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I am not the roughest, toughest man you will find, but I can hold my own against most all opponents. I love a good rough and tumble bout. Rough, tough, sweaty and not without some pain. Prefer men closer to me in size and age, but can and will accommodate within reason. I really don't care if you are a trained wrestler/fighter or have pro-training (cop or former military). I'll give you the bout of your life. If you ever get to the Buffalo, NY area, drop me a note and let's see what we can do to get something started !!!! You won't be sorry....Buffalo is beautiful in the summer and the wrestling will be good and sweaty. Gentlemen, I am ready to rock. Let's do this....I had a pal of mine recommend that I add this to my profile...big, tough, competitive man, but safe sane, respects limits, a gent off the mats. Make it interesting, loser buys the first beer !!!!!

One more thing...I am really adamant on guys being more my size and closer to my age (so, if I do say that weight is a problem (100# or more) and safety is a concern, please understand this). I guess I've ruffled some feathers here in the past about this and some guys just jump up and down and swear that it's not a problem, but if we do tangle and someone gets injured, then who's the bad guy/bully here?



  1. USA - New York, Tonawanda
    Between Buffalo and Niagara Falls
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


Age: 63-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 325 lbs (147 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Trunks, boots

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cripplerUSA is recommended by man of 10000 holds

Crippler is as tough a wrestler as you could ever hope to find. A well-trained pro enthusiast who will overwhelm you with his strength and durability; a gentleman who will make you proud to be a wrestler. He is one of the best.



man of 10000 holds is recommended by cripplerUSA

This man defines what a man's man is. He is strong, tough as all hell on the mats and a gentleman off of them and a great guy to know. i wrestled him once and with my relocation back to the eastern part of the USA I look to meet up with him again. He says I'm strong, but he is equal if not stronger. These two old guys will have the bouts of their lives when they meet again. Highly recommended !!!!



cripplerUSA is recommended by jobber4bears

I met cripplerUSA a few times years ago and can't believe I never wrote this recommendation!!! He's a GREAT guy both on and off the mats!!! Knows his stuff on the mats and a gentleman off!!! Hope to meet again someday!!!



bullfor50 is recommended by cripplerUSA

I had the opportunity to wrestle this man and found him to be one of the, if not the strongest man I've ever faced. He got the better of me that day. We planned on a rematch, but an injury (to him) kept us from doing this. I can't wait to meet up with him again. Maybe this time, I'll go to his gym to train and wrestle. Just a super guy !!!!



cripplerUSA is recommended by Senior Bear

big, tough, competitive man, but safe sane, respects limits, a gent off the mats.



cripplerUSA is recommended by PacNWBulldog

One of the three toughest opponents I have ever faced. He is tough as nails on the mat, but a mild mannered fun guy off the mats. Wrestled him in FL about 6 years ago. He is a smart wrestler and good teacher if you are open to learning. Always looking for another match with this great!