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I like submissive wrestling with top, strong guys who like to dominate and are deserved punishers. Always trying to be an effective jobber out there. OUT OF THE SCENE FOR THE TIME BEING.



  1. Greece, Athens
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Age: 43-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 172 lbs (78 kg)

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after 8 is recommended by ukfighter

Had a very pleasant wrestle with after 8
Nice and respectful guy on and off the mats.
We had planned to meet for a while and eventually did.
A very enjoyable match.
Hope to meet again
Highly recommended if you are visiting Athens!



ukfighter is recommended by after 8

I met Jim at a very pleasant greek Sunday noon. He was kind enough to come and pick me and then we spent some time wrestling. Jim is an easy-going guy that makes you feel comfortable from the very beginning and his english culture and manners indeed promise that you have a deeply human, sincere and respectful experience. He is strong and experienced while wrestling and I'm pretty sure I know a tip for those who would like to stand a chance winning against him (but I won't say it :-PPP, you have to feel the thrill). Off the mat, I enjoyed our conversation and I should not leave out to say that he is a very very thoughtful host. He even had the courtesy to make a gift of two 12-year old whiskey bottles, the one of which I shipped while walking back home to honour this nice encounter. He is definately a "yes to meet" when you have the chance, I hope I 'll see him again and above all I think he could make a very nice and discreet friend.



after 8 is recommended by musclechris80

After so much time I met this guy I can tell that he is the most submisive man I ve met! The perfect jobber boy!
A reliable, wonderful man outside the mats!



musclechris80 is recommended by after 8

So fuckin' lucky to have met this guy, so FUCKIN' LUCKY.



after 8 is recommended by Tanker

Was a great pleasure to meet after8. Nice friendly guy with a good sense of humour. Was't really in the mood for a scrap (it was a cold night) but his warmth & good looks changed my mind!
As a wrestler he is far better than he gives himself credit for. Fit, strong, good stamina, good attack & very good defence skills. Although he seemed a bit nervous, in the best wrestling tradition he got stuck right in. Tall well built guy, very nice thighs, looks good in gear. Our fight was brokered by the Grjobber promotions agency & I understand from the general manager After8 is a very easy & straighforward person to arrange a fight with. Def recommendation, happily meet again.



Tanker is recommended by after 8

Tank is a very kind and honest guy that warmed with his wrestling skills and mentality a cold greek afternoon of mine. I knew from the very beggining that he is a big and strong guy, so it was clear to me that I didn't really stand a chance against him. But.. what the heak. Better for me. As a greek I should know what the wrestling philosophy is all about and I must say that Tank is a pure carrier and transmitter of this global ideal - ex aequo, though not being of greek origin. This is how a dull and hateful Sunday evening becomes interesting and challenging. Grazie Tank, Il bambino after_8 :-P



teemu is recommended by after 8

I met Teemu in Helsinki. He had the courtesy to come and take me and he was an exemplary host. I enjoyed the session a lot as much as the pre and post game talking we had. We had an easy and untroubled communication, quite useful for me and my trip in Finland. Of course, he came back with another message to meet during my staying, which we arranged. Unfortunately, this time he cancelled 8 minutes before the meeting while I was running down the escalator to be on time. I only saw the message at the appointment place and at our meeting time, too late of course. I sent a "Doesn't matter" answer but there was no response ever since. Overall, a rather weird case. Step with caution.



after 8 is recommended by GreekFighter

He knows how to take a good beating and punishment ;-) Trust me, he is the perfect jobber!!! And a great guy off the mats



GreekFighter is recommended by after 8

He made a dream of mine come true..



after 8 is recommended by Brown Bomber

Met after 8 this weekend for the first time and it was a fun unexpected match we went at it and then tried to take on GreekFighter who of course destroyed us both! He like me can really take a good working over and still comes back for more. Fun guy both on and off the mats and another reason for me to visit Greece over and over again!!



Brown Bomber is recommended by after 8

Brown is a kind, peaceful and patient guy. We shared some time together on a little trip as part of a larger company and I had a great time, for which I thank him. I saw he is a strong guy too.