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Lucky to have had quite a few matches over the last couple of years and enjoying the world of wrestling. Enjoy a good and friendly give and take match. Also enjoy playing the jobber role for any heels out there. If the chemisty is right then certain holds could provide some erotic moves. Now also looking to get some experience in the wrestling ring. Any former bgeast wrestlers, feel free to get in touch!

If you like what you see, feel free to message me. I can host but limited space. Certainly does the trick though. Hopefully chat to a few wrestlers soon!



  1. United Kingdom, Colchester
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Age: 31-year-old Male

Stats: 6'2" (188 cm), 168 lbs (76 kg)

Gear: speedos, singlets

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ajstyles clash is recommended by Comus

AJS met me at very short notice and could not have been a more welcoming host. A very competent wrestler prepared to show me some moves and operate at my level which was very much appreciated. He gave me a very enjoyable workout and I am under no illusions that should he operate to capacity he would be a great opponent for any challenger. In short, I learnt a lot, had a great workout, good chat and challenging and enjoyable time. Highly recommended. I only hope he’ll have me back when I can give him the challenge he deserves!



Comus is recommended by ajstyles clash

Cosmus and I exchanged a fair few messages, before managing to arrange a very last minute match on the same day! It was a privilege to be Cosmus first opponent on here and although I'm no expert, it was good to show him some holds. Cosmus has extremely strong legs and given time and more experience, will be a great opponent for anyone. Really nice guy with a good sense of humour and will definitely meet him again sometime.



ajstyles clash is recommended by Crushhhh

I met this keen young wrestler at his flat and he couldn't have been more welcoming. True, we hadn't chatted much before arranging the match but it didn't take long to relax in each other's company. It was a great match and although we were limited for space, we made the best of it. I had him tapping a few times but the wrestling was always safe...and his submission on me was textbook. The time flew by and I would definitely like to meet him again.



Crushhhh is recommended by ajstyles clash

I was surprised how little we chatted before meeting, but clearly we knew it would be a great match. What a match it was! One of my favourites to date. Crushhhh absolutely destroyed me, which I enjoyed more than I thought I would! He's incredibly strong and the power in those legs was lethal. I was pleased to get one submission out of Crushhhh...eventually! Off the mats, easy to chat to and we got on really well. Really nice guy all round and look forward to meeting for round two soon.



ajstyles clash is recommended by Speedowrestleruk

Finally met ajstyles after chatting for quite some time, but it was worth the wait! Had a great match and I definitely learnt some new moves from him (and how to get out of some!). He looks really good in a singlet and speedos and was a very hot match! ajstyles is a great host and very easy to get on with so I would highly recommend, and I look forward to meeting him again soon.



Speedowrestleruk is recommended by ajstyles clash

Finally got the chance to meet SpeedowrestlerUK after a while of chatting. Such a nice guy and looks great in his gear too! We had a fun give and take match with pins to get the win. He may not have much experience but watching videos has certainly given him a good technique! I look forward to round 2!



ajstyles clash is recommended by Essex

Had a good wrestle with this guy over a couple of hours.
Space was a bit limited, but we made good use of it.
Traded holds back n forth and is a stubborn bugger that does not submit that easily 😉
Showed him a few moves and we ended up having a fun give n take match
Lovely guy to meet, very sociable and hospitable.
Definately has my reccomendation and look forward to round 2



Essex is recommended by ajstyles clash

Met this guy a couple of weeks ago and had a great give and take match. He's a top guy and very genuine and understanding of what his opponent looks for. I Wasn't sure if a match between two jobbers would work but we had a great match. Look forward to round two very soon!



ajstyles clash is recommended by Jack-Jack

Update: Jan 2018

Since our last match, we managed to arrange what turned out to be a very tough, two hour workout of submission wrestling with a few pro-style moves thrown in here and there. We traded holds, had some give and take and did some practice techniques all of which contributed to a fantastic few rounds. AJStyles has gained much skill, strength and confidence in the last year since we last met and his stubbornness in refusing to submit easily makes him a great challenge and a worthy yet fun opponent.

It was a great pleasure to meet this guy today and to have a couple of hours wrestling with him. We traded holds and balanced both submission and pro styles during two long rounds.
AJStyles is a tall, fit man with great stamina and well able to take holds and give them too. I also think he has far more skill and technical ability than his profile suggests - his legs are strong and believe me he can do a very mean scissors! He loves wrestling and has great determination - for those reasons alone I highly recommend him and hope he gets many more matches under his belt - I'm certainly looking forward to wrestling him again.
Off the mats, this guy is great host, great company and easy to chat with - thanks fella!



Jack-Jack is recommended by ajstyles clash

What an absolute pleasure it was to meet up with Pinstride today. We had two rounds of wrestling and there were quite a few submissions during the match. He is so fit and strong and completely respects his opponent. Great techniques and his holds are so tough to get out of! I was surprised to get a couple of submissions out of him too. Off the mats we had some conversations and he's so easy to talk to. Everything about meeting today felt right and natural. I look forward to round 2 and many more to come in the future. An all round gent! Bring on round 2!



ajstyles clash is recommended by ColchesterLad

Great guy to meet. Put me totally at ease being a newcomer. Wrestled and had a good time. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

Met AJmany times now and consider him a mate. Each meet we have a great time. Wrestling within each others limits. Hope for many more meets in the future±



ColchesterLad is recommended by ajstyles clash

Met ColchesterLad a couple of weeks ago and we had a great wrestle. He's a lot tougher than he thinks and has the skills to become even better. Very respectful of limits and will definitely meet up again.



ajstyles clash is recommended by prosub

Had a lovely afternoon wrestling with Pierce..AKA A j styles.....a great guy to wrestle with, trying to avoid his long legs for scissoring, they are pretty lethal, lol.....we had an awesome time trying to put holds on each other, is a strong wrestler, and with more bouts under his belt, is def going to be a real threat.....a really nice guy, made me feel very welcome, and settled my first meet nerves very quickly....hope we can meet again for some more sweaty grappling....can highly recommend this wrestler, will not be disappointed !



prosub is recommended by ajstyles clash

Prosub had far too much for me to even call this a match. His experience got the better of me and in the end the match completely changed into heel v jobber. He really enjoys dominating his opponent. Safe and sane wrestler and respects his opponent. Really nice guy to chat to off the mats too. Look forward to meeting again! Thanks for a great afternoon!



ajstyles clash is recommended by tricky

Met up with AJ for a great afternoon of wrestling. Matched each other strength for strength at the beginning but he gradually got the better of me with some excellent holds especially using his solid leg power. Allowed me to practice a couple of holds for future reference and would hope to be able to use them next time. Excellent host and very easy to chat to. Have no problem in recommending this chap to anyone. Looking forward to another match.



tricky is recommended by ajstyles clash

Met Tricky a few weeks back and had a great match. He was initially concerned about his own strength but he's stronger than he thinks! He has a lot of power and we both got some great submissions in. Off the mats he is a really nice guy too. Will definitely be arranging another match with him soon.



ajstyles clash is recommended by Folding Press

What a super chap AJ Styles Clash is - a strong opponent but very horny in gear too and for several rounds - he is a worthy and hot wrestle!!!



Folding Press is recommended by ajstyles clash

Folding_press is a top guy. Really enjoyed wrestling him. Very strong legs which I simply couldn't get out of. Certainly both into erotic afterwards! Had a great time and will hopefully meet again.



ajstyles clash is recommended by Mark uk

Finally met young Piers after a while trying to arrange the match. Young keen and a nice guy. Had a great match and enjoyed his company. Not skilled but keen and willing to learn. I'll meet him again and soon. mark



Mark uk is recommended by ajstyles clash

Mark is a top guy and he knows how to wrestle, had a great match and look forward to learning more in the near future. Cocky guy too, but in a good way!