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Came back after some time away. Been competing again (hit my 54th match and looking to get my 100th by the end of the year).. Honestly, not sure why I am back, but will give people on this site another chance to meet up this summer.

I am a legit wrestler, here for guys like me, for friendships or the potential to date in the future. Not interested in old-looking out of shape dudes or guys with bfs. Don't like it? Move on. If you want to believe lies and rumours, also keep it moving.

IG: eliyaahu



  1. USA - New York, Albany
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


Age: 28-year-old Male

Stats: 5'4" (163 cm), 128 lbs (58 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, Italian, Spanish

Gear: Wrestling singlets

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Judo Judo

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WrestlerandGeek is recommended by Chemik

Great technique and very friendly! He has a lot of experience and adapts very well to make it a fun match



Chemik is recommended by WrestlerandGeek

Friendly and fun and fit. Don't pass up an opportunity to meet him.



WrestlerandGeek is recommended by vanwrestler

We spent a few days together and he's super sexy, knows how to wrestle, and looks fantastic in a singlet and the shower. I'm bigger but loved getting worked over by him... especially when he rocked me in spladles and reverse fig 4s. Lotsa fun, meet him if you can. I know I'll head to see him again.



vanwrestler is recommended by WrestlerandGeek

He is a nice guy, very generous and gracious as well as respectful. Makes a great jobber too. We had a fun time together and got to do a lot more than just wrestle. I would recommend him to anyone, although he does not need my help since his profile speaks for itself. Don't pass up the chance to meet him.



WrestlerandGeek is recommended by tenacity

I'm really happy I got to roll with WrestlerandGeek. I've heard good things about his ability as a wrestler, and I enjoyed every moment of it. Well matched in skill and stamina, we could’ve gone for hours! For his ability and knowledge of the sport, he was surprisingly modest. By far, he is one of the most able opponents I've faced on this site. (Don't let him convince you otherwise!) It was refreshing to feel real technique rather than the hulk smash I sometimes suffer when facing bigger guys. Of course, there was also that cute face and incredible physique from head to toe. What’s not to like?

Off the mat, WrestlerandGeek is a kind and personable guy. Very clever too. He may put on a tough front online, but in person it's a pleasure to chat with him. If you find him in your area or if you happen to pass near Albany, don't miss him.



tenacity is recommended by WrestlerandGeek

Glad to know I am one of the few guys on here that is actually on par with Tenacity in skill and stamina. He definitely was glad that I was neither bigger in weight nor trained in BJJ, because the meetup would have been pretty one sided in my favour (He can attest to this). The rest, everyone else has already mentioned on here. We now keep in contact, and plan to drill and hang out much more in the future.



WrestlerandGeek is recommended by subguy21

This guy is a great wrestler. We wrestled a couple times years ago, and he was able to submit me a few times very easily. He is very skilled, but is also willing to give you a few pointers which is always nice. Highly recommend this stud.



subguy21 is recommended by WrestlerandGeek

Intelligent, soft spoken, and overall a nice guy. His photos dont do him justice and he looks even more amazing in a singlet. Dont be fooled by his stature, he knows plenty. It was nice to know I had what it took to handle him, but if it werent for my wrestling background, it would have been me being the guy submitted all day. Hope we meet again.



WrestlerandGeek is recommended by sqfig4

Chatted for a while with this guy before we got a chance to meet for a sleeper match. Really great guy and he knows his moves. This guy wrestles a lot, is trained and competes regularly. We had a good time and boy does he know how to put someone out fast. Respects limits and rules discussed before match and a nice guy to chat with on and off the mat. Did I mention he's shredded. Can't be much more than 4% body fat on this guy. Hope we can hang out and get to know each other more in the near future as I'm looking forward to a rematch.



sqfig4 is recommended by WrestlerandGeek

As of July 2018: Sqfig4 is an amazing person and a top notch guest. While our schedules did not allow for us to wrestle during his recent 3 month stay, he was still a pleasure to have around. I will continue to recommend him as an opponent, but should he ever need a place to stay for any of his future matchups, those matchups should know that they would be perfectly safe hosting him.

Highly recommend sqfig4 to all those who enjoy an amazing jobber. Not only can he take a beating, but he loves it, and still stays humble about how amazing a jobber he is. Don't get me wrong, he will put up a fight, so all you dominant wrestlers out there hit him up and be ready for a fun time.



WrestlerandGeek is recommended by Sean MacGowan

WrestlerandGeek is fit, fast and VERY talented. Patient and generous with instructions and pointers for less skilled guys like me. Very fun to roll with. He's also a solid little stud in a singlet, and an intelligent, enjoyable guy to hang with off the mat.



Sean MacGowan is recommended by WrestlerandGeek

It was nice to meet Sean at one of the wrestling get-togethers in Philly. Easy to teach, learns very quickly and was fun to wrestle live with. Hope he continues gaining the knowledge and confidence he needs to get out there to compete. I recommend hitting him up if you are into regular wrestling with someone who clearly enjoys it.



WrestlerandGeek is recommended by nycguy86

Easily among the hottest, most fun matches I've ever had! He's incredibly skilled, ridiculously hot, and a down-to-earth, friendly guy off the mats. I was lucky enough to meet up during his weekend in NYC, and I can't wait until our next match.

Update: We met up again for an awesome weekend of wrestling, and I had a great time! In addition to being tremendously hot and skilled, he's also completely safe and honest. (He took a video of our match and has kept it under lock and key :-) I can't wait to meet up again.



nycguy86 is recommended by WrestlerandGeek

Hot body, hot wrestling! Very strong, and can take a good pin like a champ! I am glad he took the time to meet up. This is a guy that says what he means and means what he says, especially when it comes to scheduling matches. Great personality too, probably could have spent hours wrestling and chatting away! Too bad we had to cut the time short. Nevertheless, definitely look forward to another match with him.



WrestlerandGeek is recommended by DGraham

A beast on the mats.
Highly recommend for anybody looking for a serious match with
very skilled wrestler. Who happens to speak 4 languages and is an
amazing guy on top of all that skill.



DGraham is recommended by WrestlerandGeek

No nonsense guy who likes a tough wrestling match. He is super feisty and strong so you better know your wrestling if you are going to try and submit him. Outside of wrestling he is an extremely understanding and kind soul and has one helluva an eye for photography. It was a great time!



WrestlerandGeek is recommended by nywrestler

awesome hot match!



nywrestler is recommended by WrestlerandGeek

Makes a great jobber. Hope to pummel him to exhaustion again.



WrestlerandGeek is recommended by aussieguy93

A great guy on and off of the matts, he knows his stuff and is very skilled. I look forward to our rematch when it happens and hopefully I'll be able to give him a run for his money. Definitely meet up with him if you get the chance, you won't regret it



aussieguy93 is recommended by WrestlerandGeek

Super tough guy and incredibly strong. Doesn't like losing but he had to make due considering our level difference but takes a beating well nevertheless. He is fun off the mats, too. I would highly recommend him because he is not only open-minded to many of the fight experiences but an overall friendly person. Just don't abuse his good nature as we don't come across guys like this very often. If he is in your area, meet him, have fun, and play safe. Also, with a little more training and some real time wrestling experience, he will be a force to be reckoned with. Watch out! I plan on seeing him again very soon.



WrestlerandGeek is recommended by NYwchstr

Hot guy, his pictures don't do him justice. Really strong, and willing to go easier with new guys who are learning the ropes. Super skilled and knowledgeable. Off the mats, really kind, fun to hang out with and interesting. Definitely don't miss the opportunity to wrestle this guy if you get the chance, looking forward to our rematch.



NYwchstr is recommended by WrestlerandGeek

Very cute guy with an amazing personality. Fun to roll around with and be around. He knows how to get you going for sure and the trash talking was very hot. If you like erotic wrestling (and even if you aren't), he is definitely worth the meetup. Will meet him again for sure.



WrestlerandGeek is recommended by travilicious

Book a plane ticket to Albany NOW to wrestle this dude. He is a highly skilled and trained competitive wrestler. I had more than 60 pounds on him, and he kicked my butt good (he slipped me into a spladle twice.) He is a genuine, smart, HOT, and tough dude on and off the mat. I'm already trying to figure out how I can get my hands on him again (or let him get his hands on me...)



travilicious is recommended by WrestlerandGeek

What is there to say that I am sure hasn't already been said by past opponents? A LOT! He is tough and very strong and takes a beating very well but also can give it back. What he lacks in experience he makes up for in sheer determination, stamina, and all around fun. Don't give him an opening or you may regret it.
He is also the kind of guy that this site needs more of: not afraid to meet, not afraid to take on multiple opponents, and one of the sweetest most welcoming guys out there; not a mean bone in his body until he starts wrestling you!!! So, i travilicious is in your area and he emails you, just say YES and meet him or else it will be your loss. For the record, we will definitely be meeting up again.



WrestlerandGeek is recommended by fghter

I highly recommend fighting this guy!

Super experienced in collegiate, and can give a submission grappler a really hard time. His pics are accurate: He's got a rockin athletic body, and he's a serious, committed collegiate wrestler.

I've had many matches with him over the years and every one of them was xlent. He's aggressive, super strong for his size, and deeply skilled. He's also a genuinely nice guy off of the mats. I highly recommend him if yr in Albany, NY or if you can host where he's willing to travel to.

Bring your best game.... you'll need it!



fghter is recommended by WrestlerandGeek

Super hot body, great personality and is very skilled. Most importantly he wrestles/grapples safely and never gives up. He is a great guy who is willing to take on any and all opponents. I highly recommend him to anyone in NYC or visiting NYC especially if you are looking for a real match with someone who has real skill. I am sure I will wrestle him again at some point and would do it every day if I was in the neighborhood. Don't pass this guy up!



WrestlerandGeek is recommended by MikeinPA

great guy and great wrestler



MikeinPA is recommended by WrestlerandGeek

Been a while. Hoping to meet the guy again as it was a fun time and he loves to wrestle. Just be aware, he is very strong. Singlet lovers to the front!



WrestlerandGeek is recommended by tygrrr

What a great wrestler, knows his stuff and on the mat he's a beast!! Don't be fooled by his size, he's fast and strong and will have u pinned or submitting before u know it!! I'm hoping for a rematch... Soon



tygrrr is recommended by WrestlerandGeek

nice guy and always very welcoming and accommodating. I recommend him to anyone who actually wants a guy to show and wants someone who knows wrestling. Those are a rare breed. Go ahead, tame that tygrrrr!



WrestlerandGeek is recommended by chompsticks

Wrestled twice now and what a great wrestler. Very skilled and strong with such an amazing body that it made for a tough match. Don't miss your chance to roll with this guy. You won't be disappointed.



chompsticks is recommended by WrestlerandGeek

Very nice guy. More than just a wrestler, but a good guy all around. Fun matches and maybe we will meet again. Highly recommend to anyone who is serious about meeting.



WrestlerandGeek is recommended by RNC23

Met with this guy twice. He's real good, and always very safe/sane. Try and set up a match with him if you can. Don't let his size fool you either. G'luck, b/c you'll need it!



RNC23 is recommended by WrestlerandGeek

Met him twice already. He is fun to roll with, is real, and has a great body. You can't go wrong if you are looking for a legit match without sex or strings. Look forward to seeing him again.


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