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Athletic, masculine, humorous, fun loving guy into wrestling with other inshape guys. Love to test strength but eventually be out powered in the end. Love being the sexy attractive jobber getting destroyed and humiliated by a more dominant opponent. I have more pics to share if you are interested. I'm the guy in the white white jobber speedos in the wrestling pics.



  1. USA - Illinois, Park Ridge
  2. USA - New York, New York City
    (I'm here between 6/27/2019 and 7/02/2019)
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 41-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 192 lbs (87 kg)

Gear: Singlets, speedos, thongs, square cuts

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athleticwrestle is recommended by azwrestler

Finally got to meet this stud and if you're looking for a sexy jobber, he's your guy. He is very nice and outgoing! Really easy to talk to outside the mats. He did get me in some hot moves during out match, but overall he made jobbering look flawless. Definitely a huge recommendation.



azwrestler is recommended by athleticwrestle

AZwrestler was an absolute pleasure to meet and wrestle. His pictures are incredible, but he looks even better in person! He works out and it shows and he was very skilled at putting me through the paces. He used his muscular body to let me know my place as he turned me into his jobber. Once his thighs clamped around my head It was lights out anytime he wanted. Super nice guy, great attitude and amazing body!



athleticwrestle is recommended by jeffjcao

So glad to have been able to meet up with this stud. He’s a lot of fun to roll around with, to dominate and be dominated by. He’s a really nice guy and easy to talk to, Plus he’s just incredibly sexy lol I’m definitely looking forward to future matches with him



athleticwrestle is recommended by Inthegut2

Athleticwrestle was def a hot stud and had a great match with him about 2 years back. Too bad we live far apart. Would def be one of my regulars, dont pass up a chance to meet him!



Inthegut2 is recommended by athleticwrestle

Inthegut2 was a sexy and fun guy to wrestle. If I lived closer him and I would probably wrestle once a week. Sweet guy who is fun to roll around with.



athleticwrestle is recommended by Pinfan

Athleticwrestle is by far the best jobber I've wrestled with. He is a great genuine guy who can take some humiliating pins well and can stay pinned for a very long time. He's very flexible which is a great plus for me. Please beware of his leg scissor, his legs are extremely powerful. Overall great jobber great guy and can't wait for our next match.



Pinfan is recommended by athleticwrestle

Pinfall is a big strong guy who worked me over on the mat. Very skilled at holds and pins that stretch out your body. He is big, strong and knows how to make you helpless. He's a nice guy and I had a lot of fun with him.



BrutalWrestler is recommended by athleticwrestle

A great person and amazing wrestler. He delivers on being a heel and totally worked me over making me his jobber bitch. He worked me over in so many holds simply toying with and humiliating me. I've wrestled him twice and have loved every minute of it.



athleticwrestle is recommended by tombstoneyou

This guy is such a stud. I've had the pleasure of wrestling him a couple times now over the years. We always have a blast. He is a great jobber that can take a lot of punishment. I would highly recommend this sexy stud to anyone looking for a fun match.



tombstoneyou is recommended by athleticwrestle

Love wrestling Tombstoneyou. I've wrestled him a couple times and have had fun every time. Attractive and knows his wrestling moves. He a great heel and totally worked me over. I look forward to our next match!



athleticwrestle is recommended by JJAllen

Very friendly, accommodating, and funny guy! He's very agreeable to what you like and communicates easily. Has a very nice place, so that's a plus. Great guy. Did I mention very hot as well?



JJAllen is recommended by athleticwrestle

I had the pleasure of wrestling Luke. He has a great body and personality to match. we wrestked in some hot gear and totally went back and forth with some fun holds and pins. I'd highly recommend him and look forward to wrestling him again.



athleticwrestle is recommended by KnockedOutPunch

This man is absolutely gorgeous, very strong and so fun! He's a very nice, genuine guy and wrestling him was a dream come true! Beware his leg scissors!



KnockedOutPunch is recommended by athleticwrestle

I had the pleasure of meeting and wrestling KOP. I had an amazing time with him. He skills are on point, love his body and he's got a great personality to match. I was impressed right when I met him and throughout our time together. I'm excited to see him again!