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Hey everyone, name is Alex. I love to just free-form aggressive but fun wrestle with guys! Just have a good time test each other's strength, see who's the better wrestler while getting in a good sweaty workout in, whatever you like cause I just love to wrestle from play wrestling to aggressive erotic!

Young guy just recently getting back into this so I'm always open to learning moves if you want to teach me.

Feel free to send me message and talk, ask questions and I'll hopefully get you an answer lol. Very nice and friendly guy outside matches and open to any and all challenges! (Especially alpha vs. alpha fights :D )



  1. USA - Nevada, Las Vegas
    Place of residence
  2. USA - Nevada, Henderson
  3. USA - Georgia, Atlanta
    (I'm here between 11/22/2018 and 11/27/2018)
    Visiting family
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


Age: 26-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 158 lbs (72 kg)

Languages spoken: English

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awill92 is recommended by vonsueno

There are quite a few quality people on this site, Meet Fighters, and I had the opportunity to wrestle a fine young man, bright, articulate, and surprisingly strong for his size and build. Awill92, Alex, is that very man. We had a short match, but it was not without considerable sweat and strain on the part of both of us. He was on time for our match and ready to go.

For those who might consider challenging him, my most important word is this: beware of what you ask for in asking for a match. He is tough and like trying to hold onto a clean cut reptile; he can wrap you up into a ball and tight, too; also, he can get away from you fast enough to make your head swim.

He is highly recommended. Don't wrestle him and you will have missed out on a great opportunity.



awill92 is recommended by calwrestler

Alex drove down for a match w me on short notice and we had a terrific time....2+ hours non-stop wrestling. He was the jobber who fought back....quick to find an "in" or weakness, blind spot. I had the weight and experience but struggled at times to make him submit! He resisted submitting impressively.
Nice chat over Thai ideal Sunday afternoon. Just the first of more to come.....



calwrestler is recommended by awill92

Terry reached out to me to set up a match, decided to make a late last minute drive down to San Diego after a long weekend in California to meet up with him before making the drive back to Vegas. Switching to our speedos and definitely can echo that pictures don't do this man justice and age is only a number: Massive arm, leg muscles, very agile for his size. Getting caught by his legs was a guarantee game over: he knows how to attack and dominate. To put it simply: He's a wrestling beast! Definitely want to go into a match with him 100% full of energy or else he'll manhandle you easily!

Not afraid to take advantage in anyway he can and get a ideal situation to win: Terry is an awesome wrestler! Off the mats an awesome host, got the chance to get to know him with dinner after and in between wrestling rounds, awesome teacher: taught me a few moves to use in matches.

Definitely planning in the future for a round 2, next time full strength and rested so I can have a chance to really go at with him! If your in San Diego, highly recommend you wrestle this man!



awill92 is recommended by Wrestlia

Had a great match with awill92. He was reliable, a nice guy, and a game wrestler. I highly recommend him .



Wrestlia is recommended by awill92

Had an awesome time wrestling Wrestlia! Very skilled and strong wrestler, definitely kept me on my toes. Has probably some of the toughest chokes and body scissor locks I faced in a while cause once he had those in I was trapped. Nice guy to hang out with and talk with, looking forward to take him on again when I get the chance so definitely recommend facing him if you get the chance.



awill92 is recommended by wrestlinstudd

awill92 is living proof that you cannot judge a book by its cover!!! He is deceptively strong and knows how to use all his attributes to lure you into his traps! And to make it even more enjoyable, he is an incredibly nice man to hang with, on or off the mats.



wrestlinstudd is recommended by awill92

wrestlinstudd definitely lives up to his name! One strong dude to wrestle he's not scared to get down and dirty to win a match and well versed in moves to catch you off guard. Off the mat one of the most nicest, coolest guys you can meet



awill92 is recommended by BJJWrestlerLasVegas

Awill92 (Alex) is one of the most pleasant persons that you will ever meet both on and off the mats. He picks up on technique instruction like a fish does to water. Despite his smaller size his determination to get better on the mats will make him a very improved wrestler. He is the type of individual that you feel 110% safe being with at all times.



awill92 is recommended by VegasRuff

Great wrestling session! I played the Heel, in our match. He can certainly give as good as he gets! Nice guy, too. Hope to meet up for another match soon!



VegasRuff is recommended by awill92

Got the chance to meet this guy for a match where he played the heel and found out how strong this guy was! Knows his moves very well and kept me subdued pretty much at most times no matter how much I tried to get back control. Very nice and friendly guy off the mat but once the match starts he's a more tougher vicious dude but safe at all times.

If you want a challenging opponent here in Vegas, VegasRuff is definitely your guy and I can't wait to face him in rematch



awill92 is recommended by Sam

We had a fun sweaty match. He was always on the attack and made me work hard to try to gain an advantage. Very easy to talk to and stayed in constant communication. One of the good guys.



Sam is recommended by awill92

Sam definitely proves that age is only a number, very strong guy that versatile in his moves and knows how to use his strength! Aggressive on the mats but a nice guy outside that, taught me a little bit about how to apply holds too. Had a very good sweaty match and someone I recommend taking on in a match! :D



awill92 is recommended by SpandexWrestler

I had the pleasure of getting to know Alex and wrestle with him over two nights in a row when I was in Vegas last. Not only is he a scholar and a gentleman, but he can be deceptively good on the wrestling mat. As both of us are more jobbers at heart it was going to be interesting to see who was the jobber's jobber and who would be humiliated. Over the 2 nights our score was sort of close, but in the end he proved superior winning 32 to 25. He now has bragging rights, at least until I come back to Vegas.



HitTaker is recommended by awill92

Got the chance to meetup with Hit Taker a few weeks ago when he was in Vegas and he definitely knows how to use his strength and size advantage to dominate a match if he wants to. Stayed aggressive but made sure he didn't do anything to cause injury knowing he could if not careful so a big plus! With that, he's very flexible in anything regarding match and style working out what works for both of us and very prompt in keeping communication. Overall, very awesome guy to hang out with and wrestle, can't wait for the day to face him again



awill92 is recommended by Fighter Gary

Strong, tough aggressive opponent as well as a gentleman. Highly recommend.



Fighter Gary is recommended by awill92

Don't know why I forgot to do this earlier but got the chance to wrestle Gary at the beginning of the year and boy...was it a exciting meetup and match! Very friendly guy who willing to accommodate in meetup and match styles, we had a 2-3 hour meetup and match and he definitely keep me on my toes and gave me a challenge. If you have the chance to face Fighter Gary, don't pass up the opportunity :D Would easily face him again!



awill92 is recommended by manwrestler

A great man on and off the mats. Was prompt and kept it safe and sane Was loads of fun. We will meet again



manwrestler is recommended by awill92

Meeting and facing manwrestler was awesome! Outside the mats he's very friendly and respectful, on the mats he's very strong and skilled to beat anybody in his way! Safe and sane and adaptable, can't wait to face him again!



awill92 is recommended by MysticWolf

Awesome guy, sociable, good company/conversation before and after.
Didn't get as much time as we'd planned due to outside interference, but definitely a great meetup. Highly recommend ^^



MysticWolf is recommended by awill92

So, coming from a guy who primarily wrestles Mystic is very good boxer! Knows very well what he's doing and well trained in boxing. If you want a good introduction to it he can give it to you! Our first meeting wasn't able to get a long time with him due to a external interference i.e. life happening, but also fun guy to talk to and hang out with before and after!



Ricksf is recommended by awill92

Got the chance to wrestle Ricksf while he was visiting Las Vegas and I have to say he knows how to have a good time wrestling! Wrestled for about 2 hours long and during that time showed me a lot of moves and always willing to change intensity on demand! Very nice guy off the mats as well! Can't wait till I have the opportunity again to face him, if you ever get the chance to take Rick on, make sure you take that chance!



awill92 is recommended by Hawaiijd

Alex is a really nice guy. Awesome wrestler. He likes to job and is good at it. Hope to meet up with him again. We have had several matches.



awill92 is recommended by gordonbelly

Alex is kind of new in the wrestling world, but very open to learn. He is slim, but tall, which makes him a bit more of a challenge.
He seemed to be not sore at all after being tremendously squashed and I must recognize he was very brave for letting me do some trampling on him.
Please meet this guy if you ever in Vegas!



awill92 is recommended by mikej7777

Super nice guy on and off the mats. I had the pleasure of meeting him in Las Vegas. Would love to wrestle him again. If ever in Vegas you owe it to yourself to meet this wonderful guy.



mikej7777 is recommended by awill92

Experienced wrestler who can show you a good time



awill92 is recommended by scottparachute

solid, knowledgeable rassler