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Older guy looking for friendly wrestling (semi competitive)with guys of similar age and build.
Also enjoy tests of strength like arm wrestling and finger-lock etc. Like comparing my modest muscles to other guys and swapping photos



  1. United Kingdom, Bedford
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Age: 67-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 195 lbs (88 kg)

Gear: speedos, briefs, or nude

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boddyprett1 is recommended by chub

I had a great time with Bodyprett1 who met me at station and took me to the wrestling location with mat room area. We were able to demonstrate our tests of strength with both arm wrestle and hand locking as opening to our matches. We were of equal weight, height and near about age. Very good even give and take. Excellent host with sandwiches and coffee etc provided. If you get the chance to meet you will not be disappointed. A man of the World with good conversational topics too.



chub is recommended by boddyprett1

Met chub today and had a fantastic time.
He taught me loads of new wrestling moves and then we wrestled and I tried to put them into practice. It was a great session.
We followed the wrestling with strength tests and I was very impressed by his power. It was the way I like it ...plenty of grunting and groaning.. I was completely exhausted after our session together.
We finished off with refreshments and a long discussion putting the world to right .
A thoroughly nice chap who I' recommend to all other thoroughly nice chaps on MEETFIGHTERS



boddyprett1 is recommended by cuthbert44

When I met Boddyprett1 we had an excellent and very close competitive match, which left me absolutely exhausted. I enjoyed chatting to him both before and after the match, we found several interests in common. He is a really nice guy and I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of our meeting.



cuthbert44 is recommended by boddyprett1

Had a great fight with cuthbert44 at my place. It is one I'll never forget.
I quite fancied my chances due to his senior years but right from the start I realised I was up against a formidable opponent and any thoughts of me getting the win went right out of the window as I realised his strength and experience exceeded mine. I can thoroughly recommend cuthbert44 to anyone who wants a fully competitive submissions wrestling match. Enjoyed a good chat over a cuppa afterwards. He is a very interesting and likeable chap



scissorsman is recommended by boddyprett1

Had a great meet with scissorsman and an extremely enjoyable wrestle.
He is a super guy on and off the mats.
Definitely would recommend him.
Hope to have a return soon.



boddyprett1 is recommended by grappleu2

I took Rob on at his excellent wrestling room. We had a great battle at arm wrestling followed by a long hard fought wrestling bout that went to the final fall. A gentleman off the mats and a safe and sane opponent on them I thoroughly recommend him.



grappleu2 is recommended by boddyprett1

Hosted a great meet with Grappleu2
After a closely fought and very testing arm wrestling contest we then had an excellent wrestling match.
I certainly had my work cut out coping with his strength and wrestling ability and It developed into a very hard and sweaty contest and by the time the final deciding submission was gained we were both absolutely exhausted.
A very interesting chat and much needed refreshments rounded off an excellent day and I can thoroughly recommend Grappleu2 as a great opponent.



boddyprett1 is recommended by dcur

i visited Boddyprett in September 2015. and was a really nice person to meet.
i was very nervous about trying this but he put me at my ease.
We had a cool test of strength and chatted about wrestling.
Great person and nice to meet. looking forward to next time.



dcur is recommended by boddyprett1

Had an enjoyable visit from dcur who is a thoroughly nice, friendly chap with a good knowledge of the wrestling scene, and we had good test of strength. I can definitely recommend him.



boddyprett1 is recommended by Hertfordshireman

A fit and fair fighter that sticks to the rule. I had a good match with him



Hertfordshireman is recommended by boddyprett1

Had a great meeting with Hertfordshireman. Numerous tests of strength were followed by a long, strenuous, and sweaty wrestling session and I was taken to my limit by this strong chap. I definitely want a rematch.
Genuinely nice person and I can thoroughly recommend him.



boddyprett1 is recommended by SpideyScotUK

Had a brilliant match with boddyprett at his place. Competitive subs and pins wrestling in Speedos with both of us going for our first victory. I raced into an early lead with a few pins and was 6 - 2 up when we had a break to strip nude and wrestle as nature intended. At the restart he got me in a devastating headlock that had me gasping and eventually tapping. After seeing the effect his deadly headlock had on me he piled on the punishment trapping me in his tight headlock hold again and again making me submit every time. All credit to him as he completed an amazing comeback to make me tap one last time to give him a hard fought 7 v 6 win. Afterwards he he did some muscle flexing poses over my defeated prone body which was really hot. He's a great guy and safe and sane, can't wait for round 2, highly recommend



SpideyScotUK is recommended by boddyprett1

Had a great match with SpideyScotUK at my place. This was a really long sweaty struggle with pins and submissions. He is a very strong and durable opponent and we were both at our limits throughout, and despite being behind for most of the match I was lucky and relieved to score my first win. I can recommend him as a nice bloke and a good wrestler.


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