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I love wrestling because it is such a direct competition, up close and personal. The potential for domination and total humiliation are greater than any other sport, adding to the excitement. In most sports you might lose, but in wrestling loosing can be a humiliating experience, particularly if someone shorter and lighter has beaten you through greater skill. Nothing is really more humiliating than being trapped in a classic school boy/girl pin and being forced to sniff your opponent’s crouch while you stare up at them helplessly. Victory poses can certainly accentuate and prolong the humiliation of a defeated opponent. What other sport requires utterance of “submit” or “tap out” when you can’t endure the pain of a hold any longer? I love the excitement of a match, doing my best to win, and the fact that the outcome is never fully certain, even if there is a limited size mismatch. Although weight and height are clearly important factors, speed, agility, inner strength, and experience/training all contribute to the outcome. My preference is to wrestle in a speedo as I feel it gives more freedom of movement and body contact with the opponent, adding to the erotic nature of the sport. I enjoy all types of matches, and willingly abide by any predetermined rules. Although past opponents have described me as being stronger than they would have expected for my body size, as having great stamina and being feisty, I have not had much formal training in wrestling. I also like more adventurous styles, including belly punches, (nothing too extreme). Male/male or male/female are all good. The main thing is that everyone has sane, safe fun.



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Age: 61-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 161 lbs (73 kg)

Gear: Speedo

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