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I'm muscle built and athletic wrestler looking for other well built guys for wrestling matches to pin, sub, long held holds. horseplay to competitive and fun. Prefer a solid match with a competitive edge over with test of strength and showing and learning new techniques and moves to over power the other.



  1. USA - Illinois, Chicago
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 51-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 210 lbs (95 kg)

Gear: speedo, jock, singlet, more

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai
Judo Judo

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Rale Ravoe is recommended by biceptom

By far one of the best, hottest, strongest competitive guys on this sight. Cannot begin to say enough about this guy. One of mosht powerful guys on here who knows his way on the matts. It is impossible to escape from his holds once he locks you in place. His biceps and quads are beyond reproach. He is experienced enough to control and dominate the entire match but also keep the match exciting and will push you hard to go past what your thought your limits were.

I was happy that I was actually able to surprise him with a few moves of my own and control the match at times which surprised me as well. Much to learn from this guy as he's unstoppable with a hot attitude to intimidate. Most of all I'm proud to call him a friend of mine and hoping to make him a regular on the mat. If ever fortunate enough to be invited by him for a match, grab the opportunity. The most fun I've had in long time.



biceptom is recommended by IRLguy

Never has there been a more enjoyable accidental meet.....Myself & Tom found ourselves on the same ship and chatting over a few drinks long before the penny dropped how we both recognised each other.

Although not a proper bout, we had a hot and sweaty roll together and words are completely unnecessary to describe how big and impressive this man is. He has power to spare and just looks incredible in his tight briefs. The match was a true fantasy.

I wish we had known in advance and had a proper match, as I would love to see this Titan in full flow, but I was completely blown away by this incredible man. One evening is nowhere NEAR enough to fully enjoy this true specimen.

He’s an absolute gent off the mats and we had a really great evening together. I cannot wait to get the opportunity to meet and wrestle again, as he is easily one of the hottest opponents I am ever going to have the honour to get my hands on.

Ready and waiting for round 2.



IRLguy is recommended by biceptom

After readin IRLguy recommendation of me all I can say is the feeling was mutual in every way

I will travel across the pond to see this guy again for a real full out match next time and see what he’s really made if. Then enjoy his company. Lightning can strike when you least expect it to.



biceptom is recommended by Loxerdude

Biceptom is Huge. When he stepped out of the elevator he was wearing a white sweater but he was so jacked it looked like his pecs and arms were choking his sweater. We battled for about an hour and he was a great wrestler and accommodates to different sizes and skill levels. He could easily crush most on here as he’s over 200 lbs and built like a bodybuilder - I think he was actually a bodybuilder formerly. I tried to pin down his legs from a position with leverage and he simply squeezed his legs together slowly locking mine in some kind of crazy leg vice grip and I was rendered immobile because I could not break out. Great friendly guy and I highly recommend meeting him if you get the chance - just remember that his age has made him ridiculously strong and he knows how to remind you who’s in charge



biceptom is recommended by Avalanche

Amazing guy to wrestle with! Very professional and polite before and after the match! I'm looking forward to our next match and hopefully this time I can stand a chance!



Avalanche is recommended by biceptom

I have to say his pics dont do him justice till you meet him in person. One of the best male physiques I've come across. Super gentleman and a lot of fun on the matts. Although my size dominated a lot he definately knows how to hold his own and put on some strong holds of his own. One of my best matches yet and well worth repeating down the road.



biceptom is recommended by Groundcombat

This guy is a stud. Built guy, looks great in his gear, and has great moves and sell. We did some promission. Can take abuse as well as dish it out but a solid guy off the mat. Recommend!



biceptom is recommended by ArabianGuy

Been exchanging messages for a longtime till we finally met for a hot & sweaty match!! Besides being very hot and strong, he is a great guy on and off the mat (hotel mattress in our case) spent most of the day wrestling, site seeing and great conversations!

Can't wait for our paths to cross again!!



ArabianGuy is recommended by biceptom

Not only was the man sexy and handsome but had some strong holds on me that were challenging to get out of. More important is that this man is a truly amazing guy and the best host you could ever ask for. A gentleman with an edge in his singlet. Don't miss out



biceptom is recommended by wrestlingkit

After a long long time in contact...finally we met and grrrrrrrrrrrrrr I really enjoyed this wrestling meeting...wowwwww biceptom is, as you can see a muscular stud who knows how to offer you a great battle on the mats...lot of energy...lot of sweat and for sure lot of fun.
If u can meet him don,t miss opportunity!!!! he,s a great guy strong wrestler and off the mats a real kind and nice guy as well.
I agree ....for our re/match we will need more time ...GUARANTEED BUDDY!!!!



wrestlingkit is recommended by biceptom

Really anticipated my match with this guy. Great control on the matts, powerful and stronger than I thought he would be. We have a blast together. But off the matts he was a GREAT host. Only regret we did not spend more time together



biceptom is recommended by wrestler tr

was hot and sweaty match...his back is really strong...we will revenge for next time...



wrestler tr is recommended by biceptom

Strong, powerful and sexy. All wrapped up around me. Great hot match! But would I meet up with him again? Oh hell yea! Gives an awesome massage after!



biceptom is recommended by ulises007

I had a meeting with this guy in Buenos Aires
I really enjoy it ,he has a great body and A male attitude in the mats ,really strong and nice people . IF he challenge you do not hesitate to say yes .