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Hi there,

Hope you are having a good day/night.

Prefer wrestling stocky older men.

Im not trained but keen.

Have fun

Savio : )

Ps. I'm friendly and easy going , please be the same. Thank you.



  1. United Kingdom, London Borough of Hillingdon
    Ware, hertfordshire
  2. India, Mumbai
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 40-year-old Male

Stats: 5'4" (162 cm), 117 lbs (53 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: speedos.

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission

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badjayson is recommended by edscissors

Badjayson contacted me out of the blue and a week later our paths crossed at Heathrow - he flying in, I flying out.

He is a charming guy, easygoing, easy to talk to, and we had a nice wrestle with him applying some inventive scissor holds. I'd be delighted to meet him again some time and recommend him as a strong, safe, really nice guy with a winning smile!



edscissors is recommended by badjayson

I met Edscissors in London and we had a fabulous time. We chatted on meetfighters for a bit and to our luck realised that we were crossing paths at Heathrow and so decided to meet. Edscissors loves being head scissored and hence the name. He is easy going , gentle and polite. He is very easy to talk to and a genuinely nice man. Having said that he is extremely resilient and doesn't give in easily and made me work hard to make him submit ( not all my head scissors ended in submissions )

Thank you Edward for a morning well spent. All the best. Have fun. Ciao.



badjayson is recommended by GusLondon

Met twice now, most recently December 2016. Lovely guy, slim, toned, knows more wrestling moves than he likes to let on. Enjoyed a light give and take pro-wrestling style roll around. Fun, safe, will likely to explore more competitive scenarios too. Very easy to get on with off the mat.



GusLondon is recommended by badjayson

I have met Gus a couple of times now and he's always awesome fun to wrestle with. He looks fab in gear like someone out of WOS. He enjoys pro fantasy and loves playing the heel (which he's very good at ) but switches easily with the flow.

Off the mats he's easy to chat with and a true gentleman. He's a genuinely nice man and I hope we meet again, soon.

Hope to meet him soon. Thanks Gus.



badjayson is recommended by Clive

A most enjoyable session, The visit was to learn various moves and
badjayson was most helpful and informative. Not miss the chance to see this
guy if you are looking for guidance.

Look forward to another meet..



Clive is recommended by badjayson

Met Clive for his first wrestle. He's friendly and very approachable. Clive is strong and is very focused on safety. I had a good time wrestling Clive - I wish we had more time, though. Thank you for taking time to meet me, Clive. : )



badjayson is recommended by mazar48

I recently wrestled Badjayson during a brief stopover. What a great fighter. High energy, sweaty, tough, and a really nice guy. Highly recommended.



mazar48 is recommended by badjayson

Meeting and wrestling Bill was fun. We had a long chat and a cup of tea before and after. Was an evening well spent. Bill is a nice guy, very polite and affable. Happy to have met him.



badjayson is recommended by corkey

What an enthusiastic wrestler! Likes wrestling heavier, older guys like myself and feisty, sane, competitive and energetic. We had a great time on the mats, but watch out for this fellow as he learns quickly and moves like lightning! Heartily recommended.



corkey is recommended by badjayson

I met Colin last week and had a fabulous time wrestling him. Like his profile says, he is a genuine wrestler but more importantly I found him to be a really nice person. He's easy to chat to and get along with -Never a dull moment. Colin obviously toned down his game for me but even then I was no match for him. Still a very enjoyable session and would love to do it again. Thanks Colin :-)



badjayson is recommended by dadwrestle

I am delighted to be able to write this wrestler's first recommendation! It took a time to fix a date, but he was totally reliable. Don't be fooled by his size. He is a tiger! He is determined on the mats, a natural wrestler. He's in good shape, strong, with stamina for a long, hard fight! We wrestled submission, and despite the weight and height difference he claimed some crafty subs! A most enjoyable, fun encounter. Roll on the next meet!



dadwrestle is recommended by badjayson

It was my first time wrestling someone and Paul was ever so kind to take me on.

I was no match for his strength and skill. I'm so sure he went easy on me. He even took the time to share a few moves.

It was a good session, I enjoyed it so much I didn't realize we were wrestling for a few hours.

To sum it up, all I'll say is thank you Paul for being so kind and patient, look forward to round 2'