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Master Boxer looking for matches. I have private boxing ring in Hollywood. And I have A LOT of gear!! So…what do you WANT????



  1. USA - California, Los Angeles
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Age: 54-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 195 lbs (88 kg)

Gear: Head gear, groin protector, mouth piece, gloves

Boxing Boxing

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boxerterry is recommended by KidBeast

What a man taught me some good techniques in between the match and had a blast In the ring with him this dude is a champion it’s was good battle and I enjoyed every second in battle I highly recommend taking this skilled guy on.



KidBeast is recommended by boxerterry

Did 6 rounds with this Beast today. He said He didn't have a lot of boxing experience. However his actions proved differently. I had a great time in the ring. I look forward to going more rounds with him!!!



boxerterry is recommended by Rough Edge

Terry is the real deal. My first boxing coach and a great friend and guy ! Love this man ! If you wanna learn to box or test your skills I can’t recommend him enough



Rough Edge is recommended by boxerterry

I've done many rounds in the ring with Rough Edge. He definitely knows his stuff. But don't get too relaxed with him. Because he's setting you up for a combination. He's a Great boxer and smart with his style. Stay on your toes. I'm looking forward to our next match.



boxerterry is recommended by fig4man

Terry and I recently sparred after a several year break. It was as always a blast. Terry is a great guy and a great sparring partner. He knows how to work with the flow to be make it a very fun and sweaty sparring match. He has a great set up with his own ring. He can go at whatever level you want. Cant wait to work him in the corner again!!!!!



boxerterry is recommended by btler

Guys have paid good money to see boxerterry and moi bang. Been a while but always a great time whether just sparring or doing shows back in early 90s in SF. Highly recommend him since he's strong but sane, experienced, skilled and not hard to look at either. Certainly near the top of the list for skilled boxers and nice guys.



btler is recommended by boxerterry

Having spent many a day in the ring with this guy. I've got to say. I learned ALOT. I took my LUMPS but became a better boxer for it. Btler is TOUGH. And extremely knowledgeable in the ring. AND outside as a matter of fact. HE is a true RENAISSANCE man. IF you love the Sweet Science??? Go a few rounds with this Master Boxer. Can't wait to meet him in the ring AGAIN!!