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Interested in light boxing and gut punching and wrestling



  1. United Kingdom, London
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Age: 27-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 196 lbs (89 kg)

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Fchallenger hertsdog



boxing1234 is recommended by Fchallenger

Met boxing1234 for a match in London this past weekend. We planned for a mix of mma, wrestling, gutpunching and boxing, but I don’t think either of us were expecting just how rough and hot our encounter would turn out! This guy is big, strong and tough and loves to punch. The hottest part was our stand up when some of those ‘light’ headshots landed quite hard in the heat of battle... but we’d just apologize and do it again a minute later. Mix in some mma, grappling, trash talk and plenty of dirty moves and we ended up having an amazing afternoon. Despite all his tough talk, he’s an extremely friendly, smart and considerate guy and I can’t wait for our next match. I see now why he’s called ‘boxing 1234’ because that’s how many punches he threw at me. Recommend to anyone in London looking for a good fight!



Fchallenger is recommended by boxing1234

When my eyes first laid upon this guy in person, I immediately knew that we were going to have some fun and we sure did. Two minutes in from entering the room, we couldn't contain ourselves and started our fight.

Fchallenger and I started punching each other in the face, gut and chest barefisted and we worked our way slowly into our battle with boxing gloves and mma gloves. Although we agreed to keep face shots minimal and light, adrenaline kicked in and we went hard on each other with no remorse. Every punched that landed on my jaw and chest hurt like hell but it made me want to come for him even harder. My face ached days after and he had some bruises too, which I might add, look pretty sexy on him.

Overall, I definitely recommend meeting him if you are ever in the same area as him. Not only is he strong and fun to fight, he is extremely charming, cute and friendly. If only we can fight again soon.



boxing1234 is recommended by hertsdog

28 Jul 18: Fun meet with this guy in the Walthamstow ring. Started with some light (and hot) boxing which left us all a sweaty mess. Then a load of give and take gut punching. With bare fists this guy hits really hard! He can take a good bit too and clearly loves boxing! Recommend!



hertsdog is recommended by boxing1234

Very friendly man with a very strong and lean body. Got to know him a little bit before putting the gloves on and nice of him to ask what my preferences are. As a boxing newbie, he went easier on me but didn't go soft on me either with the headshots and body punches. He enjoyed punching my gut and vice versa. Great first meeting with him and would want to meet up with him again for more boxing and gutpunching.