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Like to meet for sub matches for a good workout. Into strength testing, the mercy test. 2-3 minute rounds, 1 minute break Wrestle as many rounds we want to or time permits. Just have sweaty fun. Love rounds of boxing as well.

Aggressive and competitive. Must be safe fun. Like rough and intense wrestling. Wanting to learn more moves.



  1. USA - Pennsylvania, Lake Latonka
    (I'm here from 3/20/2018)
    Williamsburg, VA
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I am willing to travel 200 miles


Age: 69-year-old Male

Stats: 6'2" (188 cm), 210 lbs (95 kg)

Gear: speedos or nude

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donner1 is recommended by olderdesire

I should have known what I was in for when he told me he was a farm boy. Strong, thick forearms and hands the size of Ohio. He knows his moves as well. His height was a definite advantage as he dominated me. I need some schooling prior to our rematch. In the meantime, I’d recommend him to anyone who is up for a challenge!



olderdesire is recommended by donner1

Ron is a great guy. He is strong and working on getting stronger. Kept me busy trying to manhandle him. I enjoyed our grappling and recommend others to wrestle Ron. I look forward to a rematch.



donner1 is recommended by jimbo

Is was a real pleasure to meet and wrestle Donner1.
He is a true gentleman and nice guy. His pictures do not do him justice - he is phenomenally strong and likes rough rassling, just as I do. We were limited on time but had af a great sweaty session and I cannot wait for the rematch



jimbo is recommended by donner1

Jimbo and I met and had a great time. We were limited time wise but we each submitted the other. GOOD wrestler and I am sure if we had more time, would have showed me some more moves. I think we were well matched and either of us could have pinned the other. I look forward to returning to Austin or meeting Jimbo again, perhaps in PA.
Had a sweaty time and he is very strong!! Good guy to meet and wrestle.



donner1 is recommended by BulldogOhio

Very strong guy! He had me down and under his control many, many times. He's got a good understanding of moves, and is very good at using his size and knowledge of pressure points against you. Had a great time on and off the mats with him and looking forward to a rematch!



BulldogOhio is recommended by donner1

We had a good day of wrestling. This guy is strong and all I could do to control. I enjoyed our wrestling and want a rematch. It was a fun time together. Need to hit the gym some more to oppose this guy.
Thanks for meeting.



donner1 is recommended by ScottsdaleAZ

Donner was an amazingly strong, and surprisingly aggressive wrestler to face. He knows how to use his height and weight to his advantage, so us smaller guys need to be prepared! He’s bigger than he looks in a good way – the breadth of his shoulders and long arms prevented me from applying a full nelson to him! Farmboy strong, with a deceptively charming smile. Best enjoyed with ample space, because this guy comes to fight and will have you in the corner before you know it. Beware those strength tests: he will win them! But once the rough and tumble is done, Donner is good company for some lighter action and aggressive contact, and is up for making sure he and his opponent mutually enjoy the match. An extremely nice guy with whom I intend to keep in touch, and hope to cross paths with again.



ScottsdaleAZ is recommended by donner1

Had a great time with Robert. He is very strong for his size and in good shape. Worked up some sweat and tested each other. Would wrestle again, have a new friend now.



donner1 is recommended by scissoredtight

Great guy. Strong. Lot of fun before, during, and after wrestling. Total novice here so more trading holds than actual match as he showed me some basics. Tough to move when he brings you down. Great to meet him. Looking forward to next time we give it a go.



scissoredtight is recommended by donner1

Nice guy here and hosted our meeting. Strong and a good opponent to face. Very hospital and easy going. I would recommend for anyone who is thinking of meeting him. You will have good safe fun.



LockUp is recommended by donner1

Good man to fight. Wrestled and boxed. Really good sweaty battle.



Baylor is not recommended by donner1

  • Incivil / bad manners



donner1 is recommended by 230guy

DH is exactly who he says he is. Requires frequent breaks but there was 15+ years between us. Strong, honest and friendly.



230guy is recommended by donner1

230guy is a great man. Very tough wrestler and also good boxing opponent. He is very strong but safe. We had couple of hot sweaty fun. Love to do it again. One tough guy. Get a chance to meet him, worth to connect.



donner1 is recommended by tomhand37

After a few yrs of chatting finally met this wonderful person. He went way out of his way to meet up for a match. A real gentleman.Also a very strong wrestler. Had a good time rolling with him. We also put on some MMA gloves and had some fun punching away. Looking forward to more matches.!



tomhand37 is recommended by donner1

Had a great time wrestling tomhand37. He is a strong man and tough to pin. Very nice guy to know and be with. We put on the gloves and managed to punch each other as well. Very good matches, want to meet again when he returns to Akron. Good opponent for anyone to take on.



donner1 is recommended by Chrisblodgett

Tough, strong, agile wrestler and a super nice guy. Hope to wrestle him again.



Chrisblodgett is recommended by donner1

Very nice man to meet and wrestle. Lots of fun and good solid rounds. Good experience and would do it again.



donner1 is recommended by SilverFoxFight

Don is a strong, aggressive guy and fun to wrestle! I hope that we can get in some boxing next time! He is also very considerate of the level of skill of others and is a good teacher. I am proud to have him as a friend. D



donner1 is recommended by A Wrstle-bear

Great guy to meet and to wrestle. Don has a killer grip with very strong hands. His long arms give him great leverage in tests of strength. Enjoyable guy to be around and to wrestle.



A Wrstle-bear is recommended by donner1

Strong guy, good to be with and easy to be with. Flexible as well.

We had a great time. Want to repeat when we can.



dg duffy is recommended by donner1

Nice guy to meet and wrestle. Very strong but you will have a good safe time.