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In very good shape, Interested in any style of fight



Match structure: Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, Going to matches
Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship


  1. Spain, Madrid
    Place of residence
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Age: 57-year-old Male, looking for Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 187 lbs (85 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Gear: any

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Boxing Boxing
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai
Judo Judo

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boxermad is recommended by lestat mza

He is an amaizing guy ho real now how to figth, he have the stronge and the skill of a great young figther. The best Figther you can find in Madrid. Hope we can meet again. Easy talk and easy go.



lestat mza is recommended by boxermad

One of the best fighters you can find here, not only he has a extraordinary technique but also he is incredibly strong. Don´t lose the oportuniny of having a fight with him you won´t be disapointed. And a plus.... he has a beautiful body. A real male for a real fight.



boxermad is recommended by st7

A beast and a gentleman at the same time. One of the best fighters I’ve ever met, if not the best. All purpose fighter: mma, boxing, muaythai, grappling, bjj. You name it, he’s good at it. Impressive muscular physique makes him a formidable challenge. But he’s also patient, willing to adjust, careful, polite and considerate. A must.



st7 is recommended by boxermad

Excelent fighter and excelent biceps.... we have had and fantastic wrestling time together training holds, chokes and of course fighting. He is very strong and short time he will be unbeatable. I you have the opportunity meet him you will not be disappointed.



boxermad is recommended by BIOHAZARD

Arturo, un caballero con mucho experiencia, pero con gente que aprende, pues un profesor perfecto. Luché con el en Paris en un “tag team” y fue una locura pero lo pasé bomba con todo lo que se hacía, más y más quería.

Un placer conocerte!



BIOHAZARD is recommended by boxermad

Fantastic wrestler with a fantastic body, it is a dream to fight with a man with those muscles... we have a very good time inside the ring and also we have share good moments outside the ring with the other fighters of the team... he is at the moment a beginner but he only needs time... those muscles will be indestructible.



boxermad is recommended by musclebeard

Boxermad is a very advanced and strong fighter. He would be a perfect bodyguard. But most importantly he is a great guy and very attentive. If you are really need a challange, boxermad is your man. He is also able to adjust his level to opponents with less experiences. I hope that I will have lots of more fights with him.



musclebeard is recommended by boxermad

Musclebeard is a great fighter but most important he is a great man. He is very skilled in olimpic wrestling and very difficult to beat. We have had a great time fighting together and I´m sure that this is only the beginning because we are going to have many fights in the future. I strongly recomend him to all fighters that want to have a real men to men encounter.



boxermad is recommended by jufighter

Perfecta combinación de fuerza y técnica. Nunca se da por vencido. Un luchador muy completo, suelo, puños, patadas. Muy recomendable para una buena sesión de lucha.

Perfect combination of strength and technique. Never give up. A very complete fighter, submission, punches, kicks. Highly recommended.



jufighter is recommended by boxermad

Muy buen boxeado/kickboxer, domina los puños y las patadas y es muy resistente encajando golpes. En suelo sabe defenderse bien y cuando adquiera un poco más de técnica va a ser un luchador muy completo. Muy recomendable conocerle y pelear con él.

Great boxer and kick boxer. He has a perfect technic with fists and legs and also can take hard punches. When he had a little more wrestling technic he will be a very complete fighter. I strongly recommend to know him and have a fight.



btop is recommended by boxermad

Very strong man with desire to improve his technics. He is a very hard opponent to beat and with some the time he will be one of he best in this site. Strongly recomended.



boxermad is recommended by hairybrussels

Boxermad is one of the superwrestler of this site (crazy muscle body and super trained in fight) Extremely strong and much stronger than me, we could however enjoy a very intense and sweaty wrestling session, even if anytime I thought I got him it proved to be wrong :-)
He is also a fantastic person to meet and spend time with. I am looking forward our next meet. If you come to Madrid do not miss the opportunity to meet him. Thanks mate for the great wrestling experience!



hairybrussels is recommended by boxermad

Hairybrussels is a giant, not only because of his size and weight but as a person. We have had a long and sweaty fight in which we have test our strenght and masculinity, Since long time I have not enjoyed as I did with him in a real male fight. This man is 10/10, so I recomend him to anyone who has the balls to face a superman.



boxermad is recommended by Supertony1984

We finally met and TBH, he's better in real. Tough guy, with muscles like rocks. Amazing arms!
Even tho my experience is almost none, he was able to treat me carefully, without breaking me anything...
Arturo is experienced, he's got a great body but on top of that he's a great person and it's a pleasure meeting him. 10/10



Supertony1984 is recommended by boxermad

What can I say of this wonderful man... It has been a dream to share fight moments with him. He has a strong and spectacular body and he is begginig to be dangerous.... Soon he will be the most coveted man in this site. Totally recomended



boxermad is recommended by petitfit

Because of not enough of time, we just had a short friendly fight. I just had the opportunity to feel how strong this big guy is. His muscles are very very impressive and also sexy… :-/
In those 10 minutes I’ve seen that the men adapt very well his fight at the opponent, so this is totally safe for everybody.

Highly recommended !



petitfit is recommended by boxermad

I have had a short time figth with Petitfit, but in those minutes I could feel his strong muscles and he demonstrated me he is a skilled fighter , in fact he has a good background in judo that makes him very dangerous. I will never reject a fight agains thi strong man, as he represents what everybody is loking for in this site, a strong and skilled man, a real fighter.



boxermad is recommended by wrestler sv

Excelente luchador. Mucha experiencia y fuerza. Un verdadero reto para luchar entre machos. Tuve la oportunidad de luchar en un ring con él, y ha sido una experiencia estupenda.

Excellent fighter. A lot of experience and strength. A real challenge to fight with a true man. I had the chance to fight with him on a ring, and the experience has been incredible.



wrestler sv is recommended by boxermad

Excelente luchador, tiene mucha fuerza y pone todas sus ganas en pelear y vencer. He pasado un rato estupendo peleando con él en un ring sintiendo constantementr sus músculos y su fuerza en un pelea de intenso contacto físico. Todo aquel que le guste una pelea de verdad entre machos debe retarle.

Excelent fighter, strong and s lot of stamina. I have had a wonderful time fighting with him in a ring feeling his muscles and strenght in a very intense fight with a lot of physical contact. Everyone whi wants a real male fight must challenge him.



boxermad is recommended by Lutteur-PA

I am so happy we could have a fight!!
This guy is really strong and he is a great wrestler. The kind of fighter i am looking for to have a true battle. Even if he was tired (and hurted at one knee), he fought hard with energy and never gave up.
We had 2h of an intense and sweaty fight. Finally: 0-0 at the end!! Now i have wrestled him, i need more!! Thanks for this wrestling session and waiting for the next one.



Lutteur-PA is recommended by boxermad

Excellent fighter, a real one... very strong and skilled. We have been rolling for almost 2 hours and we could fight for more time... I hope to meet him again soon to have a new long fight session and I recomend him for every lovers of the real fight, you will be not disappointed...



boxermad is recommended by manunderstorm

Boxermad came in Paris for fighting matchs. He is always so impressive with incredible techniques...he let you think sometimes you can submit him and finally he puts the choke. he has a very good cardio too.
We had nice moments too out of the mat visiting, restaurants with our friends wrestlers !
I'll finish you next time ;)

New meeting in 01-2016
We had tournament in Paris
Boxermad overpowered us but like à gentleman
I m learning à lot With him And I hope to improve my moves again And again

I was excepting this fight for a moment...probably One of the best fighter of thé site..
An incredible body in Iron !
Great fighter who takes care of you and helps you to progress...
Out of the mat à réal gentleman and à perfect host !
Thanks for the ride in Madrid with harley ;)
Next time in Paris, champion !



manunderstorm is recommended by boxermad

My third fight with manunderstorm and I still thinking he is one of my favorites, he has the attitude and maanhood of a real warrior and since I knew him he is improving day by day. I can´t wait for our next match, but If I want to win I must train harder. Thanks my friend for all the moments we have share fighting and most important, living…

New fight with Manunderstorm and I still thinking he is one of my favorites in this page. He has improve alot since last time and soon he will be invincible... only real man fight like he does. I´m can´t wait for our next fight.

Great man and great fighter. I have enjoyed every second I have spend with him fighting and outside the ring. Good skills in street fighting that make him a very dangerous man to have an trafic argument with him... you can end at hospital...
I have no doubt, I recomend him for sport fighting and also for street fighting without rules and I´m really can´t wait having a new fight with him.



boxermad is recommended by JUDOMARS

ONE OF MY BEST MEETINGS HERE AROUND... we chated Long time before real rolling, I think, 5 years... and we pleased each other, only by mails and chats... and now, that I had meet this guy, I can say : GREAT! our fights were rough, hard, long, equally, manly, 2 musculars dominants on same room... was a perfect delight, he was stonger than me, I was a bit more quicker... 0/0 was the result... LOT of sweaty, and muscles boxing each other... I am so proud to met this guy, and face him, and give him a good match... he got all qualities, muscles, cardio, technics, eager to dominate... just the perfect challenger. Oustide the mats, a supermale too, kind and generous, funny and clever, a gentleman. I Hope and want meet him again, and share the sweat again, but next time, I must submit him... Was kind of Superman (him) vs Wolverine (me), and we had lot of fun, thinking of that... GRAPPLING and FIGHT are paradizes when you roll with this male. Thank you a lot my friend, and see you soon...



JUDOMARS is recommended by boxermad

Since more than 5 years we have been challenging by mails and at last, we have confronted, face to face, male vs male, muscles vs muscles. We have been rolling without interruption for more tan one hour feelling the manhood of the other, his strengh, muscles and sweat. I have enjoy every second of this long match with this terrific male and I hope that soon we will have another one. For me, this fight has been one of the most unforgettable experience that I have in this site and I can´t wait to be in front of this “superhero” again. So, Judomars, be fit for our next encounter because next time I will be stronger , faster and skilled and I will not have mercy with you. Thanks my friend (and the other french friends I have knew) for this wonderful moments we have share fighting and outside the ring.



boxermad is recommended by lutte 71

a master to fight : skill, strong, humble
he know to get on level to opponent
Great fighter



lutte 71 is recommended by boxermad

Last week end I had a new match with this extraordinary fighter, he has grown his muscles since our last figth and he is now almost invincible.... you don´t be dissapointed, challenge him if you want a real M2M fight.

Very strong fighter with a lot of stamina. He is also very competitive and always looking for the win. Physically he has good legs and arms that he uses with all his power in the fight. Outside the mats a great person also. Contact him if you want a long and sweaty fight session. Totally recommended .



boxermad is recommended by schabernacken

Incredibly strong (especially his arms), solid technical background, always sane and sane, but tough.
Off the mats a nice host. Fully recommended if you make it to Madrid.



boxermad is recommended by scotsgrappler

Had the privilege of meeting this guru of grappling/fighting styles some years ago. He is a first-rate wrestler and fighter as well as a gentleman. He looks out for his opponent and did not abuse his formidable technical advantages. Well-mannered, polite and hospitable off the mats (first rate host) and a warrior on them. Highly regarded and Recommended.



boxermad is recommended by SportWrest

He is really strong with an incredible arms and biceps.

Polite guy and he acomodates his strength to your level




SportWrest is recommended by boxermad

he love to fight and is quite skilled, so I recomend him to have fun and sane fight



boxermad is recommended by militaire

Very strong, very nice, and very friendly...
Un luchador perfecto. Muy amable... Lo recomiendo naturalmente....



boxermad is recommended by JasonOG

was a great time on the mat with him. very strong and skilled fighter. not easy to bring him to give up. and if you didn't take care, you are in a bad position after his attack. he fights very competitive but always fair. we've had a lot of fun in a Long and hard fight til exhaustion. hope to fight him again soon. highly recommended.



JasonOG is recommended by boxermad

Very skilled fighter and strong man. he knows perfectly the atack and defence technichs so the fight with him could be long until exhaustion. Very recomended to those that want a long, hard and technic fight. I hope to repeat soon



boxermad is recommended by Wrestlertoo

Right now I have sore ribs and a stiff neck!....But,I had a great time with this fantastic guy. He played down his game for me and was really good company both on and off the mat.
Beware......when faced with a genuine opponent (as opposed to me), he really is tough and dishes out the pain with out mercy.
If you are Man enough to take it, meet him soon!! Fully reliable, very recommendable and now, a good friend, welcome back to my home anytime, as soon as I recover!! lol.



Wrestlertoo is recommended by boxermad

Great man and host that will you have a great time of tourism and wrestling in the Scottish Borders. Do not miss him he is totally recommended. I hope to see him soon.



Muscle Beach is recommended by boxermad

If you love wrestling you have to fight with Muscle Beach, he has the strength, muscles and technic to have a sweaty and intense fight session. I recommend him and I hope to meet him again very soon .



boxermad is recommended by dundun

Boxermad is a kind of Mary Poppins… practically perfect in every way ;) I can tell you that he is strong and has an amazing body but… look yourself at his profile pictures and you will find it out yourself. His wrestling skills are out of any doubt but he will adapt to any level and skill. Simply a wonderful person… and I am lucky to know him now for many years. If you ever have the chance to meet him, don´t miss it!!!



dundun is recommended by boxermad

One of the best fighters you can find in this page, skillful, very strong and the most important thing, an excellent human being. Do not lose the opportunity of have an encounter with him.



boxermad is recommended by wrestler122001

thanks very much for a very good wrestling session .I take a lesson with the best professionnel ; muchas gracias ARTURO



wrestler122001 is recommended by boxermad

Strong and good wrestler, he always wants a fight more until exhaustion. I recommend him if you want a good and long fight.



boxermad is recommended by FrBoxer

This guy is dangerously fit, trained and good at boxing!! Then, Boxermad is also very nice guy who will adapt to your level.
Obvious of course: highly recommended!



FrBoxer is recommended by boxermad

If you like boxing and you are in Paris do not hesitate contact with "FrBoxer" he is skilled and he love to box. I recommend him.



boxermad is recommended by Kruhn

One thing you better know about my new friend and honorable opponent... expect110% when he´s on the mats. He´s a great wrestler, fast, aggressive and tough overall. Although I lost against him (despite the size advantage),I had a blast fighting him and the next time I´m in Madrid he´s definitely on my to meet up list. Off the mats, he´s a friendly guy, a true gentleman.

Una cosa que debes saber sobre mi nuevo amigo, es que en el ring, espera 110% de esfuerzo. El es un tío fuerte, duro, y conocedor de la lucha, jiu-jiutu y vale todo. Aunque perdí (aún con la diferencia de tamaño), lo pasé super bien. Fuera del ring, él es todo un caballero.



Kruhn is recommended by boxermad

If you want to fight with a big man do it with him, he loves fighting, he is strong and he put all his energies to win, you won´t be disappointed.



boxermad is recommended by THEIRONMAN

Thsi man is a great and strong wrestler,great body,legs and arms. The fight was very rough but he controled me in every matches.It is a nice person,was happy meet him and good experience in wrestling. I improved also my knoledge in mma.
Certainly he is a man to meet,I recomend him. Tks my friend hoping meet u soon.



THEIRONMAN is recommended by boxermad

Very strong man and a great wrestler and person. I have enjoyed very much our fight and I hope to fight with him again in the future. I recommend him



boxermad is recommended by wrestler2000

He is a very skilled and strong guy with a solid fight body. Unbeatable for me, but he adjusted to my level and we had a great fun time. He always keeps it safe and he is a very friendly and reliable person.
I would like to have a rematch with him and recommend him to everybody.



wrestler2000 is recommended by boxermad

A very nice man. It has been a pleasure to fight with him and I hope to do it again soon. Totally recommendable



boxermad is recommended by wrestlerlutteur

A nice and clever guy out of the mats who turns into a strong fighter, really into punching. I enjoyed our fights.

un peleador fuerte quién no tiene miedo a golpear.. y un hombre bien educado, inteligente con quien es también un placer discutir - Lo recommiendo.



wrestlerlutteur is recommended by boxermad

Very clever and nice man who knows how to fight. He is much more strong than he seems so be careful if you are in front of him... I enjoyed very much our fight and I hope to repeat soon. I recommend him.



boxermad is recommended by newstravel

Gran luchador con una excelente forma fisica. Sin duda alguna uno de los mejores combates hasta fecha. Muy buena combinacion de tecnica y resistencia, totalmente infatigable. No dispone de puntos debiles asi que sea cual sea el estilo de lucha hay que hechar el resto con el.



newstravel is recommended by boxermad

Great host and great person. It worthwhile to visit him and have a hard fight with him. He is stronger than he looks and if you don´t be careful for sure you will be in problems... I hope to fight with him very soon


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just a training sesion...

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