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fit guy into erotic wrestling in lycra gear, some experience not new but still lots to learn and practice. Happy to accept opponents bigger and smaller than me.
For things that I like such as headscissors and liftandcarry check out this website



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Online chatting, Like cyber wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship, I'm a jobber, Stakes


  1. United Kingdom, London
    London UK
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I am willing to travel 30 kilometers
I am willing to host.


Age: 36-year-old Gay Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 157 lbs (71 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish

Gear: singlets, lycra shorts

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codo is recommended by vj777

Was lucky to spend a bit of time with Codo recently, not only had an entertaining match but shared a few bebidas and a great chat. He's incredibly hospitable and generous. Definitely hit him up if you're looking for a match with a good variety and enjoy a bout with lifts with a bit of lycra thrown in! Espero el próximo partido.



codo is recommended by boston kid

What a great guy! I have just had one of the best meets ever with him. Codo is charming, intelligent, cute and sexy - and big into Lycra (just like me) - so we had loads of relaxed fun. Definitely worth a meet and we already have the next one planned!



boston kid is recommended by codo

Boston kid has been one of the best matches I've had. He is so strong and overpowering all through the match. I managed to get some holds on him but I believe he just let me. We got have a fetish for lycra and he looks good wearing it. I couldn't get my hands off him! I completely recommend him and we are definitely meeting again



codo is recommended by leeray

Genuine person. Took time to travel and put up with limited time I had to meet. We are Into different styles but practiced a few moves (Thanks ) and did some lifting. Hope all goes well in your journey of meeting fighters.



leeray is recommended by codo

Leeray is a fit strong guy who's interested in getting to know more about wrestling. I think he'd make an awesome wrestler as he is already trained in other disciplines and is keen to give it a go at other self defence techniques like wrestling. He's a really nice guy, polite and a perfect host. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.



codo is recommended by enthusiast

Had a great time rolling around with this guy. Great legs, and strong and determined. Also very friendly and interesting off the mats. Hope we can wrestle again one of these days!



enthusiast is recommended by codo

Enthusiast is fit awesome wrestler, I completely recommend him to everyone, it was througouhly enjoyable and fun. He dominated the match and showed how good he is not only as a wrestler but also as a nice guy. I hope he comes back again and have the chance of a rematch.



codo is recommended by rezla123

This charming guy has a good line in trashtalk and styled our match beforehand as Prettyboy (him) v Roughman (me, apparently) and so that's exactly what I gave him :)
He looks great, he's a very nice guy, fun to dominate, pleasure to be with, loves his wrestling and he gave the match a good go; He also brings along a few tricks of his own, with super strong legs and I didn't take any leg submissions til I put on a nasty boston at the end He also loves to be racked; looking forward to throwing him round again.



rezla123 is recommended by codo

Rezla is a great wrestler and incredibly strong. Any of the holds I tried to apply to him I couldn't finish them as his pure strenght and technique just blocked me again and again.
I completely lost all the rounds to him, and he said he was being soft with me! But I definetely wanna come back for more, hell yes.

I totally recommend him to anyone who wants to have a real match, Rezla is a proper heel, mean and merciless in the ring, a gentleman outside.
Ah and he's got amazing piercing blue eyes.



codo is recommended by Lomandlad42

11.09.16. It's been a few months, but got the opportunity to wrestle this little firecracker again at grove park today and had another cracking session. Codo has improved greatly since our last encounter but managed to keep him under control , subs aplenty worked him over in a few bostons, piledrivers, over the should backbreakers but he still comes back for more!!!!! Next till I'll have to up my game as went at it like a pocket rocket. 😀😀

Had the pleasure of wrestling with Codo at grove park today. A spirited fighter who can take a lot of punishment. Had a great three hour session working him over on one of the hottest days. An amazing guy to lock up with and I have no hesitation in recommending him to any guys out there that want a great wrestle. A really charming, lovely lad to chat with and share a beer. Look forward to round two fella 😀😀



Lomandlad42 is recommended by codo

Lomandlad42 is a very strong and sexy guy who looks good in speedos and has a great technique. I thoroughly enjoyed my match with him and I can't wait to fight with him again.



codo is recommended by Southcoast Guy

Met this young man sometime ago but have only just got round to putting a recommendation on for him Great match very fit guy with a great body. Had a long back and forth match with him. Thoroughly nice guy on and off the mats made me work hard on them.
Hope to meet for round two before to long definitely worth a meet if you can



Southcoast Guy is recommended by codo

I had the pleasure of meeting south coast guy some time ago and I completely recommend himas he is a lovely person kind and friendly. He's also a fit guy who can give a good match and we had a great time wrestling in speedos. Lots of stamina.



codo is recommended by Essex

Met this lovely guy in the ring at Ian Scott's place on a warm Saturday afternoon.
He's quite a handful and gave me a pretty good workout getting subs out of him.
It's was a great give n take match and even practised a few holds with him.
Likes to be lifted, so it was great to be able to practise lifting him up in an over the shoulder back breaker as well as various other moves.
Lovely guy both on and off the mats and I have no hesitation recommending him to others.
I'm sure they'll be a round 2 at some point.



Essex is recommended by codo

Essex is a handsome lovely guy, at first I thought we looked pretty similar sizewise and it would be a very even match, but he turned out to have a very strong upper level and I could hardly do my usual locks on him as his strong arms kept stopping me and containing me. I def would recommend him as he is lovely, strong, and handsome as well.



codo is recommended by resl4top

A strong, competitive and feisty opponent. We had a hard fought subs match and then did some less serious stuff, picking some extreme holds to try out from among Iain's pictures at Grove Park. A really fun afternoon!



resl4top is recommended by codo

Resl4top is a really experienced sexy fighter who didn't let me win any of the rounds and completely beat me down. I actually enjoyed loosing to such a dominant powerful fighter. He even had stamina left after our match to try few difficult lifting positions with me which he did with no problem, awesome session.



codo is recommended by Bi-Curious George

I had a great time meeting Codo. He is an easy going, sweet guy that I wouldn't hesitate to reccommend to anyone. He is very solidy built and has terrific stamina. He is also very strong and very tough.



Bi-Curious George is recommended by codo

George is a great wrestler and very very strong, I completely recommend him to anyone, I really enjoyed the match with him and would like to repeat again.



codo is recommended by GrappleFun

A sexy, strong, supple Spaniard who looks great in his lycra gear and had no problem taking on a bigger guy. Really good and interesting company off the mats too. Whatever he may lack currently in experience, he more than makes up for in enthusiasm and with a couple more matches under his belt he will be a force to be reckoned with! Highly recommended.



GrappleFun is recommended by codo

A very strong proactive tall handsome man ready to try new things and with quite a lot of experience. Completely recommend him and can't wait to try to beat him up soon. I love his facial hair too!!



codo is recommended by Coops

I had a nice sweaty wrestle with Codo's, so sweaty in fact that we had about three changes of gear throughout the match.

He's a lovely easy going chap and put me through my paces on the mats, even getting me in the boston crab at one point (how did I let that happen) though for the most part I managed to overpower him.

I definitely need to work on refining those moves but practice makes perfect and Codo's is a good guy to hang around with.

Off the mats he's a very polite well mannered chap and I would happily wrestle him again.



Coops is recommended by codo

Coops is a lovely guy outside the ring and a real gentleman.
But once on the matts he likes to win and puts a good match, he's very strong eager to learn and practice although he already knows quite a bit.
He dominated most of the match and did many lifts, holds and locks, it was competitive, sane and fun, i'd love to do him again.



codo is recommended by brightonman

Met Codo for a wrestle also lift and carry fun on 12/3/16. We both enjoyed a fantastic afternoon which involved lots of lifting and carrying. Codo is a good looking, fun and friendly guy, I cant praise him highly enough. If you have the opportunity to meet Codo you will not be disappointed. We will certainly meet again. I recommend Codo 100%



brightonman is recommended by codo

I met brightonman yesterday and found him to be very nice caring and polite guy, he´s also very strong and has lots of stamina.
I really enjoyed my time with and I think anybody would, I def recommend him.
He´s also quite cute.