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like to wrestle naked, just in black socks



  1. Netherlands, Hilversum
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I am willing to travel 100 kilometers


Age: 47-year-old Male

Stats: 6'3" (190 cm), 179 lbs (81 kg)

Languages spoken: Dutch, English, German

Gear: black socks, speedo

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blacksocks108 is recommended by wrestlingotter

What a stud on the mats! He uses his tall, strong frame to control the match, and he made me feel like I didn’t even have any strength at all at times. He gets my highest recommendations...just be ready because he makes a mighty mean heel when he wants to be;)



wrestlingotter is recommended by blacksocks108

Very nice, hot and well-built guy. Big fun on the mats, he can take a lot. Besides that a very nice guy, great we have met.



blacksocks108 is recommended by sid

Strong and in shape fighter. We had a very nice and also sweaty encounter on my mats. Did some rounds of submission wrestling going back and forth. Apart from wrestling blacksocks is really a nice guy to talk with too. Like to fight him again and would strongly recommend him to other wrestlers as well!!



sid is recommended by blacksocks108

Very strong, heavy and skillfull fighter. Nice host and great place to wrestle on mats. He easily adapts to the skills of his opponent. 100% recommendation if you want to have a heavy fight with a real fighter.



blacksocks108 is recommended by radagast

Meeting this guy after long chat before was big pleasure ... He is fearless fighter with great stamina and very nice person and easy talk guy of the mat. I recomend this guy to everybody who travel to Holland as very reliable person who is really worth to spend a time with ... I hope we can meet again.



radagast is recommended by blacksocks108

I met Radagast in Gent, Belgium. He is a very strong, well-built guy. He is very unpretentious about his wrestling skills, but he really knows how to fight. He easily adapts to the level of his opponent and is willing to teach. Even more important, off the mat he is a great guy and it was a big pleasure to meet. A 100% recommendation.



blacksocks108 is recommended by Hairyfight

Blacksocks108 is a strong wrestler, his long arms and legs are very powerfull.
It´s a lot of fun to wrestle with him.
He´s a very nice guy on the mats and a really great guy.
highly recommended always again.



Hairyfight is recommended by blacksocks108

Hairyfight is a great guy, our match was big fun. He has an impressive body and is a good challenge in a wrestling match. We are both not really experienced wrestlers, so was good to practice some holds. After the match we had great fun also, very happy to get to know you better. 110% recommendation.

Hairyfight ist ein Supernetter Kerl, unserer Begegnung war grosser Spass. Er hat ein kräftiger Figur und ist ein guter Herausforderung in ein Ringkampf. Nach den Fight auch grosser Spass, 110% empfehlenswert.



blacksocks108 is recommended by canucko

Very agile and powerful guy who knows how to wrestle submission. Friendly outside of matches and a good challenge for dominance in matches!



canucko is recommended by blacksocks108

Very nice guy on and off the mats. Up for a good fight, hard to make him submit, as he knows how to use his big body. Also fun after the match, I can fully recommend him.



blacksocks108 is recommended by SGZapas

Blacksocks is a really nice and friendly guy.

He is using his whole body during the match, which is really great. The strongest part of his body are his leggs. And he is really fast in using them!

Would like to wrestle this guy again!

Thanks for a great match.



SGZapas is recommended by blacksocks108

Had a great meeting with Marijn. He is a really nice and relaxed guy and a perfect host. He is much stronger than you would expect from a 60 kgs guy and he has a well shaped body. The match was intense and with respect for each others wishes and capabilities, I have fully enjoyed it. Also off the mat he is a funny guy with whom you can have a nice conversation. I can fully recommend a meeting with him.