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Looking for wrestling/boxing matches with in shape guys around my own size. I have worked out with guys much heavier than myself. I am a brown belt Japanese jiu-jitsu martial artist and wrestler. Into all forms of wrestling from play wrestling, submission, promission, pro, give and take, jobber vs heel, to tests of strength and trying various wrestling holds. All limits respected. I always wrestle/spar at the other person's experience level. I work out every day to increase muscle tone, strength and flexibility. Pickering is on the east side of Toronto. I have 9’ x 12’ mats



  1. Canada - Ontario, Pickering
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Age: 64-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 154 lbs (70 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Pro gear, Speedos, Singlets

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budabs is recommended by squeezerian

Met Buddy again today for a hot wresting session on his mats. It is always a pleasure to visit Toronto to meet this guy. An experienced wrestler who knows the holds and how to apply them to suit his opponent. Highly recommended to others visiting Toronto or locals. Ian



budabs is recommended by wrestlemat2001

Buddy is a great guy. He would do anything for you. Has a lot of experience in grappling and loves to escape any hold you manage to apply. Also takes great pics AND has one of the best matrooms outthere.



wrestlemat2001 is recommended by budabs

Matt is a great guy. He is fun to wrestle. I would wrestle him any time. If you have a chance to meet him don't miss a great wrestling opportunity.



budabs is recommended by kevin patrick

Hard as nails submission wrestler. Very hard to find a guy this size that is this tough and this strong. Hell yeah.



budabs is recommended by Bomber

Buddy is a great wrestler and the consummate host. He is a strong, flexible wrestler who has the unusual ablity to make you laugh while tying you up in some nasty hold. Highly recommended.



budabs is recommended by btler

Buddy is probably one of the best well rounded yet safe fighters on this site, given his sportsmanlike demeanour and high skill level. Can't recommend him enough, whether you are a rookie needing to learn your holds or a veteran who wants a good challenge. Also makes great trunks!!



budabs is recommended by hashbock

Had a three hour match with BudAbs at Hillside. He's like the Energizer Bunny; he just keeps going and going. Good jujitsu technique, so safe and sane. Great attitude on and off the mat.