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Like wrestling for fun and exercise. Same for boxing. Not a serious fighter. I was taking boxing lessons, but I just had some eye surgery, so if I box now it has to be only body boxing.



  1. USA - New York, Chestnut Ridge
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  2. USA - New Jersey, Montvale
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I am willing to travel 150 miles


Age: 69-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 190 lbs (86 kg)

Gear: Wrestling: anything. Boxing: 16 oz gloves

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boxerwrestler64 is recommended by yonkerswrangler

met this guy very easy to schedule and showed up on time enthusiastic etc was a lot of fun we did some boxing he has a very solid gut lol and we also wrestled traded holds got sweaty and had a good time so if you get the chance to fight with him take it and enjoy was a great way to start off the new year too



yonkerswrangler is recommended by boxerwrestler64

Yonkerswrangler's multiple high recommendations are well deserved. He knows how to wrestle and was willing to show me a few pointers and let me be his jobber for a while. Also a good host with a nice set of mats.



boxerwrestler64 is recommended by DEjobberman

Enjoyed meeting this fine gentleman. Always good to tangle with someone in my age range. He was great fun and a pleasure to meet.



DEjobberman is recommended by boxerwrestler64

Larry was a worthy opponent and a pleasure just to hang out with for a while after the match. He's much stronger than he lets on in his profile.



boxerwrestler64 is recommended by Boxer VA

It's been way too long since I've met him. He's a strong, aggressive boxer who is enjoyable to spar with. Very recommended.



Boxer VA is recommended by boxerwrestler64

Coleman is a super guy and an excellent boxer. He took it easy on me in light of the difference in our ages and skill levels. We boxed and then wrestled. Great fun all around.



boxerwrestler64 is recommended by Spruceman

May 7, 2017–Hosted him in my matroom. Wrestled him for a real fun time; but most the time was spent boxing and gutpunching. Really incented me to put on the gloves and box more than in the sum total of the past 60 years. He is skilled and can throw the punches (He currently works out at a boxing gym) and was giving this newbie to boxing some good pointers. He was laying on the punches hard enough to stimulate boxing aggro in me I never realized I had. Thank you 64 .

Had him do bare-fist 'up against the wall' gut punches on me---and he kept them coming at me hard and fast---and took the ones I laid into his hard gut quite well.

Great, friendly, fun guy. You men in the NJ-NY area should plan on meeting this gentleman. He's welcome back to my place any time..



Spruceman is recommended by boxerwrestler64

The Spruceman is incredibly strong and was able to take the hardest gut punch I was able to put together. He also showed me some of his ab-strengthening exercises. We wrestled and boxed, and he was a most gracious host. I slept over and he invited me to stay a second night. One additional benefit is that he has a resident photographer who took pictures that I will be posting here because my pictures are way out of date.



boxerwrestler64 is recommended by dg duffy

Strong fellow who is branching out into wrestling . Novice getting better with each match.