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I like to be lifted, worship muscles and wrestling.
J’aime être porté, adorer les muscles et lutter.



  1. Switzerland, Genève
    Week days
  2. France, Marseille
  3. Lebanon, Beirut
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Age: 32-year-old Male

Stats: 5'4" (163 cm), 88 lbs (40 kg)

Languages spoken: Arabic, English, French

No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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Deutsche1980 plm77 SpeedoFun wrstlarturo


cute guy is recommended by Deutsche1980

in spite of his small size, cute guy has the attitude of a huge wrestler.
He is the easiest guy to set up a fight with, fun to chat and great to meet. He also introduced me into lifting, and he made it fun and enjoyable! Meet up if you get the chance!



Deutsche1980 is recommended by cute guy

Waw waw and waw
A sexy guy with a sexy body.
So damn strong and with great techniques.
He played with me like a little boy respecting my limits.
His squeezes well i taped lol but really a great fun time.



cute guy is recommended by wrstlarturo

a nice lightweight guy, very interested in wrestling moves and who likes lift and carry. I had a nice training lifting him up and we shared some grappling action on the mat. Despite the weight difference, a motivated wrestler who wanted to try technique and moves. A reliable host, kind and trustful . Give him the opportunity to improve his skills and gain self-confidence.



wrstlarturo is recommended by cute guy

What tonsay about arturo, that mix of an angel and a demon. Those pecs those biceps he is a huge well built guy. He was easy on me and instructive. Be aware of his scissors and submission holds. If u adore body contact like i do he is ur best guy. Thank u arturo



cute guy is recommended by SpeedoFun

Well what can I say. It all went very quickly which is pretty unusual for me. A glance at his profile as I was on the verge of leaving my office (checking for newcomers in Geneva) followed by a message from Cute Guy, and there I was at his place.

A genuinely nice “compact” lightweight guy that enjoys lift and carry mostly, something that was a first for me. After showing me the moves he favoured, we had about an hour of lift and carry followed by some submission wrestling on the mat.

I enjoyed throwing this enthusiastic wrestler around and if you fancy long sweaty lift and carry moves around the mats, then don’t miss the chance of taking Cute Guy on! An opportunity, for Jobbers, not to be missed.



SpeedoFun is recommended by cute guy

Waw what a guy, we had a blast, telling me it was his first time to lift and carry he made it with ease. Concerning the submission it was hot and well u know the rest.
Really he is a great guy and cant wait to meet him again and again. Thank u speedofun and ps what a lovely collection of speedos


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