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Love the conversations that go:
Me: Hey, nice to see we're in the same area.
Guy A: (after taking 15 minutes to reply) Yeah.
Me: If you're around, maybe we can meet up.
Guy A: I'm a.) injured and just had surgery on my earlobe and can't wrestle for 87 weeks;
b.) out of town in Uzbekistan for the next 8 months;
c.) Guy A has left the chat.

Don't waste my time.

If you ARE real, it would be great to wrestle around and hang. Admittedly, I do enjoy getting worked over.



  1. USA - Florida, Tallahassee
  2. USA - Florida, Tampa
  3. USA - Florida, Orlando
    On occasion
  4. USA - Georgia, Atlanta
    On occasion
  5. USA - Texas, Dallas
    (I'm here between 2/21/2019 and 2/23/2019)
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Age: 35-year-old Male

Stats: 6'2" (188 cm), 187 lbs (85 kg)

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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WrestleMeDude is recommended by mason brooks

I love a good glutton for punishment. Rolling with this guy put my repertoire of holds to the test, and I can't wait to get him on some proper mats, since the space we had limited what we could do. He took every hold I threw at him and wanted more, and was pretty strong on the rare occasion that I let him try out a hold on me. I look forward to meeting up again, the next time my pits need worshipping by an eager jobber. :)



mason brooks is recommended by WrestleMeDude

I had a great time rolling with Mason. While we were slightly challenged by the setup available to us, he certainly used it to his advantage and managed to get me locked up before I could see it coming. His skill level is quite impressive and he knows how to crank on a hold. Looking forward to a future match with more space to roll.



WrestleMeDude is recommended by Galifter84

Good guy to roll around with, easy to setup the match and made good on his word to show up and roll. Enjoyed putting my different squeeze holds on him, he was a good sport about taking the pressure too lol. Friendly while talking between rounds, great guy to meet and get to know.



Galifter84 is recommended by WrestleMeDude

Had a good match with Galifter while we crossed paths in Florida. Fun guy and definitely easy to coordinate with. Although he says he got some good squeezes on me, I think he seems to have forgotten some of the ones I got on him ;)

Definitely a cool dude to meet up with if you happen to get the opportunity.



Dean20 is recommended by WrestleMeDude

Met up with Dean when I was in town for a conference. We met up and had a great match. He definitely can get creative with his arsenal of wrestling holds.



LAbackBreaker is recommended by WrestleMeDude

LAbackBreaker is a cool dude who took the time out to meet up with me. It was a bit of a drive from where he was to my hotel, but we met up and had a great match and solid conversation.



WrestleMeDude is recommended by rasslin bodybuilder

wrestlemedude has a solid body, nice huge pecs and strong legs to go with, i heel him well and he ended up getting smothered alot in my biceps flexing over his face and also he suffers well in brutal camel clutches. I am definitely wanted to wrestle him again and highly recommended



rasslin bodybuilder is recommended by WrestleMeDude

It was great meeting up with Rasslin_bodybuilder during his trip to Orlando. I drove over from Tampa to meet up and we wrestled. Very accommodating and a nice guy...and he certainly did not hold back in dominating me right away. Once those arms and legs get you locked up, there's definitely no way out.



WrestleMeDude is recommended by Skrappy

Had a lot of fun with WrestleMeDude. Tall, muscular, and can take a lot of punishment. He's not a pushover and fights like hell when you get him mad, but the big guy doesn't stand a chance once you force him into a camel clutch. Great to talk to off the mats. If you think you can take on a guy his size and put him down (hard), head on over to Philly and challenge him. Highly recommended



Skrappy is recommended by WrestleMeDude

I had the chance to meet up with Skrappy during his visit to Trenton, which wasn't terribly far from Philly. We went back and forth for a bit, but just to show him I wasn't a pushover, I pinned him and got a solid submission out of him. Skrappy is a cool dude who is fun to wrestle and also good to converse with. As the recommendations before me have forewarned, his legs are serious, so be careful. Take him up on a match if your paths happen to cross.