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Looking for light wrestling or working out in my home gym. Still a novice, so looking to gain experience and to learn more about wrestling.



  1. USA - Illinois, Oak Park
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I am willing to travel 15 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 56-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 175 lbs (79 kg)

Gear: singlets, jocks, nude

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burbmn is recommended by briansp

Burbmn was a fantastic host and we had a great time on his mats. He has a complete gym, as we got warmed up by lifting some weights before the match. He's a lot of fun and looks great in his posers (which, I might add, leave him EXTREMELY vulnerable - so yours truly took advantage!). We had a back and forth kind of match. For the second round rather than my Speedo he put me in one of his posers - and boy do you feel EVERYTHING in one of those! I had a lot of fun and highly recommend burbmn. Will definitely match up with him again.



briansp is recommended by burbmn

Had a great time on and off the mat. Had a workout in my gym, then some lessons followed by match with multiple pins. Then out to dinner. Then back for another match. A great wrestler and gentlemen. Awesome physique, has killer legs. Hope to see him again in the future.



burbmn is recommended by chicagomuscle

Had another great match with Burbmn today. We originally met years ago through one of the other sites. V is in awesome shape and makes great use of his amazing home gym. We had a great give and take promision match after we had a Muscle Flexing session. He puts up a great fight and can take as much as you can give. Head locks, Head scissors, Nelson’s, Spladles, Bearhugs, body strikes and Ball Busters!! In the end my weight advantage got the best of him but I know he wants revenge. Highly recommended!



chicagomuscle is recommended by burbmn

After several years got a chance to wrestle and what an awesome surprise. He sure did put on the size and muscle. He is built and hard as a rock. Despite all my attempts I fell to his size and strength. Respects limits. A great time, dependable and on time.



burbmn is recommended by Realmanhandler2

Great guy and wonderful host. He has an amazing home gym and mat space. Had a great match with him. He was all he said he was.



Realmanhandler2 is recommended by burbmn

Had a great time with this beefy muscle guy. His manhood totally dominated me. His thick hairy chest, powerful leg scissors, did not stand a chance. I was sleepered out on two occasions. Dependable on time, respectful. Very nice guy.



burbmn is recommended by jackmcdaid

Burbmn has an amazing basement gym. The gym has professional equipment for working the entire body. We had a great chest workout before our fight. In one corner of the gym is the mat room. And after a sweaty chest workout we went at it on the mats. Burbmn is strong, as you can see from his muscular physique, and he puts up a great fight. Looking forward to the next workout and fight.



jackmcdaid is recommended by burbmn

This guy has an amazing physique. He looked awesome in a tight black singlet.
We had a great chest workout in my basement gym. It was hard for me to keep my eyes off his big pecs. After we were both pumped and sweaty, we hit a few poses then some wrestling. He is very strong and has a killer arm bar that made me tap out a few times. He also is a true gentlemen, very flexible and respects all limits. It would be an honor to workout and wrestle him again.



Hairywrestler midwest is recommended by burbmn

Truly a great with an awesome physique and personality. Very patient and a true gentlemen.



burbmn is recommended by wrestleinsocks

Lots of fun to roll around with and a really nice guy!



wrestleinsocks is recommended by burbmn

great guy very respectful