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Big muscle guy into armwrestling ,muscleworshipping ,domination... I am into submission wrestling too, but I am new in it.I don't like professional fight, I am more into raw strength... Man against man💪



Match structure: Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques
Specific wrestling styles: Arm wrestling
Fetishes: Muscle worship


  1. Lebanon, Qennabet Broummana
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Age: 32-year-old Male

Stats: 6'2" (187 cm), 207 lbs (94 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French

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armwrestler85 is recommended by st7

Wow. A god-like hunk. Muscles for days. Strength for weeks. An amazing challenge: competitive, powerful and skilled. Armwrestle85 is also really serious (reliable, if he says he meets, he meets, no matter what...) considerate and an all around super nice guy. If you are into armwrestling get yourself to that table now! This guy is crazy about it, loves every second of the struggle and wants to show off the size of his guns and the power of his whole arm & upper torso. His thing is armwrestling rather than wrestling but with that size and strength he gives a run for anybody's money on the mats as well. A definite meetfighter!



st7 is recommended by armwrestler85

After long chatting about Armwrestling I met st7.He is strong , extremely competitive, big and muscled. I had one of my best Armwrestling matches with him , he is simply addicted as I am to Armwrestling, and we share this passion on the table for many rounds, and it was super good to feel his strong arm struggling against mine.when it comes to wrestling he is a gd wrestler be sure to avoid his strong legs bcz u will suffer a lot if u r not able to escape...
Sure we will meet again for many rematches. Highly recommended💪



armwrestler85 is recommended by alexxwrestler

This guy has the biggest biceps I ever saw...! Very good natural bodybuilder, his biceps are very well shaped as well as his pecs, legs and calves. Of course I was the jobber with him, but with so much fun!! He is a beast when wrestling but with a big friendly heart inside. I felt 100% safe!! Don't miss him!



alexxwrestler is recommended by armwrestler85

Alexxwrestlr is a strong wrestler, with high freestyle technique which he applieseffectively and fast .Don’t underestimate him by his young age and his light weight bcz he has knowledge in wrestling and he know well how to use it . He is the kind of wrestler who can resist and don’t give up easily till the last seconds of a match. I try on him many holds and he proved that he can take a lot of pain, and be sure to avoid his strong legs unless u r a real beast . What I like in him that he never give up and to heel him as I did u should be really strong or he will kick your ass.
Highly recommended and sure looking for rematch.



armwrestler85 is recommended by dag

Armwrestler85 is a very friendly, good looking, relaxed and funny guy. He has so much energy that he barely can wait five minutes to demonstrate again his strength and show his stone hard biceps and chest.
Strengthwise I was no match for armwrestler85. He overpowered me totally. Armwrestling - his favorite sport - was not even a warming up session for him. Wrestling was more balanced as he is just getting initiated to it.
Although our meeting was onesided strengthwise, I enjoyed the time with armwrestler84. He is very respectful and safe. He never used his full strength to keep the fight safe. Armwrestler85 is a real sportsman. He is only the second person whom I meet on meetfighters who has these incredibly strong arms.



dag is recommended by armwrestler85

Armwrestling dag, was very easy for me, I totally overpowered him with both hands, right and left .
When it comes to Wrestling Dag , is a very strong wrestler, with high freestyle technique which he applies effectively with a very strong holds, don’t underestimate him by his age bcz he has knowledge in wrestling and he knows well how to use it . He is the kind of wrestler who can resist and don’t give up easily till the last seconds of a match. If u get the chance for example to headlock him, he will resist u till the last second, and prepare yourself for a fast reacted submission move from his side.
Outside the mat, Dag is a very kind and respectful guy.
Highly recommended if u are searching for a fight against an experimented wrestler 💪



armwrestler85 is recommended by fatpack66

Had a great match with this muscle stud, hottest guy i have wrestled so far. I enjoyed every round with this stud. He has perfect body to worship. Due to small space I wasn't able to use my strengths, more wrestling experience and my legs. He caused me serious trouble with his 45+ cm biceps and most of the time I had to defend myself from his attacks without a real chance to attack myself. He destroyed me completely in arm wrestling multiply times. Next time we need more space and more time. Looking for numerous re-rounds. Outside the mats, one of the greatest guys I have ever met. I have received a very good new friend. If you have a possibility to meet Armwrestler85, do it, you won't regret it. Definitely recommended.



fatpack66 is recommended by armwrestler85

Strong skilled and determined in combat so far he is one of the most difficult opponent I have faced bcz of his strong heavy weight. Pack66 has lot of stamina to not let go when he is in defensive side, and Incase you are pinned, you will find that it takes lot of effort to move this mountain’s weight on you.
He didn’t have the slightest chance against me in armwrestling but in wrestling he is a tough guy to beat .
Outside the mat ,he is a very kind person and very gentle...
I recommend him to anyone who wants to test his strength and ability to deal with a strong heavy fighter.
looking forward to fighting him again.



Driver77 is recommended by armwrestler85

what to say about HIM?
If u r Searching for a real alpha strong guy to challenge, sure he is the only and the best one here.
Glad to meet this strong guy , he is an addicted armwrestling guy. Feeling his strong arm on the table was the best for me, one of the best matches I have had in my life. Having some flex time at the end and some submission moves were awesome as well.
Definitely meet up with him if you get a chance, but be sure to be man and strong enough or u will get crushed by his stamina...



armwrestler85 is recommended by mmmwrestler

I have to say he is a muscled beast. Powerful body with massive guns. Still cant forget his powerful tight bearhugs. Domination is his middle name. I worshipped his massive muscles. Those guns are the biggest I ever saw.
definitely recommended.



mmmwrestler is recommended by armwrestler85

Strong, muscular guy . Blast to wrestler and arm wrestler with him, we did variety of tight submission moves with lots of flexing , posing ...
I dominated him with my muscles at the end of the match, and it was perfect to be muscle worshipped by him.
Highly recommended , do not pass the opportunity to meet this man, cant wait for another rematch with him.



armwrestler85 is recommended by palmer

We had limited time and the place was not the best, but those huge solid guns, made our quick struggle worthy. He's the most powerful armwrestler I have met in many years. If you love power like I do you should meet him, for sure.



palmer is recommended by armwrestler85

I had 6 rounds of arm wrestling match and a little bit of submission , bcz of the lack of time. He is a big strong guy... if u r searching for mass, palmer is the good choice , dealing with his big size is an issue in wrestling while in arm wrestling I got the advantage on him.
beside he is a very friendly guy!



armwrestler85 is recommended by sandro93

i have to say first that this guy is biiiig....huge guns ! we had an intense match ...we sweat a lot....his size was definitely an issue...could barely move him..but i kept my end pretty was fun to break a sweat with this big challenger ....we're definitely meeting again



sandro93 is recommended by armwrestler85

he is a very strong wrestler
Amazingly strong choking power from his side. he loves to challenge a lot we did many armwrestling match too ...I depended more on my strength with him than submission skills so our meet turned out to be a hard sweaty battle! If you are looking for a good time, with a rough fight and a big challenge to face, sandro will surely fill your expectations.