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Love to wear gear and play around . Really horny for boxers!!! Taking pics is fun too.
Channel on you tube is Loveboxers1 check it out! or on loveboxers1



  1. USA - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
    (I'm here from 2/26/2018)
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I am willing to travel 500 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 35-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 215 lbs (98 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Gloves, Trunks, Hot

Boxing Boxing
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Start of membership: 7/15/2011 9:03 AM

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boxers4 is recommended by codywrestler

True to picture and delivered the punches/punishment he promised. Can't wait for a rematch.



boxers4 is recommended by CRedfield

I’ve never been much of a boxer, but he made it incredibly fun and I didn’t want the match to end. Great guy, very hot in gear. Can’t recommend him enough!



CRedfield is recommended by boxers4

great guy I would highly recommend meeting him if you are in Dayton . tall drink of water and strong enough to pin me .



boxers4 is recommended by jeboxer

I was able to connect with Kyle while he was in town recently. He is a genuine, nice, down to earth guy who has a love for boxing and the gear that goes with it. We had a fun, spirited match and I look forward to the next time we can put on the gloves.



boxers4 is recommended by scubawrestler

The two of us have been online friends for years and our schedules never permitted us to get together until today. Boxers4 is everything I dreamed of and more in a boxing buddy. He's fast, strong, agile, and skilled. We did NOT go full force, we just toyed with each other for the day, but the skills were there, make no mistake. He's got a fun personality, and the two of us like the same things. I highly recommend him. He travels a lot for his profession, so he visits a lot of different places for a couple of weeks at a time. If he contacts you, Take him up on it. You'll be glad you did. In one match he became my favorite boxing buddy of all. And make no mistake, there will be future rematches with the intensity turned up.



boxers4 is recommended by SingletMan

stud! box this dude if you can!



boxers4 is recommended by boxer1

After years of chatting with boxers4, I finally got the opportunity to glove up with him. It was great meeting him at last. He has a great personality and very easy to chat with. I enjoyed having a fun sparring session with him and I hope our paths cross again in the future.



boxers4 is recommended by Rusnak

Met Kyle yesterday afternoon. He's a great guy and alot of fun. Definitely knows his stuff but makes the entire experience alot of fun. Highly recomme d him,



boxers4 is recommended by Doublejab

Boxers4 is a super dude! Very skilled and in shape! He knows his way around the ring. Keep your dukes up when boxing this fighter.



Doublejab is recommended by boxers4

great guy and fun to punch around . good pace and lots of hot gear



boxers4 is recommended by waboxer

Great guy, in shape and highly recommend! Looking forward to getting back in the ring with him!



waboxer is recommended by boxers4

great match . lets do it again . so fun .



boxers4 is recommended by atwoodfred

Met boxers4 recently. It was a good day. No, it was a great day and a really fun match. He brings a welcome sense of humor, not to mention power, endurance and dedication to a good hot time. Don't miss a chance to meet him. The next for me can't come too soon.



boxers4 is recommended by btler

Met up with boxers4 this week. Strong, eager and shows promise. Was easy to set up a match/session and reliable. Also not hard to look at. Highly recommend him.



btler is recommended by boxers4

he was a great guy to spar with . he moves with you . i learned some things . a great guy and also good boxer.



boxers4 is recommended by actiondudenj2

Great guy to box with!



boxers4 is recommended by PHLBoxer

Kyle is a great guy and up for action at many different levels. Worth tracking down and gloving-up with.


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boxers4 11/23/2018

me showing off for the fans

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boxers4 10/12/2017

a POV to the sluggers

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boxers4 8/28/2017

me punching and showing my moves

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boxers4 6/28/2017

working out on heavy bag

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boxers4 5/31/2017

me in basement punching the ball around

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boxers4 11/04/2016

me posing and flexing in some gear

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boxers4 6/27/2016

showing some of my moves

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boxers4 4/13/2016

having some fun at the gym

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boxers4 1/31/2016

me being cocky

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boxers4 12/12/2015

me working the bag at the gym

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boxers4 10/26/2015

hotel boxing

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boxers4 7/28/2015

me in gear looking hot

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boxers4 11/13/2014

me messing around with my gear . wishing i had a sparring partner

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