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Have been into this stuff since June of 2012...have met some really great guys for good matches..looking for others who are either at the same level as me..., or just starting out....or more skilled to give me a tough match and willing to teach me what they know...all are welcome

Have space accomodating 10 x 15 mats...wall to wall... here in new jersey only minutes from midtown manhattan for anyone interested in rolling



Match structure: Even match, Play wrestling, Two on one, Workout partner
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, Photo swapping
Fetishes: Wrestle for top, Naked wrestling


  1. USA - New Jersey, East Rutherford
    Place of residence; always
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I am willing to travel 50 miles
I am willing to host.


Age: 65-year-old Bisexual Male, looking for Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 195 lbs (88 kg)

Gear: briefs,shorts,nude

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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builtbod is recommended by grobermuskel

Had the pleasure of meeting up with this hot muscle daddy today fucking woof . All i can is hot. Muscular strong. Rough and a great guy coudnt get enough of him. Its great to meet up with a guy who actually wrestles cant wait to wrestle again soon. Very soon. WOOF



grobermuskel is recommended by builtbod

AT LAST..I met this tall..lean...muscled guy on his road trip to New York
form the minute we got into the hotel room...yu could feel the vibes of tension in the air...we stripped down to our torn wifebeaters...and work out gloves...eyed each other up...flexed our muscles...then ripped the shirts off each other and went at it hard and sweaty....and ruff...muscle on muscle...body punches...and more...anything goes for a couple of hours

what an awesome matter what he says...he is hot and question...and strong as an ox....GREAT GUY...cant wait till next time..and many more...WOOOOOOFFFFFFF!!!!



builtbod is recommended by njgrplr90

My apologies to Builtbod for not realizing I hadn't left a recommendation sooner. What's there to say about Builtbod? His name says it all and the pics don't lie! Phenomenal shape on this guy. He's got one awesome fight space with more than enough room to really go at it. He's strong and a fierce competitor, crafty too. You've got to wrestle this guy if you want one blast of a roll!



njgrplr90 is recommended by builtbod

finally made it happen after chatting for years...awesome guy with awesome power...very skilled grappler....had a great workout...ready for a rematch anytime



builtbod is recommended by rdy2wrstl

Builtbod is determined, built, and a good guy. We have pretty even matches. He's always ready to go and is accommodating, so set up a match with him if you're in the area.



rdy2wrstl is recommended by builtbod

Wrestled with Kevin on my matts twice so far..first time was a last.last minute decision...and was glad I tuff wrestler..went at it for a good hour and a half....loved his sneak attacks...too bad they didn't work first time around...but the lil tuff guy showed up with some good surprises at match no.2..lots of fun and looking for more....rematch anytime buddy!!! ..



wrestlecj is recommended by builtbod

met with Chris last week...after about a year and a half of chatting and trash talkin me...he was finally passing through my area and he was not getting away with out a match...real nice guy no shelf...had a relatively short match due to plane schedule changes and traffic...but we finally did it....we matched up height and weight wise pretty even...after my initial headlock and take got reversed and this youngin got on top of me...lots of back and forth...then back to the airport
till next time buddy...lets do it again



builtbod is recommended by rbcdub

Met builtbod today.

For starters he's a gentleman off the mats. Has a great mat setup in his place (can't go wrong with 10x10 mats) and worked with me and accommodated my injury which greatly limits my mobility.

The match was great. Long sweaty struggle, lots of body contact, exchanging holds and a really good wrestle.

Looking for a rematch and highly recommend him to all.


This guy is a gent on and off the mats. He worked around what I was able to do and not do and seemed more concerned about my injuries more than I did. At least one of us had a bit of sense.

Pat's one tough cookie. He doesn't ever give in or stop. Had a great time wrestling and as he noted - we were both exhausted after the match but in a really good way. Recommend him to everyone plus he has a great mat setup. Roll on 3rd time.



rbcdub is recommended by builtbod


don't let this guys profile fool you
although he is still recuperating from a knee injury as it says in the script,
that does not hold him back from going 100% on the matts
we had an intense 2 hour match full of sweat and struggle
a good man to wrestle...I definitely am up for a rematch
highly reccomend

second time on the mat with Rob...even more awesome than the this guy just likes to wrestle...hard and ruff n tuff...still being a bit careful about the knee issue...but you would never know it...we went at it for a good more than an hour...non breaks...both two exhausted dudes collapsed on the mats in the end...looking forward to match number three...very soon



builtbod is recommended by jobberjayse

Im a jock jobber who thinks very often in pure terms of dad v son matches ; and in how the entire idea(l) of men fighting men centers around the one lesser male (the jobber) trying to attain the approval of the one greater male (the heel). Therefore if you want to (try and) fight the best example of this kind man, then son I implore you to give up your body (and soul) to this dad, Coach Builtbod. Because frankly you'll have no chance of being his better, boy. But having him beat you down (over and over) will make both of you very proud !



jobberjayse is recommended by builtbod

It was so unfortunate that I did not get to meet up again with Jayse at wrestlefest 2016 due to my work commitments, but I did have a great time with this dude twice about two years ago
What can I say. both were awesome times with this perfect ripped muscled jockboy...wild and can his abs take a hell of a pounding....and the rest of him too
don't pass him up ever if the opportunity will be worth your while for sure



builtbod is recommended by Flwresler

A great guy, fun to roll with, beefy musl and good workout. Glad got to meet up and be seeing you again in future....



Flwresler is recommended by builtbod

Had to postpone my match with Dave due to work commitments but I was not letting this guy go back to Tampa without a we met up at NYC 2016 wrestlefest in the late night hours for an intense well worthed roll...had a real blast...he can take a lot and give it back too...looking forward to next time



royboy is recommended by builtbod

Competitive guy who likes it tuff and rough...can dish it out and take it too....a lot of fun...and a great guy off the matts too...rematch again when he comes back to joisey...



builtbod is recommended by rioman61

Great guy to wrestle, in excellent awesome shape and don t easily give in. Fights back and seems to be learning more and more. A " must wrestle" type of guy. Totally Reliable and a cool buddy off the mats. Highly recommend him.



rioman61 is recommended by builtbod

after a while of chatting online with Alex...he made the trip to nyc...and we met for a match...first thing I must say..what a guy!...what a guy!...what a guy!...was like wrestling with my best friend...we knew why we were there..and got right to it...and boy did he show me his stuff fast...tuff and talented guy...taught me a lot...and want to learn more from him...sad to see him go back to Rio....only looking forward to the next time and many more thereafter. If he is ever in your area or you are in not pass him up will be time well spent

another great match with alex today..real good guy...always lots of fun when he is in town



builtbod is recommended by Dutch Muscle

I wrestled builtbod last night in NJ. After a lot of trash talk and telling him who was boss we had a couple hours of muscled sweaty pummeling and tap outs. Super nice masculine muscular guy At 63.
Highly recommend him if you're in the NYC/Newark area.



Dutch Muscle is recommended by builtbod

In my quest to put myself up against the young and tuff wrestlers, I managed to find myself across from this big... young( well relative to me)... awesome and strong dude, who has a lot of experience and skill and can control things easily the way he he sure did when we met here in New Jersey last night. A real powerhouse and fun guy with a great attitude, and of course ..a hell of a lot of humiliating trash talk. Cannot recommend him enough Always welcome you back here anytime in the Garden State Dutchboy...lets do it again sometime.



builtbod is recommended by MuscChamp

Builtbod and I just ended four hours of grappling, chatting and laughing. He's a great guy with a fantastic physique for a sexagenerian. We finally fought after years of chatting, and it turned out to be great exercise and great fun. Although I pummeled and repeatedly submitted the "youngster", he retaliated to my mocks and taunts by calling me "grandpa" - fighting words that earned him more torture and humiliation! :-) We parted as friends, vowing to do it again in the future......before we become septuagenarians!



MuscChamp is recommended by builtbod

Been a long time coming but finally got to meet the champ and test myself against this top shelf grappler...with his incredible physique, power, strength and skill, He proved himself to be every bit of his Title...taking over the match pretty damn quick indeed....and kept me going for a good couple of hours to deal with all the torture and holds he could get on me...Much to my surprise and leg power.. I was able to keep him from getting me into a grapevine...and tested whatever defensive move I could possibly come up with.. Was an awesome time no doubt ...Thanks.."Grandpa" for calling me "Youngster" ...have not been called that in years.!!!!



builtbod is recommended by chompsticks

What a fun wrestler! We went at it for an hour and a half with little breaks sweating up a storm. Definitely recommend wrestling this stud if you are in the area. Can't wait to lock up again



chompsticks is recommended by builtbod

finally got to meet this young full of energy guy
best way to start off my 63rd birthday with a skilled wrestler more then half my age...yes I am crazy...but definitely had an awesome time....went at it hard for a good hour and a half or so...will do it again..anytime
...hopefully before I turn another year older
GREAT GUY...recommend him to anyone who wants a great time!!!



builtbod is recommended by MontyNJ

We finally met and had a great match. I think I got more submits but it didn't matter. Great, fun struggle with a great guy.

It took 2 1/2 months but we finally had another great match. Well over an hour of sweaty fun struggle!



MontyNJ is recommended by builtbod

Great way to end 2014...had a great time with this guy...we finally made it happen...Happy New Year!!

Rematch definitely in 2015....

the rematch finaly took place..another awesome time sweaty action with this fun guy...made each other sub for a good hour and a half...match number three next...cant happen soon enough



builtbod is recommended by Rassle4Fun

I had a great match with builtbod as he is exactly as he looks in his pics, nice muscular body, although he had to realize that my legs are what they look "POWERFUL". I would recommend him as a nice guy to meet, wrestle and have fun as buddies. I will say... YES to looking forward to a rematch.



Rassle4Fun is recommended by builtbod

Enjoyed wrestling with this big guy
watch out for his scizzors
definitely worth a roll with when he is in your area



builtbod is recommended by enthusiast

Had a great time with what is truly a "builtbod". Lots of fun, strong, nice guy. Already looking forward to the next match with him.



enthusiast is recommended by builtbod

I finally got to wrestle someone older than me..and got to call someone "Old Man"...joking of course.. he moves as well as and has the stregnth of anyone 20 years younger...awesome guy..awesome time



yonkerswrangler is recommended by builtbod

wrestled with Yonkerswrangler this past summer.....had a sweaty roll with this big tall brute...real strong and moves around quick....good host too....made the whole time lots of fun...will meet him again soon...and often hopefully



builtbod is recommended by wrestleuinla

this guy is amazingly fit and a good strong solid wrestler. Nice guy on and off the mat. lots of fun. Highly recommend hitting him up for a wrestle if you get the chance



wrestleuinla is recommended by builtbod

this guy is top shelf....made me work real hard for a pin....and I loved every minute of it...if he were closer...I would wrestle him daily....don't pass him up if he is in your area or if you are in LA.....rematch anytime



SeattleFight is recommended by builtbod

Had to regretfully cancel on this tuff dude a year ago...and have dealt with the guilt and trash talk since then...but today things were brought to a head..and things got settled man 2 man...just the way I expected it would...Grrrrrr...... was worth the wait...awesome guy..had a great time...became an all day nyc event...who could ask for more....the saga will continue...rematch definitely in the cards



builtbod is recommended by LuchadorenCali

To meet Builtbod has been an Amazing wrestling experience. He is very strong and know how to use his muscles to show who is the boss!!! Don't hesitate to meet him. I will meet him again anytime!



LuchadorenCali is recommended by builtbod

met with this guy twice over the course of a week while he was visiting NYC...and would have beat on him three times in a week if I had the time...cause I know he can take it ruff and hard. Good guy to know...lots of fun...anytime he is around I will let him know who the .."jefe" is....I would recommend him to anyone without any reservations



Orlandoscissors is recommended by builtbod

Lots of fun...awesome guy...dont get caught in one of his will be squeezed...crushed...and become a few inches narrower and a few inches taller....dont pass him up if you are in orlando..or he is in your area....will take a rematch anytime




builtbod is recommended by Killer

Builtbod is a great fighter. Strong and well trained I highly recommend him for an awesome roll.



Killer is recommended by builtbod

had a good time with Killer today
he is whole lot of fun to throw around
however I wanted
don't pass him up if you want a good time



builtbod is recommended by carolina wrestler

Had a great match with builtbod. He is really strong and really had to struggle with his terrific arm bars. I would recommend builtbod - a nice gentleman both on and off the mat. Looking forward to our rematch….



carolina wrestler is recommended by builtbod

Tom is a whole lot of fun to roll with...he luvs the pro stuff a lot....but I had a great time to showing this southern boy some real yankee power...would meet him again anytime...don't pass him up if he is in your town



builtbod is recommended by Ctgrappler1

I had a great match with this stud. We had talked about getting together for a couple of weeks, and finally met last Sunday. It was an awesome competition, and I had a great time just hanging out after. I look forward to the next battle.



Ctgrappler1 is recommended by builtbod

this guy is an awesome muscled tank!!!!
From our pre match chats..cams...and trash talk to the match day stare down...pec to pec...muscle to muscle face off...which led to an all out aggressive hot and sweaty brawl for a couple of hours....It was the best time ever...ended quite satisfied...and with a good slice of pizza too... A definite re-match is gonna happen soon. Don't pass him up if you get the opportunity to meet up.



builtbod is recommended by Syrwrestler

Great guy, great body!



builtbod is recommended by NYleanmuscle

Strong and will keep the action flowing....still learning and willing to learn....terrific guy...reliable...and worth a meet. He will take you the distance!



NYleanmuscle is recommended by builtbod

Fianally...after about of year of back and forth...we finally got together...and met up...and wrestled for about 3 hours...awesome time...worth the wait for sure...Paul is definitely lean and muscular just like his profile says...very polite..and very very tuff...strong and loads of fun..and a real gentleman....taught me stuff ...and got super sweaty...gonna have a rematch soon...and more thereafter I am sure...definitely recommended



builtbod is recommended by Txwresl

This is a good guy who is so much fun to wrestle...we had a great match that went from trading holds to more energetic wrestling. Even though the size difference was a lot, we worked it out. he has a the right attitude to make it work. Recommend him no matter what size you are.



Txwresl is recommended by builtbod

Was so glad this guy contacted me when he visited New Jersey and invited me to wrestle with him. Had a lot of fun exchanging holds and getting into some real rough horseplay and sweaty grappling for about two hours. Although he is a bit smaller than me...he definitely could hold his own and give me a real good challenge...and great battle. May have to make a trip down his way and do it again soon....definitely do not pass him up...if he is in your area....will be worth your while.



builtbod is recommended by DKnight

Great guy! A normal, masculine man in NYC is a tough find so hit this man up if you want just that. While I did use a sneak attack, he was cool with it and we had a blast. He is very strong, solid and if he gets you locked up, you better watch out. Will def wrestle him again in a new york minute.



DKnight is recommended by builtbod

no doubt I had one of my best times with this dude....his sneak attack from behind to start things off was a real surprize which lead to a quick scizzor and got the ball rolling fast....non stop battle...intense and sweaty....good workout....good match......made me submit...but then I pinned him my way....was all good...a ball of fun....cannot wait for the rematch...sure it will be even better next time now that I got his method a bit under my hat...but he probably has mine pegged too...which will make it even more intense next time around. Nice to know I have another buddy in Orlando besides Mickey Mouse. You have a standing Fast Pass to the front of the line when you come back to the NYC area again man!!!..and don't be shy to step up again and take me on for another wild ride on the matts.



builtbod is recommended by njmuscguy1

it was great to meet builtbod strong ,tough and one of the nicest guys you can wrestle had a blast and cant wait for the rematch !



njmuscguy1 is recommended by builtbod

don't let his size fool you..this guy is a real telented powerhouse with determination and focuse to give you the match of your life...extremely real gentleman too....I highly recommend him if you are lookin for a real exciting match



builtbod is recommended by mnfighter65

During my visit to New York I got the opportunity to meet up with builtbod and to say the least I was not disappointed. This guy was tough and patient. Because I am new o wrestling he was willing to teach me a few things along the way. It was a fun time and would highly recommend taking him on if you want a good time. I can't wait to get back to the big apple for round two.



mnfighter65 is recommended by builtbod

Met with this tall hot guy from Minnesota during his short stay in NYC...a real good match which was worth waiting for...although he was newer than I to this stuff..he was not afraid to aggressively get into it right away, get sweaty, and try new doubt a real fun time...waiting here for him to come back for round two...which I will surely make the time for again



builtbod is recommended by kurtz

I wrestled Builtbod this week. Great guy and great wrestling match. I hope to wrestle him again. Hot as hell!.



kurtz is recommended by builtbod

Had a great time with kurtz...a real big powerfull guy to wrestle with...was tuff to deal with...but was lots of fun...hope to do it again with him soon



Bigboy5604 is recommended by builtbod

after about a few weeks of back and forth...hangin out...lunches in nyc...bigboy finally decided to give me a match....and I jumped on it quickly...had a great time with this comical, fun, and experienced wrestler...he is definitely "big" as his profile name says....and strong as hell...he knows what he is doin the whole time...and made it a great experience overall....feel like a made a real friend...and am ready to do it again anytime.



builtbod is recommended by randywrstl

Very nice guy- put up with my erratic schedule- we had a great match- very strong- very good shape- look him up if in JERSEY!



randywrstl is recommended by builtbod

got the chance to meet Randy on a last minute..only one day notice since he came into my area...rearranged my schedule to meet him and it was the best thhing I did that day. Great strong wrestler...we had a blast...had a great sweaty workout...hope he comes back to my area again soon so we can continue where we left off...



builtbod is recommended by DenverWrestler

I had an excellent match with builtbod at Wrestle Fest 2013. His profile name accurately describes his body – a big strong well-built guy. Luckily for me, he's relatively new to submission wrestling so I was able to stay one step ahead of him, but I doubt that will last much longer. He's also a sexy friendly outgoing reliable guy – would gladly take him on again any time.



DenverWrestler is recommended by builtbod

met with this big guy from Denver one afternoon at wrestlefest 2013 in nyc.
He is real cool guy...good host...strong was honor for a newcommer like me to be able to get together with such an experienced wrestler...we went through some drills..taught me stuff..and then had an all out blast...wish he was closer so we can do it again and again...I look forwrd to be able to meet up with him again...don't pass him up if he is ever in your area



Jerzee guy is recommended by builtbod

finally got to meet up with Jerzee Guy at his place
great guy..strong big dude....knows what he is doing...great space to wrestle in...nothing wrong with the jersey shore in my book...had the best time...he really knows how to make the whole experience great....
afterwards...lunch and good conversation also added to the whole fun time
.....will do it again anytime with him



NJWoodbridge is recommended by builtbod

it was a really great time to finally meet this big strong wrestler....helped me along with some new moves and holds....made me do it the right way...a definite struggle and well worth the tough effort...looking forward to another match with him anytime



Jake Zane is recommended by builtbod

had an awesome time with this young a wild monkey on energizer batteries he keeps going..and going..and going..and going..and nonstop fun. He has superb skills...uses what he knows well and shares his talent with you as much as he can. Will do it again anytime when he is back in town. Make an effort to try him will be impressed.



builtbod is recommended by jpho227

he's a good guy - eager to learn, wrestle,
not worried abt the learning curve
and lets me try holds, practice stuff, drills, and was also willing to try new things, see how they work;
very energetic - good energy with an upbeat attitude - good workout



jpho227 is recommended by builtbod

Enjoyed getting to know this guy prior to wrestling him...made it more than comfortable when we got together on the mat...handsome guy...very strong...knows his stuff...learned a lot from him...had the best time getting extra sweaty and tangling with doubt one of my best experiences ever...will get on a mat with him again and again in a heartbeat



builtbod is recommended by redlandguy

Tall, strong beginner who is off to a good start. Nice guy. I'm up for a rematch...



redlandguy is recommended by builtbod

Was definitely one of the best wrestling experiences ever..evan is a tall and skilled wrestler...has a way of making you feel comfortable as hell with him...very talented..has a scientific approach to every move...and uses it well....a great competitor...and amazing teacher...explained every move he made all the way till making me tap out....ended it all with a trip to the local sports store to purchase suppplies and equipment....if you never were on the matt with him...try your best to get there..will do you a world of good....would do it again anytime



builtbod is recommended by NYCgrappler

I had a lot of fun rolling with Builtbod. Big and strong with tons of stamina, he'll be a force to reckon with a little more experience. Rumble with this guy and you will have a good time!



NYCgrappler is recommended by builtbod

it was a real pleasure to be on the matt with this trained and skilled wrestler. He really knows his stuff and fights hard and serious....along with making the entire sweaty experience a lot of fun. Left the match feeling aches in my back and arms....and a desire to take it up again in round 2...which will definitely happen again.


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builtbod 7/24/2017

locker room flex

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