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Awesome to be profile of the day. Hit me up if you are coming to Seattle!

Have always loved wrestling, but new to the physical aspect of it. Open to most any kind of match. Most experience in freestyle and light submission.

Have had some great wrestling buddies, but eager to learn more and I will try to match :-] your style and preferences! I have gear and mats and sometimes can be spontaneous. Hit me up if you are in Seattle and bored sometime!



  1. USA - Washington, Seattle
    (I'm here from 4/01/2000)
  2. Czech Republic, Prague
    (I'm here between 8/16/2019 and 8/20/2019)
    Visiting can host
  3. Austria, Vienna
    (I'm here between 8/19/2019 and 8/22/2019)
    Visiting can host
  4. Hungary, Budapest
    (I'm here between 8/22/2019 and 8/25/2019)
    Visiting can host
  5. Slovenia, Ljubljana
    (I'm here between 8/25/2019 and 8/27/2019)
    Visiting can host
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I am willing to travel 30 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 54-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 200 lbs (91 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French

Gear: Singlet, shorts, trunks, open to ideas

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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aawrstlman is recommended by westolyguy

Very nice guy, friendly, respectful of limits. Strong, fun wrestler. Looking forward to another match.



westolyguy is recommended by aawrstlman

I had a great time with westoly today. He's a great wrestler with particularly long, strong legs. Though "self taught" and "out of practice" on wrestling, he had lots of good moves. We traded holds, positions and wrestled for quite a while. Awesome guy off the mat to talk to, also. Highly recommend him!

Can't wait for a rematch!



aawrstlman is recommended by superjxm

Being as inexperienced as I was, aawrstlman was patient and was willing to show me the ropes. Was fun!



superjxm is recommended by aawrstlman

jxm is new to wrestling, but what an awesome guy! He has a great attitude and his enthusiasm and energy are boundless! He had a constant smile on his face as I put him in some punishing holds, and even more so when he turned it around on me.

I highly recommend him!

You can thank me for inviting this awesome guy to the Meetfighters site.



heterosp is recommended by aawrstlman

Met SP today and had a great time! He was a gracious host, easy to schedule a time to meet with and really nice (and good looking) guy. We set things up with me as the total heel, which I've done before but not to this extent. It was a great time and SP was patient as I bungled through a few moves (including bonking his head). It was an amazing time!!

Highly recommended him and hoping for many more meetings. Chicago's loss is Seattle's gain!



aawrstlman is recommended by observador

aawrstlman is a magnificent fighter, strong, agile, fast, and vigorous, to fight with him is sure emotion. Every second of the fight is intense and exciting, but despite his great ability and strength you know that you are fighting with a real fighting knight, at no time do you feel fear that he will use his extraordinary combat capabilities to try to hurt you violently. I definitely recommend fighting with him if you want an unforgettable fight.



observador is recommended by aawrstlman

Observador really helped make my trip special. Indeed we had an awesome time. He has some great moves an a never give up spirit. We wrestled for a long time trading hold after hold...but sometimes I just had to show him who was boss! If in Costa Rica (an awesome place itself) look him up!



aawrstlman is recommended by Ticowrestler

I had a great match! Aawstlman is strong and knows how to apply many holds. His body is powerful and he knows how to dominate his opponent ... also looks so hot in singlet! Wrestle this guy if you have the chance to!



Ticowrestler is recommended by aawrstlman

What an awesome time! Tico and I had hours of hot sweaty wrestling action. I'm a bit bigger, but he is strong and tough. He's a natural athlete and all around great guy. Overall it was one of the best wrestling experiences I've had. I highly recommend him and regret that I am leaving Costa Rica in a few days. Enjoyed chilling and chatting as well.

By the way, I highly recommend Costa Rica, too. Beautiful country, nice and good looking people!



aawrstlman is recommended by funwrestling123

Sweet awesome guy off the matts haha we started off kinda bad with me having stomach pains but he made sure I was ok before we did any wrestling. Let's just say he was awesome and it was a nice sweaty match! lots of fun with him he really knows moves and is very skilled. I hope for a rematch some day! I recommend him to you studs out there wanting a challenge.



funwrestling123 is recommended by aawrstlman

Great guy to wrestle, We had a blast wrestling and a nice time talking before and after. We had several "rounds" and practiced a few different styles and moves. Who won? You can ask him. As far as I'm concerned we both did. :-)



aawrstlman is recommended by wrknprogress

Great time wrestling at the sin city tournament. He’s very strong and definitely recommend to wrestle.



wrknprogress is recommended by aawrstlman

Aaron is just plain tough! I wrestled him in my first ever tournament and had a great time, even though he resoundingly beat me twice! Great guy off the mat, too. Sin City tournament was awesome, I'll be back.



aawrstlman is recommended by hashbock

I wrestled aawrstlman while in Seattle recently. What a blast! He's strong and energetic and had the stamina to roll for a couple of hours. He's also a great guy off the mats. I strongly recommend wrestling him if you get the chance.



hashbock is recommended by aawrstlman

What a great way to start the new year. This guy is tough and experienced - super competitive on the mat and super nice off the mat. We had a great time wrestling both freestyle and submission. I'm going to my first tournament soon and his encouragement and coaching was very reassuring. Totally recommend him and hope to see him next time he's out. Maybe we'll make our own little PNW tournament!



aawrstlman is recommended by The Face

I had the good fortune of finding myself on the mat with aawrstlman, after some much appreciated encouragement from him. aawrstlman is truly passionate about wrestling and patient with someone, such as myself, who is still learning the ropes.  I definitely learned a thing or two from him, which I plan on using against him next time we find ourselves face to face. He is nice guy, strong and he appreciates an opponent in sexy gear.  A high point of our match was finding myself flat on my back in a scoolboy pin with his crotch pressed up against my face.  Held face down by the weight of his body in a hammerlock wasn't bad either.



The Face is recommended by aawrstlman

Had a great time today after getting to know each other "virtually". The Face is strong, fit and handsome and will pick up wrestling quickly. We talked candidly about our similar paths to wrestling and had a series of long, hard fought matches. We both practiced some awesome long holds, as well as full on cardio wrestling. I would highly recommend him and hope we can have many more matches in the future. If I don't get my game on I expect he will quickly become even more competitive and pin me down next time! Really a great time, can't wait for a rematch. Super nice and interesting guy off the mats as well.



robertstephen is recommended by aawrstlman

I met Robert on another Wrestling site and am glad to see him here. We have wrestled and enjoyed hanging out many times! Robert is a great guy and we always have an awesome time both wrestling and relaxing after. . Watch out for his super strong legs (and disarming smile).

I highly recommend Robert and look forward to many years of friendship and wrestling to come.



aawrstlman is recommended by Mojosapiens

I was surprised at his strength.
He knows how to use wrestling technicque safely.
He can use almost any wrestling technique from technical to erotic.
I recommend him friendly.
And I hope to see him again someday.



Mojosapiens is recommended by aawrstlman

Mojo and I had a great time wrestling around and practicing holds. He is "new" to wrestling but is a natural jobber, who put some awesome moves on me. Also an all around great guy who helped make my visit to Seoul extra special! Highly recommend him and hope to meet again.



aawrstlman is recommended by thepaterrock

Chris is very cute and strong, very friendly and easy to talk with. He know many holds and used the holds skillful, plus his power is dominating. Fun guy off the mat. I recommend to meet him, wrestle and hang out.



thepaterrock is recommended by aawrstlman

I just had the greatest match with this awesome guy!! We wrestled give and take for a long time, but mostly I was the jobber and he the strong, skilled heel. Had a great time on and off the "mats". The perfect host, he arranged everything. Looking forward to meeting again. Highly recommend and sincerely endorse his wrestling ability and Attitude! Nice dinner and chat afterwards, too.



aawrstlman is recommended by wjones

This man is aggressive, strong and with a perpetual smile on his face. Wrestling him is tremendous fun, and he is genuinely nice company off the mats: an excellent host. I will wrestle him again any time.



wjones is recommended by aawrstlman

Wrestling wjones was awesome! As noted by others, he is strong and skilled and has a passion for wrestling that is unsurpassed. He is a great wrestler who taught me some moves and even let me start or get on top a few times! We had a great, long grappling session and a really nice time after as well. We spent hours wresting and hours talking after. I highly recommend him and HIGHLY recommend that you up your game before the match!



Redmondwrestler26 is recommended by aawrstlman

I just had an awesome time with this man. Strong, skilled, and tough yet patient with someone like me who is newish to pro holds. Great workout, all around fantastic wrestler and great guy. Had a nice discussion of wrestling and other stuff off the mats as well. Most certainly highly recommended. I'm going to up my workout game for next time! Losing to Rwrestler26 is almost a pleasure.



aawrstlman is recommended by wanttowrestle

I had a great match with aawrstlmen. He is extemely strong man and applies very effectively a variety of submission holds. We also did several rounds of body boxing. It was lots of fun. He is a very nice person and host. I recommend him if you are looking for a strong, knowledgeable opponent.



wanttowrestle is recommended by aawrstlman

Had a great time with wanttowrestle! Several hours of wrestling, discussing wrestling and boxing. The boxing was mostly new for me and I really enjoyed it. Also fun wrestling with the gloves on! D*** has a great wrestling history, a great story, and great attitude. Would love to have him visit again!



aawrstlman is recommended by Ken1964

Had a great time wrestling aawrstlman, he knows things about wrestling, I may have taught him a few things as well, lol, nice guy to hang out with as well, would wrestle him again for sure, I recommend him!!



Ken1964 is recommended by aawrstlman

Ken was so welcoming on my "layover" through Dallas. A truly genuine and welcoming person (as I often find in Dallas, I must say) and we had a great time. Trading holds, wrestling, awesome lunch after! :-] We had a great time on and off the "mats". Ken has some great holds, so if he says "let me try something on you" you better be ready! Great stories, too.



aawrstlman is recommended by wrestlersp

Like a real man from Seattle, this strong fighter says like the Nirvana song: come as you are!! And we had a amazing fight, hard like a grunge dude does. We love feet skills, so many times at the Match we were with soles on ours faces. Hes a goodfella before, during and after the combat. Lets rock many times!



wrestlersp is recommended by aawrstlman

SP is one tough guy! We had a great match when I was visiting Brasil. He's very gracious, friendly and nice to visitors.... until the wrestling begins! In actuality, he dominated me but showed me some holds and let me try out some holds on him. We had a great time and I would highly recommend wrestling with him if you are visiting Sao Paulo. And lucky you who live in SP! Would have liked to get together a second time, but the trip wasn't long enough. Really a memorable part of my trip!



aawrstlman is recommended by ctrwash

This man is fun, and strong! We are a good match for each other, allowing us to play out tests of strength. Had several good, sweaty encounters, with benefits :-) . And Kris is interesting and down to earth. I think I made a new friend! We will definitely do it all over again.
Thank you, Kris!



ctrwash is recommended by aawrstlman

We had an awesome match and made a connection both on and off the mat! Highly recommend ctr, he's really tough and a great guy overall.



K is recommended by aawrstlman

K is an awesome and welcoming guy. We had a great time wrestling, trading holds, and grappling around. I had a great time and our encounter added a little "spice" to my already awesome visit to Japan. I would highly recommend getting ahold of him if you are in the area. We also had great conversation while relaxing after the match and wend out for a fantastic sushi dinner!



rayon129 is recommended by aawrstlman

Rayon and I had the most awesome time. He made my trip to Tokyo extra fun. We had a great wrestling match and had a great talk, partly through the magic of Google translate. :-) highly recommend him.



aawrstlman is recommended by nwfan53

Had a good wrestling workout with aawrstlman. Always fun to get on mat with someone closer to my size. Looking forward to next chance to cross paths.



nwfan53 is recommended by aawrstlman

NWFAN is a wealth of knowledge on wrestling and many other subjects. Though he's a bit bigger and more experienced, we had a great time. We wrestled and had fun and he coached me on some moves and holds. I highly recommend NWFAN to anyone! An all around great guy.



FTmutual is recommended by aawrstlman

Ft is a great opponent and an all around great guy! He is tough and nimble and has some great wrestling and grappling skills - not to mention an awesome attitude! I had some size on him, but we had a great time and he got me in some killer holds. I highly recommend a match with him!!



aawrstlman is recommended by uwillgive

aawrstlman is an awesome and fun opponent. Don't let his size fool you! As a beginner he is powerful and has great stamina throuighout the match. He is open to learning different styles of battle and learns very quickly. Has very beautiful sparkling eyes that are a big distraction during a match!!!! Great guy!!



uwillgive is recommended by aawrstlman

Uwillgive and I had a great wrestling match and are looking forward to scheduling another. We practiced a variety of moves and various styles. He's tough and we both had a good workout. We may be a bit older, but we can both give the younger guys a run for the money!

He's also a great conversationalist (about wrestling and more) and also a very nice guy off the mat!