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Manchester born Asian(Pakistani), one of a kind- face pic available via private msg everyone i've met says im sexy good looking and handsome :O. I also prefer to wrestle 40+ age group and guys with grey/silver hair!I can deliver a great match. I've been told by all my opponents that i am strong so watch out!!! looking to have an even match and have fun. Bearhug is my favorite submission hold!! If ur interested in having a match or more don't hesitate to message me i can guarantee u will enjoy a session with me!



  1. United Kingdom, Manchester
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I am willing to travel 40 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 29-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 181 lbs (82 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: speedos

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Zubby21 is recommended by Steeleyes3

Zubby and I exchanged many messages on Bearhugger after he had seen that I had just started training with Wriggler in late 2011.He asked to meet at Belle Vue cinema and guided me to John Cotterills matroom where we had well over two hours of wrestling which he turned into erotic mode much to my suprise.Well overdue for a 2nd match Zubz.



Zubby21 is recommended by dadwrestle

After a LONG break, hit up again with this wrestler! Hes beefed up, and is strong and tougher than ever! We had a long evening of tussling in my hotel room! Next time, its going to be on the mats, because he claims he can beat me! We will see!
If you just happen to be in the north of England make sure you take this guy on! He's quiet off the mats but tough, strong and determined on them. He took my by surprise just how resistant he was in a hold. Great body which he uses to effect! I trust that we shall face each other again SOON !!



dadwrestle is recommended by Zubby21

Paul is a great guy thanks to his encouragement I finally stepped into the a ring for the first time ever! Met him at the Jan '13 Grapevine event we had two matches and they were both great.Looking forward to another one!



Zubby21 is recommended by mikecumbria

Had a very good wrestle with Zubby in Manchester recently. Very strong, fit guy - highly recommended.



Zubby21 is recommended by Tanker

Can throughly recomend Zubby, Very strong, very tough fighter, great physique & an all round great guy to spend time & have fun with. I appreciated him making the journey to deepest North Yorkshire to meet me. 10 outta 10 for Manchester's Mr Muscle!



Tanker is recommended by Zubby21

After many months of waiting finally got to meet Tanker! Wonderful gent! Great host and loved his hospitality and the chicken tikka meal he got me! Many thanks for that! Wrestling wise don't underestimate Tanker he is strong and can catch u of guard and watch out for his leg work! Once ur in one its hard to get out off! Very experienced and will definitely meet him again! A**



Zubby21 is recommended by boston111

Had a great time with Zubby, and I think I may have got him into wearing pro boots, which makes him look the part. Hope the bear hug was not too much. Went through a few holds all save a sane. Thanks



boston111 is recommended by Zubby21

Had a great wrestle with this guy yesterday.Thanks to him I got to debut the use have pro boots! They were great would love to use them again. I played a bit of the jobber role but was capable of getting out of most holds!And he is the best at bostons pretty much what his name says! Highly recommended!! A*



Zubby21 is recommended by Rick Royal

I was 2yrs old , the last time that, I was described as cute !!
Enjoyed a great wrestle with Zubby - the guy is very strong and very much looks the part.
Will definately meet again.
Zubby is a nice guy and I highly recommend him.



Rick Royal is recommended by Zubby21

Met this wonderful cute guy, we had an awesome time together.He is now my favorite opponent. He looks great and has a great personality, we had a good wrestle and more. we have become good friends now and i will defiently want dozen more sessions with him! highly recommended ;)



Zubby21 is recommended by niko06laus

Met him during a stay in Manchester at my hotel. A great guy! Great physics, hot and horny wrestling. I will recommend him to everybody - fight him and you will have a lot of fun!!!



niko06laus is recommended by Zubby21

Nicholas came all the way from Germany to meet me! And it was well worth it! We both had an enjoyable session. He is strong and a great wrestle. If u get an opportunity to meet him then i strongly suggest; go for it!! Hope to meet him again!



Zubby21 is recommended by Perseus

Wrestled this young novice wrestler at a meet at Pippas. This guys is going to be an awesome wrestler great physique for a wrestler very strong and powerful . Had a great wr with him and watch that Boston crab his specialty move! Great great fun to wrestle.



Perseus is recommended by Zubby21

Met Petros the talented wrestler at a past meet,saw him wrestle and he is very good at what he does. He's strong and he is a great guy he taught me a few moves too! We had a good wrestling session and would certainly love to meet him again!



Zubby21 is recommended by mazar48

Zubby came round while I was on a short visit to Manchester. He is a terrific wrestler. Very strong in the arms, so watch that bearhug! He is also a really nice guy. Strongly recommended.



mazar48 is recommended by Zubby21

Bill came all the way from Australia to meet and wrestle me! and it was great. We both had a good time and looking forward to maybe meeting him again in the future! A*



Zubby21 is recommended by Torrnado

Had another really enjoyable wrestle with Zubby last week. He is fit, very strong and gave me a serious workout on the mats now that he has learnt some more holds since we last met! Zubby is also very friendly and a fun guy to be will enjoy meeting him.



Torrnado is recommended by Zubby21

So far had two very competitive wrestling sessions with Steve. He's strong, and has got many many moves in his move list and very fun to grapple with. Genuine nice guy, fit and healthy individual and looking forward to more meets with him. Highly recommended!