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Interested in wrestling (sub, pro, give and take, other styles). My favorite style has sub and pro holds in it. I like competitive matches, but I realize my skills need work. But I very much enjoy learning and trying out new holds, as well as getting a great workout from wrestling. I do also pro with heel/jobber, but haven't done that as much as I'd like. My primary goal is a good workout, with safety and sanity a priority. I suspect the word "level-headed" applies to how I approach mat time. It's important that each person have a good time from the experience.



  1. USA - Ohio, Toledo
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Age: 61-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 220 lbs (100 kg)

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Tufanuf is recommended by bam10

Tufanuf lives up to his name. Strong, skilled, funny – I wish I didn't have to say all those nice things. :-) If you're even close to his area, arrange a match with him.



wrestlestowin is recommended by bam10

WTW was an excellent challenge. Although he's lighter than I am, he's strong as heck, and we both put up a good fight. Working holds back and forth, we broke a good sweat. The pace was just right, and all limits were respected. I'd surely wrestle him again, and you should too.



bam10 is recommended by btler

Great guy & pleasure to spar with. Strong, good cardio San, safe & good sportsman. Moves well & keeps coming. Look forward to next time. Highly recommend this big handsome man.



btler is recommended by bam10

Just a great guy to box. He's very skilled, but works at your pace. The match won't be over early, and he wants it to be a sweaty contest for both guys. Don't miss out on an opportunity to box with him and learn.



bam10 is recommended by midwestboxer

I've had a few matches with bam and I can tell you that this guy never gives up! He can pack a punch and keeps fighting until the end. If you meet up with him you won't be disappointed.



midwestboxer is recommended by bam10

I didn't have a chance against his boxing skills and power, but it went well :-) He punches hard, and he knows how to scatter his punches to keep you off balance. While I was outclassed, he was respectful of limits. A good guy off the mats, be on your game if you put the gloves on with him.