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Closed for repairs 😳 Got the all clear from consultant but still in recovery mode. Maybe in a couple of months I’ll be back but probably not in a competitive role.



  1. United Kingdom, Belfast
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Age: 56-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 187 lbs (85 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Trunks n boots, singlets, nude

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bolanbear is recommended by frogcub

I met bolanbear in Tel Aviv a few years ago. This was one of the best matches and one of the best experiences I've ever had. He's strong good wrestler and also sexy. We wrestled for several hours and had a lot of fun. I hope I'll meet him again.



bolanbear is recommended by Spoiler18

This guy is hot, sexy, an excellent match and an exceedingly nice guy as well. Knows his stuff on the mats. Can't recommend him highly enough. GRRRRR Until next time, Paul



Spoiler18 is recommended by bolanbear

What was I thinking about taking on this big lump! Lol Actually V friendly, funny guy. Beat the tar outta me! Could have broken me into little pieces but he stopped when I cried for my mom! Lol strong fucker! Picked me up n left me back on his motorbike so that was another thrill that day. Next time, I'm bringin a big bat! Lol



bolanbear is recommended by Belfastspeedo

This lad had given me many baitins over the years but I've given him a few back too lol. Very strong, always a tough, sweaty match guaranteed. Long overdue for another rassle. Well recommended.



Belfastspeedo is recommended by bolanbear

We have indeed had many battles! He's getting bigger now so may not be any 15-0 squash matches now as he's getting a bit cocky n getting some submissions outta me! Always good natured scraps and brings out the heel in me! Hope to have many more! Oof! Gut punch! C'mon boi! Bring it!



bolanbear is recommended by niwrestler

This guy isn't bad for an old man....!! In fact he is an excellent wrestler, very powerful in both upper body and legs. Also try to gutpunch him and you won't have much luck getting him to give! Quite the opponent and look forward to trying my luck next time with him!



niwrestler is recommended by bolanbear

Cheeky wee fecker! lol A genuine guy, master of the pre match banter! Actually had me worried cos he's got 20 years on me and plays football. Powerful for his size,but this old fella showed him who the daddy is ;o)You wanna try again kid? Welcome anytime!;o)