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mwm into safe and sane aggressive wrestling. Not into anal or oral sex, wrestling to me is two guys getting together for a great hot sweaty match. Not into proving anything but just two guys giving it all they can. Work out several times a week, not into injury or leaving marks on the guy and I always respect the other guy and expect the same. I don't do cyber matches but into the real man to man physical wrestling. WARNING; ANYTHING I POST ON THIS SITE IS FOR THIS SITE ONLY AND NOT FOR ANY OTHER PUBLIC USE... CONSIDER THAT A LEGAL FARE WARNING...NO PERMISSION IS GRANTED ELSEWHERE!!! ***** CAN NOT HOST ALWAYS MEET AT LOCAL MOTEL FOR MATCHES ********
You don't have to be muscular, just be in good shape and have a good attitude toward wrestling. Not in to prove anything, just two men having a great respectable time!



  1. USA - Pennsylvania, York
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Age: 72-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 170 lbs (77 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: speedos, thong, or whatever not into spandex, bare feet no shirt or nude is great

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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LuckyLarryLoser Navyguy rasslfun ringmaster


downforthecount123 is recommended by rasslfun

What a GREAT Wrestle!!! Strength and Fun Time with downforthecount123!!! He keeps you on your guard and makes you earn those pins! Takes me back to our youth when it really was a fun time especially for bragging rights 😂🤣😂



rasslfun is recommended by downforthecount123

Any one who is looking for a great match, I highly recommend rasslfun. He is a great friendly guy who knows many holds and I feel that after meeting up with him that I have found a new wrestling buddy. His strength and holds are awesome. I would suggest that if there any so called young studs out there who think they can take this guy, think again. I would really like to see these young punks go against this guy and see how they come out defeated.



downforthecount123 is recommended by ringmaster

Talk about two daddies fighting, that was what happened when I met up with downforthecount123 last Friday. Although I had the fellow by 50 pounds, we still had a great time, primarily doing submission wrestling. He is very strong, in great shape and knows his stuff. We had such a good time that we are planning our next bout already. If you miss this one you are missing a lot of fun.



ringmaster is recommended by downforthecount123

This guy is a MUST for anyone who is into a great match. Dean and I met for the first time and had an awesome time. This guy is strong and gives everything he has in a match. Of course I am smaller then he is, we both had an awesome time. We wrestled three rounds and I was lucky to take him in one round with my scissors. He in turn took advantage in the other three rounds and beat me good. Anyone who wants to meet him, I suggest that you do as he is a great respectable wrestler. I felt really comfortable when I met him at the door of the motel and could tell by his friendly handshake that he would be a guy I could trust. I feel that I have a new friend and look forward to our next meeting. I would def. give him a no. 10 on the scale of one of the best wrestlers around. Thanks Dean for a GREAT MATCH!



downforthecount123 is recommended by Navyguy

Met up with Mike today after a couple of years of chatting. Great guy, very fit, lean and muscular. Pound for pound he’s one of the strongest men I’ve wrestled. We wrestled for almost two hours: good, hard sweaty submission wrestling. He’s very hard to submit and does not tap easily. All round nice guy to wrestle and talk with. Do not let his age fool you, he is an excellent fighter. Wrestle him if you get the chance. Highly recommended.



Navyguy is recommended by downforthecount123

Have been waiting a long time to meet up with Pat, and the day finally arrived. I didn't know what to expect but man WHAT A GUY!! We wrestled for two hrs. and he showed me moves and how to escape various other holds that I always wanted to learn. His style is what I expect when meeting a guy like him, and he is AWESOME! A Great respectable guy and I feel that after meeting up with him, I now have a new friend from this site. Anyone who is looking for a GREAT GUY to take on then I would put him at the top of your list. I am glad that I met up with him and I am looking forward to our next meeting. Thanks Pat, for an awesome time!



downforthecount123 is recommended by LuckyLarryLoser

Mike is a great guy off the mats and on the mats. One of the nicest men you would want to meet. Strong. Great body. Love his pecs and his hard stomach. I have met him several times and each time gets better than the previous. If you are near York, PA be sure to reach out to him. And stay clear of his Python Hold!



LuckyLarryLoser is recommended by downforthecount123

Any guys who want to meet a great guy, I highly recommend Lucky Larry Loser. He is a great guy to take on. His strength is awesome as I found out. He def. will give you a great work out and you will leave with wanting to meet him again and again. He respects his guy and I can't recommend him enough. I am looking forward to meeting him again as I feel we have become best friends. One more thing, HE IS AWESOME!!!