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Looking for sensible, sane guys to wrestle. Enjoy the whole scene and am looking for wrestling buddies to practice, etc.

Fascinated by the whole WOS set up since I was a kid (am I preaching to the converted there?) and have got pro boots, trunks, etc. More than willing to do pro-fantasy or submission. Not so up myself that I can't job for you, if that's what floats your boat. I just ask that your respectful, safe and sane. Let's just enjoy ourselves, eh?

People tell me I look a bit mean, fair play, but don't let that put you off.I consider myself a decent down to earth sorta guy who likes a good wrestle and hopes to make a few friends in the process.

Oh, and finally, yes it is me. I'm Dare! from Battling Bulldogs 11. Obviously, that was a few years ago but thank you to those who've been very complimentary about the video. Pics from this are in the gallery.



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Looking for coach, Competing (tournaments)
Specific wrestling styles: Promission, Brit pro wrestling


  1. United Kingdom, London
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I am willing to travel 50 kilometers


Age: 49-year-old Gay Male, looking for Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 231 lbs (105 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: singlets, speedos, jocks, leather

Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
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Ben skull stephens Blackwrestle jgrappler




bigbeefydare is recommended by toonarmy

Met Dare on a flying visit, really glad I did - looks awesome and is a strong and determined opponent. Enjoyed my time with him and am looking forward to a real match on mats and in gear.

His new recommendation is very unfair on his part. Dare being of big and beefy stature really did go to town on me - the things he said he was going to write about me - he did not. Which is kind. I got beat. Big time - in his pro gear (in which he looks the part) he turned into a nasty heel who used his weight to his advantage - a day after and I ache a lot. Stamina was all I had on my side and I got some cheeky subs in towards the end of our pro ring bout only due to him tiring.
Look forward to tagging with him on my side next.



toonarmy is recommended by bigbeefydare

Met Toonarmy in a hotel room for a match prior to him taking a business flight the next day. Great bloke. Smaller than me but handles himself extremely well, just watch out for those powerful legs! Multiple submissions scored on both sides and the chemistry between us was good. I'm really hoping to meet Toonarmy again in the near future as I want the bastard on the mats in pro gear for our next match. Let's do this properly! Oh, and sorry about the bruised nose :)

So after much verbal posturing on both sides via Whatsapp, Toonarmy & I set a date to meet at Walthamstow ring. Having previously wrestled this guy (see above) I was s nervous as hell 'cos he's certainly no pushover and those legs are fatal. A great promission bout that seemed to go on forever, boy that guy's got stamina. However, I think it's fair to say my weight advantage saw me clear. That being said, wha I admire about Toonarmy is his undiminishable spirit -he just gets up time after time and brings it! A fantastic time on the mats, a gutsy fighter and a very good friend. T'il next time, mate!



hunkywrestler is recommended by bigbeefydare

Absolute pleasure to meet this softly spoken adonis of wrestling. Our paths nearly crossed prior to my long hiatus but fate finally put us in a hotel room to face one another. This guy is strong, supple and knows how to handle himself. Once again, my weight advantage made life difficult for him but he was relentless and took every opportunity to counter an attack. A hotel room just isn't sufficient for two guys like us and I very much hope we get to finish it in the ring.



bigbeefydare is recommended by Ben skull stephens

We met today at Walthamstow ring 11th February 2018 for a give and take British professional wrestling match and WOW what a Brilliant match it was and without doubt has to be one of my favourite bouts, it is not often you meet a good calibre of guy who can wrestle to a good standard as Bigbeefydare did, we wrestled for a good couple of hours , and i had an amazing time, I have to admit it has been one of the best professional matches I've done for a while there was lots grunts and groans between us , we styled it on the World of sport wrestling format , for me Mr Dare is a strong wrestler who picks up the holds and moves well, who I agree works like me on the premise that we work together and we sing from the same hymn sheet, and as they say in football 'RESULT ' we did and well it was amazing , I am not disapointed at all with the result, we plan to meet again to get a few bouts under our belt , and I am proud to say I will not refuse, he has the classic look in his gear of a professional wrestler and he has a great attitude loads of potential which stands him in good stead for future prowrestling, to me one of the best . Out of the ring the nicest guy you can meet and chat with intelligent and kind bloke.
Altogether a great day and a good man.



Ben skull stephens is recommended by bigbeefydare

Had been talking to Ben on Meet Fighters regarding the possibility of doing some pro wrestling. He was aware of the Bulldog video but I explained that my pro experience was very limited and that I might be somewhat rusty, so we arranged to meet at Walthamstow ring on a 'see how it goes' basis and to take things from there. Being a teacher by trade myself, I have to say Ben was amazing. He assessed my capabilities and gradually introduced me to a number of pro moves , ensuring I had sufficient time to practice and in doing so built my confidence. Through Ben's expert guidance we started to work through a number of scenarios and eventually progressed onto a number of rounds. I had a fantastic experience with Ben who is a superb & patient wrestler and teacher. I'm hoping we'll meet again in the not too distant future so I can further develop my skills in this area and look forward to hitting the mats with this legend of the ring soon. Those of you wishing to explore the WOS/pro style of wrestling would do well to seek the support, knowledge and skills of this master of his art. Thanks Ben



bigbeefydare is recommended by Blackwrestle

One thing is definite we are going to meet again.

This man is one of those guys that he looks and acts the part. Though he's beenot away from the mats for a while he has not lost his love and skill for the sport.
In no time at all we both sweating buckets having a great back and forth session. He's tall and string and man worth the meet.
Off the mats he's socialable and articulate and a great person to have a drink with



Blackwrestle is recommended by bigbeefydare

So, it was a journey up to High Barnet to hit the mats with Blackwrestle. A good match in terms of size & a fierce competitor with plenty of upper body strength. Would definitely meet again for a wrestle and an obligatory post fight pint.


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Pro match Cyclone vs Dare (2005)

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