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BIG boxing fan and I LOVE to box. i do have some formal training, but i am interested in learning more from my fights and opponents. Been boxing as a fetish since the year 2000 and LOVE putting on the gloves and going a few rounds. Nothing hotter!!
UPDATE: 01/14/2017 - I realized it's been a while since I updated my profile. It's been a year since my back surgery and I'm back to putting on the gloves again. I had a few fights last year and I held up very well. I'm going to the gym and trying to get back to a healthy weight.



  1. USA - Ohio, Westlake
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Age: 38-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 180 lbs (82 kg)

Languages spoken: English

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Past cyber/phone opponents:


boxer1 is recommended by denvrboxer

Have boxed Greg several times over the years and has always been a fun and entertaining bout. Since he has been going to boxing class he has got better and i highly recommend him if you are in the Cleveland area. Good sparring partner



denvrboxer is recommended by boxer1

I can't believe that i haven't written a review for this guy yet. i have met him many times in the past and he's a great guy to spar with. He sparred at my level and we both had a great time during our bout. If he's in your area, put the gloves on with him and go a few rounds.



boxers4 is recommended by boxer1

After years of chatting with boxers4, I finally got the opportunity to glove up with him. It was great meeting him at last. He has a great personality and very easy to chat with. I enjoyed having a fun sparring session with him and I hope our paths cross again in the future.



boxer1 is recommended by HarborFighter

I first met Greg back in 2002. He was just getting started in his life of boxing. He was young and eager. Now I met him again after almost 15 years and WOW...he has grown up and become a man. He is a great guy. He is able to take my tips and immediately apply them in his sparring. He has improved in every way by leaps and bounds. I was in Cincinnati as part of my around-the-world FightOdyssey. I organized a boxing event there and Greg attended. He made the event so worthwhile for me by showing me his increased ability in the ring as well as his mature outlook on life...the life we all aim for as fighters...the life of a true, real boxer! I trained him. We sparred. He was GREAT. Meet him, spar him, box him. DEFINITELY!



HarborFighter is recommended by boxer1

It was great seeing Tom again. We haven't seen each other in 15 years. He's a great guy and a great teacher. He gave me a few pointers at the Cincinnati Fisticuffs that I have incorporated into my boxing routine. Looking forward to the next event and can't wait to box with you and Rob again soon!



boxer1 is recommended by midwestboxer

I've been chatting with boxer1 before this site was even around! I've always wanted to meet him but things always seemed to get in the way. I was so pleased to be able to finally meet him in person and in a real boxing ring. He has a genuine love of boxing and I would recommend him to anyone I know. I hope to trade leather with him again in the future.



midwestboxer is recommended by boxer1

OH man, it was GREAT meeting midwestboxer at long last! He helped me work on my offense in the ring and he also made sure I was eating my fair share of punches too. He rocked me several times with good punches and I really enjoyed sparring with him. He's a great guy and a gentleman both in and out of the ring. Hope to have another bout with him in the near future!



diggeroh is recommended by boxer1

Diggeroh was a tough opponent and he had me against the ropes in the ring a few times.Great guy both in and out of the ring. If you like a hard and tough fight, I highly recommend him!



boxer1 is recommended by SilverFoxFight

Had the opportunity to FINALLY meet Greg at Cincinnati Boxing this last Saturday after chatting for many, many years. The word I would use to describe Boxer1 is RESILIANT; he's overcome back surgery and working hard to get back into "fighting shape." Greg is a strong and tenacious boxer and a personable man... you will enjoy meeting and sparring with him! I sure hope to spend a longer time gloved up with him in the near future. Deano



SilverFoxFight is recommended by boxer1

It was great meeting Deano at last. It wasn't until the end of the event that we realized that we hadn't sparred with each other in Cincinnati. Next time I'm in your neck of the woods, I will bring the gloves with me buddy! It was great meeting you and keep up with your boxing man! Once you start it, you'll never regret it.



boxer1 is recommended by Rusnak

Great guy. He shows up on time and come to box. Good guy boxing and out of the gloves. Highly recommend him.



Rusnak is recommended by boxer1

So glad I finally got to meet this guy! He's a great guy and I had a GREAT match with him. Looking forward to future bouts with Rusnak!



boxer1 is recommended by Boxer Daddy

WOW! Oh WOW! What a Great Boxer Boy! Boxer1 is an exceptional opponent. Aside from looking great in a pair of Thumbless Everlast gloves he fought back every minute of the round till the final KO end. If you’re ready to trade leather up close and personal he’s a Hot BoxerBoy that will make your boxing fantasy come true. We should have traded leather far sooner than we did, but I know we’ll be doing it more often from now on! All the Best from Techboxer aka Boxer Daddy.



Boxer Daddy is recommended by boxer1

i had a GREAT time with Techboxer aka Boxer Daddy. He gave me a good work over and made one of my hottest fantasies come true in our last match. i'm looking forward to next year's bout! i highly recommend Techboxer as He can box at your level, weather you're a novice or a pro like He is. (Not to mention he's a good guy and a VERY hot Boxer Daddy!)



boxer1 is recommended by Gutboxer

I agree with Techboxer WOW! We mostly trade some excellent gut punches, and I think feel like I have found a really Great GP Brother. Like everyone said Greg is a an awesome man and new friend. If anyone needs a couple of big guts to punch around lets set something up and we will even give it Back. Can't wait for our next Gut Pounding Match!!!



Gutboxer is recommended by boxer1

Larry is a great guy and has one tough gut. If you're looking for a guy who can take a LOT of gut punishment, then i recommend that you test out his gut. He's a great guy and i too look forward to our next GP session. Next time, i will step it up and go a little harder on you next time bro!!!



boxer1 is recommended by scubawrestler

You've always wanted to hook up with this guy just like I have. I did. You'd better too! Don't miss out on the fun. Great guy, fun to box, and a good friend.



scubawrestler is recommended by boxer1

i had the pleasure of gloving up with this guy about 3 years ago. Very nice guy and just like he says in his profile, he boxes at your level. Hoping to put the gloves on again with him the next time he's in my neck of the woods!!



boxer1 is recommended by Kureitondes

Greg was my first gutpunch opponent back in 2001. A hard hitter and can take a lot! Our sessions were usually hours long back and forth. Definitely miss having our regular matches



Kureitondes is recommended by boxer1

i would highly recommend Kureitondes as a gutpuncher/punchee. He's a great guy and can give and take for hours. i have had several gutpunching bouts with him and he can give and take very well!!



boxer1 is recommended by boxinboy82

Met boxer1 and he was my first friend into boxing and gp, he is a great guy and def. worth meeting!



boxinboy82 is recommended by boxer1

i've known this guy for years and he's a good friend of mine...not to mention he can take a good punch up.