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Interested in wrestling- pro, freestyle, etc.

I like real meetups when the timing works out. I am busy person with a lot of obligations and responsibilities, but if I say will be there, I will be there. Since real life meetups don't happen often, I like to chat with others about wrestling and will engage the occasional cyber match.

I don't travel much at all; so unless you are coming to Atlanta within a reasonable amount of time, please don't challenge me. I am not that interested in guys that don't at least look like they go to the gym. I make an effort to workout and stay in shape, you can too. I, also, don't really respond to guys that are over 60, unless it is obvious you are a muscled up gym rat. I don't wrestle for sex, but I do enjoy naked wrestling with a possible jack-off. If you are looking for sex, I am not your guy.

If you think I am being too particular, sorry It's what I prefer.



  1. USA - Florida, Ponce Inlet
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Age: 38-year-old Male

Stats: 6'3" (191 cm), 290 lbs (132 kg)

Gear: Singlets, shorts, underwear, nude

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Galifter84 hobbitbear Marcwrestler WB2915


Wrslr24 is recommended by hobbitbear

Big, strong dude that definitely knows what he's doing on the mats. Had a great time and hope to have many more matches in the future with him if I'm lucky. 😊



hobbitbear is recommended by Wrslr24

Met Hobbitbear awhile back, and it was a a great meeting for my first after being out for a few years. Has a great setup with quality mats and plenty of space. He was a gracious host, as we went at it for a few hours. Although I definitely had the size advantage, he still put up a good struggle. Will totally be looking out for him in the future.



Wrslr24 is recommended by Galifter84

Enjoyed meeting up with this guy while he was in town. Had a great long sweaty match with this big beast. He's a tough opponent but a lot of fun to roll with and a good guy to get to know. Had some great moves up his sleeve and caught me off guard several times. Look forward to meeting him again sometime.



Galifter84 is recommended by Wrslr24

Great guy to meet! We were able to meet as I was in his area for work and DAMN sure glad I did. He is so much more muscular and good looking than his pics lead you to believe. He is strong as an ox, and if you get caught in his leg out. He will squeeze the life out of you. He can last a long time on the mat. Only regret I have is that I didn’t get to have a second round with him before I had to leave.