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VGL, fit guy with slim, swimmer build. Wrestled and swam in HS and played water polo in college. Like all kinds of wrestling and contact, including gut punching. All safe and sane only (no injury). Can be nude, in speedos, or singlet. Prefer matches with guys around my size (about 20 lbs more or less).



  1. USA - New York, New York
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 46-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 158 lbs (72 kg)

Gear: Speedos, singlet, shorts or nude.

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No holds barred No holds barred
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braffertyg is recommended by newstravel

Had great time meeting with this Wrestler recently. He is nice person to whom you can spend good time wrestling because all energy he puts into. On a more personal note he isa very friendly guy.



newstravel is recommended by braffertyg

We had a great match! Newstravel is really handsome and has a great, muscular body. He is a super-nice guy, but on the mat is a bruiser! He is very strong and had me in a series of tight holds. Maybe I can get him back in a re-match?! He is from Spain, but his English is fluent so it was easy to arrange the match and we had nice conversation off the mats.



braffertyg is recommended by ca510140

Met Braffertyg on my recent NYC trip. we Had a awesome time on the mats, a little short due to work schedules but a blast none the less, super handsome guy and looks great in speedos. Really tough on the mats, but fun at the same time, could have wrestled all afternoon if we had the time. Very much looking forward to meeting him again and again. Highly recommended you meet this guys when you are in NYC



ca510140 is recommended by braffertyg

I had a GREAT session with this guy. He is as fit and handsome as his photos, with great abs and pecs. We had a really fun wrestling session with some gutpunching thrown in. We got hot and sweaty (in the best possible way) very quickly. I look forward to meeting him again.



braffertyg is recommended by fitjocknycla

Braffertyg is an awesome wrestler. He really knows how to work a hold. Not only is he a great looking guy with an awesome body, but he was also a lot of fun to talk to. I am really looking forward to wrestling with him again.



fitjocknycla is recommended by braffertyg

I had a great match with fitjocknycla! He’s a handsome young guy with a great body, fun to wrestle, and a nice guy to talk to off the mat. I look forward to another match!



braffertyg is recommended by tansko

I had a really fun time wrestling this guy. Braffertyg is a great grappler and puncher - boy, can he throw some punches! Not only was the match itself hot, but we were able to arrange a match in a relatively short period of time, which is always a plus. Off the mat he is a really nice and laid-back guy who can hold an intelligent conversation. Would wrestle again.



tansko is recommended by braffertyg

My session with Tansko was amazing. First, he's handsome guy with a great body. Second, he is a fun and aggressive wrestler (and an active trash-talker!) who can both give and take hard submissions and punches. Off the mats, he is a very nice, bright guy who was a pleasure to talk to. We had a great time and I loo forward to a rematch!



braffertyg is recommended by Anthon1

Fantastic wrestler! I had a great battle with Braffertyg, as he was able to fight out some pretty good holds I had on him, and reverse them into some pins. He has powerful legs and is a good body scissors technician. Great resolve, a tough guy, and strong. Enjoyable to talk to off the mats. Looking forward to our next re-match. Bring it!



Anthon1 is recommended by braffertyg

Anthony is great! He is handsome, great body, and a tough wrestler who is trains regularly. We had a tough submission match where he got me into some punishing leg scissors. He is also a very nice, bright guy who is easy to talk to off the mats. I look forward to a rematch with him soon!



Wrestlehockeyguy is recommended by braffertyg

I met Wrestlehockeyguy and we had a great match! We had a hot wrestling match in speedos with body punching. He is a little bigger than I am (190 lbs vs. 160 lbs) so he absorbed a lot of abuse and dished it out too. My ribs were a little sore from bear hugs and leg scissors for a week afterwards! He is a super nice guy and we arranged the session in just a couple of emails. Would love to see him again the next time I am in O.C.



punch is recommended by braffertyg

Really great guy! Tall, slim with hard abs and a nice smile. Great puncher and takes deep punches. Also a very nice guy when you're not going at it. Had a great session and would be happy to have more.



braffertyg is recommended by nycguy86

A really fun match! braffertyg does not give up, and we had some great back-and-forth!



nycguy86 is recommended by braffertyg

My experience with nycguy86 was great! He has an amazing body, great abs, and was a lot of fun to wrestle with! Also, a very nice guy and diligent about scheduling etc. I had a great time and look forward to our next encounter, even as I rub my abs which are pleasantly sore from his punches.



braffertyg is recommended by pshawfocus

Just as he describes - handsome, in good shape, friendly and interesting to talk to. We had a fun gut punching session, short due to time constraints but great fun. Looking forward to meeting him again.



pshawfocus is recommended by braffertyg

Gary is a great guy and we had a terrific session. He's a pleasure to speak with and it took only a couple of notes to set-up the session. He's good looking and has amazing abs. He takes hard shots both flexed and unflexed. I'm looking forward to another session, even as I rub my sore abs from this one.