definitely a great guy to wrestle!



dster is recommended by ransomedfighter

If he challenges you, accept it. And be ready for an intense match with a strong and stubborn guy. Proud to say I beat this handsome and tough fucker twice in submission matches. Though, he made me work hard for each win, which made making him suffer all the sweeter and winning all the more satisfying. Take him on. You won't be disappointed. PS: He's also a pretty incredible dude off the mats.



ransomedfighter is recommended by dster

Amazing wrestler! Very tough and aggressive on the mats. Super nice guy otherwise. If you want a real wrestling match, take him on. 100% recommended!



dster is recommended by JohnnyKing

Incredibly hot guy! Right amount of aggressive and always aware of the eroticism in wrestling. Totally worked me over and humiliated me in my tights. Definitely will wrestle this guy again and you guys should do the same!



dster is recommended by Berlin

it wasn`t really a fair fight, as I have a big advantage in weight and strength. Dster still kept resisting and didn`t give up easily, so that it was fun to fight with him.



dster is recommended by Studboy

dster is a very attractive dude. He's got very good skills and is strong. He did dominate but it was definitely fun nevertheless. Would without hesitation recommend dster.



Studboy is recommended by dster

Studboy is a very attractive and fun guy to wrestle. He can definitely take a beating. I enjoyed our match a lot and can only recommend him. Take him on if you have a chance.



dster is recommended by CountryRassler

A friendly, hot guy and a great wrestler! Loves to get super sweaty and try out different moves. Strong for his size. Could not recommend more highly. I hope we are in the same country again soon for a few more sweaty rounds!



CountryRassler is recommended by dster

CountryRassler is in kick ass shape; He's a very handsome and super friendly guy. He might not have a lot of wrestling experience yet, but can sure give you a fun and tough match. Don't miss him if he's in town!



wrestlerny86 is recommended by dster

Wrestlerny86 is a very friendly and handsome guy. We've wrestled a few times now; always fun!



dster is recommended by sfrookie

Definitely a fun match with dster. Hard, sweaty, hot match with multiple submissions. Wish we wrestled longer! Very nice guy off the mats too, 100% recommended! We're definitely going to have a rematch, and I'll win ;)



sfrookie is recommended by dster

Great guy to wrestle. Tough and sweaty fight. Super nice and handsome man. Don't let him distract you ;) 100% recommended... definitely want a rematch: Watch out sfrookie, I'm going to get you next time!